#2020DecemberFundRAiser – Threshold 2!!!

Amazing things have happened since yesterday.

Remember I appealed for a few more bids to get across the 700 Euro threshold? Well, you delivered, we did and by 8.22pm when I last updated the progress via Twitter, we were at 701.50 Euro.

When I went to bed last night, I took a screenshot to illustrate this morning’s update post. And yes, also in the hope to compare with potential movement overnight. So, last night I went abed with this:

And this morning I woke up to a big surprise. Overnight, the bids have been increased and we are now currently at

789.05 Euro

I think our US fan sisters may be responsible for that, doing some bidding while Europe was sleeping? So for comparison’s sake, here are the conversions: 789.05 Euro convert to 714.37 GBP or 959.98 US-Dollar. You know what that means, right? It means that a tidy 1,000 US-Dollar threshold is in sight, and so is the 800 Euro mark. Based on previous auctions, we know that bidding often heats up at the end, so I have some hopes of reaching that milestone with the auctions. Wouldn’t that be fantastic???

So, here are a few stats, without much fanfare: The deck of RA cards remains the hottest item now at a stunning 104 Euro. The Armitage autograph is on second place with 76.50 Euro, closely followed by the Astrov RAPS at 76 Euro. We have received a total of 198 bids. And we still have a few items that are at low-ish prices, so in case anyone feels like it, you could invest 25 Euros and bag yourself one of the following items:

The season 1 box set of Robin Hood, currently at 10 Euro – but only available to US-based bidders.





The Times magazine from October this year with a nice article about Richard, currently 21 Euro.




The Metro newspaper, also October 2020, with the article about Richard, plus a little fan badge. Available for a bid of 22 Euro.



There are a few more items for less than 30 Euro available at the mo. Have a looksie 🙂 Meanwhile, a big massive thank you to all bidders so far. You really have pushed the envelope! 

And a few announcements to conclude this update:

  • For all who are following the auctions: The auctions will finish between 3.35pm and 3.56pm (GMT) today. As usual, I will try to do some live tweeting, so please join me in the frenzy and fun over on Twitter. However, a big request to you bidders: Please cut me some slack with sending you the invoice mail that allows you to pay for the item you have won. As there are 18 auctions finishing within 20 minutes of each other AND I am doing some live tweeting, the invoice may not show up *immediately* in your e-mail. That is because I have to *manually* send each invoice, and can only do so once eBay has automatically ended the individual auction. So there is a built-in delay. However, if you have received an automatic notice from eBay, that you have won the auction, then the item is yours. Guaranteed. Even if it takes me a couple of minutes to send the actual invoice that contains the payment button. So please be patient with me. I *am* following the auction endings and will do my best to send the invoices as quickly as possible.
  • Our brandnew and shiny fixed price sale: If you should have been outbid in the auctions, don’t fret, we have another opportunity for you to acquire a fabulous fan item in return for a donation. Coming later today, the fixed-price sale will be conducted via my Etsy. To that end, I have created a new storefront on the “Pattern by Etsy” platform. You can already bookmark the site by clicking on this link that takes you to my site. (Or to spell it out, the URL is https://scissorsandsmiles.patternbyetsy.com.) NOTE: If you visit the site *now*, you won’t find any fundraiser items yet but only my own items that are on sale on Etsy. (Proceeds from those items do not go to the fundraiser.) I am planning to activate the listings as soon as the auctions have finished and I have got all the invoices out of the way (see above). So that will be some time after 4pm GMT. The fundraiser items will be clearly labelled as such in the titles and with a logo on the thumbnail photo of the listings. All four featured items at the top of the page will be part of the fundraiser, but there will be more than just four listings for the fundraiser, so please do scroll down. Once the fixed-price sale is live, I will also post here on blog to announce that the sale event has started, what is on offer and how the items can be found.
  • Monetary donations are possible, too: A big thank you already for the money donations that have come in. If you’d like to add to the fundraiser by donating rather than buying, you can do so via Paypal. Click the picture below to be taken to my Paypal site – all monies received will go into the fundraiser donation!

Phew – and now we await the storm 😉


10 thoughts on “#2020DecemberFundRAiser – Threshold 2!!!

  1. You don’t have to stress where I’m concerned. I’ve been trying to be extra diligent trying to pay attention and participate this year, but work (like the hubs and Moby) does consume every bit of my attention most of the time. If anything, I appreciate your patience with me. 🎄
    Thank you for the incredibly difficult organizing work you do to make these charity events happen.
    Proud to know you girl!🧑🏻‍🎄🎄


    • It’s a pleasure. It’s fun, and this year the fundraisers are really lifting my spirits. In this year of doom and gloom any kindness (as in donations, bids, support) has been extra welcome. Thank you to you xx


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