Our Gift for Richard [and LOROS] is Ready… #2020DecemberFundRAiser Results

All auctions have finished and prices been paid. Etsy has been cleaned out, and the packages – all wrapped and secured – are on their way to the lovely people who won an auction or bought an item in the charity sale. That means that I am now ready to announce the final tally of the #2020DecemberFundRAiser.

The accounts are as follows: Our eBay auctions generated a total of 863.01 Euro (before eBay fees; Paypal transaction fees already included). The fixed-price sale on Etsy was even better, with total proceeds of 1,046.93 Euro gross. We incurred fees of 94.79 Euro for Ebay. (I will take on the Etsy fees of 30.04 Euro myself as my donation.) Postage costs came to 255.63 Euro. So the combined net proceeds of both fundraiser events are 1,559.52 Euro. This amount has been bumped up by money donations by a number of kind supporters, to the tune of 166.56 Euro. You can see all the numbers for a better overview in the sums on the right (click to enlarge).

Sooo, the final proceeds and the amount that I am going to transfer to LOROS, is…

1,726.08 Euro

That means, people, that we have actually made two very cool “thresholds”, too. Because we have just crossed the 1.5k Pound Sterling threshold (1,552.82 £), and just made the 2k US-Dollar threshold (2,090.27 $).

I told you this gif would now be wheeled out at *every* opportunity… (not sorry)

Thanks and Acknowledgments

My thanks and acknowledgments are overdue. In random order I’d like to thank…

  • all donors of items for the eBay auctions, i.e. Ani, Esther, Kate, Deirdre, ZedEffEye, Yve, Pamela and Besotted, as well as unnamed benefactors who had donated some of the items that came via my auction stash. Thank you for passing on those fan items to auction off for a good cause! You have not only generated a fabulous amount of money, but you have also given us fun and entertainment via the exciting auction process.
  • the crafty creators of the fixed-price items on Etsy: Rachel, Armidreamer, Ani, Kate and Esther’s creations have been a great success with the buying public, and generated an astounding sum of money! A charity sale may not have the addictive gambling excitement of an auction, but it has certainly widened the reach of the fundraiser. Thank you for making it possible by donating your hand-made items.
  • the donors who have sent money to cover postage fees or to bump up the final donation. Your contribution actually pushed us over the thresholds mentioned above! And with no postage required in return, and also no Paypal fees to deal with (as we conducted the donations as a simple money transfer via Paypal this time), this is also the most cost-effective way of generating money for charity.
  • everybody who contributed to the fundraiser in non-monetary terms but by way of tweeting and commenting, raising a bid on ebay, perusing the fixed-price sale, adding their voice to the discussion. Yes, that even includes my anon hater who actually initiated the rethinking of the fundraiser with their harsh words. It matters, too, and it makes you as much part of the fundraiser as all other participants.

What remains now, is to transfer the money to LOROS. I will do so via the MuchLoved memorial page for Mrs Armitage. Once that is done, I’ll let you know here, too. But until then – please bask in the happy feeling of having achieved something really cool! You are all amazing! ❤️


21 thoughts on “Our Gift for Richard [and LOROS] is Ready… #2020DecemberFundRAiser Results

    • It’s been fun, as always. And transferring the donation is always a huge joy for me. Thank you to you for taking part – and I look forward to our next fundraiser. You know why 🙂 xx


    • That is such a good point. I was thinking that, too – it really has been hugely difficult for all charities. And hopefully this will just mean a little bit to LOROS. (And I can’t even say how glad I am that Richard seems to now have concentrated on ONE charity only. Funnelling our funds their way makes so much more of a difference…)


  1. This is so amazing, I´m so happy, it feels really good, thanks to all the crafty donors and to you for organizing and putting so much hard work into this 💗.


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  4. What an an amazing result! ($2521.58AUS!) So proud of our RA community. Congratulations and a heartfelt thank you to all involved, especially you Sonja, you’re a treasure!


  5. I’m tearing up because it feels wonderful to belong to such a generous fandom. I think we deserve a virtual group hug! Thank you, Sonja, for using your leadership, organizational and artistic talents to inspire all of us to participate in these fundraisers time after time. You’re a good woman and I’m honored to be your friend. 💜


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  7. Grate job by everyone involved. You are all amazing. Special shout out to Guylty as the CEO for such a successful effort. As they say in football (American version) “teamwork makes the dream work.”


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