The Fixed-Price Sale Is Live #2020DecemberFundRAiser

Here we go!

The brand new, all-singing, all-dancing fixed-price sale as part of our fundraiser efforts is now live.

Complementing our charity auctions, the fixed-price sale is an effort to offer lower-priced items for sale and that way allow all budgets to participate in this fundraising effort. Before I give you an overview over the items on offer in this very first attempt at a charity sale, let me first express my thanks to all supporters of this sale. It would not have been possible without donations of items that were (mostly) hand-made in multiples, thus allowing us to offer enough items for no fan to be disappointed.

My thanks go to the crafty and inventive donors of items, in alphabetical order: Aninomori, Armidreamer, Esther, Kate and Rachel. (I have also contributed some items.) The creativity of these ladies knows no boundaries, and thus we have an array of wonderful items that very much bear the hallmark of their creators, as you will see in the overview below. For your convenience, I have included links to the respective listings in the headline of each offer. But please do me the favour and read this post to the end for some notes on the Etsy/Pattern platform and procedure before you click through.

Here are some essential stocking fillers for RA fans:

Fan Pendants/Keyring Attachments

These unique pendants in maker Aninomori’s typical style have a picture of a chaRActer under a shiny cabochon in a brass fitting. Can be attached nicely to a keychain or simply worn as a necklace.

Five different chaRActers available. Stock of seven. SORRY – ALREADY SOLD OUT!


Snowbaubles for Fans

Armidreamer continues her snow theme from the birthday auction with her collection of snow baubles. Each contains a picture of a chaRActer and snow. Gorgeous on any tree.

Six different chaRActers available. Stock of ten.


Fan Magnets

You can never have too many fridge magnets – especially when they feature RA. Esther has had these magnets specifically made for the fundraiser.

Three different images available. Stock of nine. SORRY – ALREADY SOLD OUT!


Wooden Fan Signs

After the birthday auction, Kate has gone back to the workbench and crafted some more wooden signs. Whether you like a Thornton catchphrase or a Jackman name tag – they look good on any shelf or desk.

Two chaRacters available. Stock of two. DI Jackman STILL LEFT – HURRY


Wooden Fan Ornaments

Rachel has privileged access to a laser cutter and has come up with a unique, yet festive wooden ornament with laser cut images of RA. #TeamShrubbery is delighted – and all others, too. Even the overloaded postal services couldn’t keep these ornaments away from us 😉

Two variations available. Stock of 60. STILL A FEW LEFT – HURRY 


Christmassy Fan Face Mask

Complete your collection of RA face masks with this Christmassy number. New, custom-designed fabric with the customary RA silhouette and some holiday symbols.

One type only. Stock of 21. Just a few left.


Morse Code Bracelet

Here at Guylty Pleasure we are all about stealth fangirling. Or not. Wear Richard on your wrist – with these discreet little seed bead bracelets, all strung painstakingly by yours truly.

Four variations available. Stock of 19. SORRY – ALREADY SOLD OUT


Scrunchie/Wrist Adornment for Fans

A practical item for those who have long hair, and a decorative one for those who don’t, these scrunchies are made with the white background chaRActer fabric. The material is soft georgette. Can be worn in your hair or on your wrist.

One type only. Stock of 21. Just a few left.


Please read following notes

  • The fundraiser sale is hosted on my Pattern by Etsy page and the links under the headlines will take you to the respective item. You can also go to the Pattern landing page where you can navigate between the various offerings. You can see what the landing page looks like on the right. It is clearly labelled with my shop’s name (Scissors & Smiles).
  • Below the header you will find four featured items – those are the listings with Ani’s, Armidreamer’s, Kate’s and Rachel’s items.
  • Underneath the featured section you will find “collections”. I have created a new collection entitled “December Fundraiser” where you can find *all* fundraiser items, including the items created for the fundraiser by me.
  • The fundraiser items have been labelled with the hashtag #2020DecemberFundRAiser in the title and in the description. Also, the main thumbnail of every fundraiser listing includes the little heart-and-hands logo that you can see at the top of this post. When you can see the logo and the hashtag, you can be sure that the item will be part of the charity sale.
  • Note: The Pattern page also displays my usual Etsy offerings. These are *not* part of the fundraiser (but of course you are welcome to browse.)
  • As mentioned in the overview above, some of the items have variations – different chaRActers or colours etc. They are priced identically but you must choose which variation you want. This is done when you put the item in your virtual shopping cart. You can buy multiples of the same item by adjusting the number in your cart. Also, and this is really convenient, you can buy several *different* items in *one* transaction by placing them in your shopping cart and then proceeding to the check-out once you have chosen everything you want. I.e. you could buy one of Rachel’s ornament’s and an Esther fridge magnet – and pay for it in one transaction rather than two. Makes it easier for you – and for me 😊.
  • You receive an automated notification that your purchase was successful when your order has gone through, and another one when I am processing the order. The latter may not be immediate – fingers crossed, I might be dealing with *many* orders coming in. So please be patient – as long as you have received the purchase confirmation, you have definitely bagged the item. 🤓
  • Etsy automatically manages the stock, including the options/variations. So the sale is on as long as stock lasts. Some items are one-offs and will be gone as soon as the first person clicks “buy”. In that case, you’ll be taken to a page that tells you the item has sold out. Sorry 😌.
  • Postage is included in all items, so none of the items incur any extra postage costs for the buyers! Items are sent everywhere in the world. Most items will be sent from Ireland; some from the Netherlands and the UK. For items from Ireland, tracking is available but will incur an extra charge. You can opt for that upon check-out. Please bear in mind that postal services are overloaded at the moment, so postal times may be longer than described in the listings. All attempts will be made to package up and send the items as soon as possible.
  • All proceeds of the sales minus the postage costs and transaction fees will be donated to charity. Our beneficiary is LOROS.

And now happy virtual Christmas shopping for yourself – and for a good cause. 


PS: Guyyyysssssssss – the auctions were amazing. We have made not one but TWO thresholds since this morning. More details soon!


21 thoughts on “The Fixed-Price Sale Is Live #2020DecemberFundRAiser

  1. Just finished my purchase! Thank you so much for this opportunity to raise money and participate in the RA fandom. As someone who’s not big into auctions (and often can’t be there in time for bidding to finish!) I loved having the option of fixed price items. Thank you (and to everyone else) for all their hard work! ❤

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  3. Wow, you had to be fast, didn’t you! I made the mistake of being distRActed and lots of things had gone already 🤣 What a great collection! Congratulations to all the makers and of course to Guylty for making wonderful things happen yet again 😊

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  4. Selling like hot cakes
    My basket had 2 items but before I could workout how to pay 1 had sold out
    Crikey! Never mind I still have one item


  5. Selling like hot cakes
    My basket had 2 items but before I could workout how to pay 1 had sold out
    Crikey! Never mind I still have one item


  6. I was dubious about this method of fundraising…but it turns out that, for me, it is great! I am not very good at keeping track of auctions. I have my 2 goodies ordered and am sooo happy to be able to contribute.

    Once again, you blow us all away Guylty! (And a special thanks to our super talented contributors. 😘)

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