2020 Armitage Weekly Round-up #48

Today you are going to get a bumper edition of the weekly round-up. That’s due to missing last weekend’s round-up – the fundraiser had me in its grip, so I completely forgot about it. However, that may possibly mean that today’s edition is particularly full. Let’s see what I have found…

  1. I snorted out loud when I saw this post by oakenshields-whore. Hehe, yes, true
  2. I think Guy has a lot of free gaffs… Quip by timeladyjamie
  3. Big thanks to riepu10 for giffing an (almost) full-length Guy in all the leather splendour
  4. Hm, I think let-djaq-say-fuck’s statement here is up for discussion – in the sense that “they” didn’t make Guy like that, but *Richard* did. Or that’s my opinion, and I am sticking to it… 😉
  5. An interesting thought by astrovian on Richard booking a ticket for the “Comeback Play”…
  6. Hooray!!!! Mininottingham is in full Christmas mode. Have a look at the scenarios!
  7. Having completely ignored the news that there is an article about Richard in the current issue of Radio Times, here is a look at the article, kindly posted by richardarmitagefanpage. Note to self: Must go out and try to grab a copy or two…
  8. OMG. I completely missed that trrriple-rrr was doing advent stories. Apparently there are 8 with Thorin? Have a look – NSFW!
  9. *giggles* Rhetorical question, when it comes to the RArmy, sansael
  10. And more astrovian here, because bum gif 3 Richard in The Lodge
  11. Lots of Richard from The Lodge courtesy by astrovian, but puppy eyes *must* be reblogged
  12. For those who missed it, riepu10 has also giffed Richard reading that Lord Byron poem the other day
  13. Amazing to see that the power of the Armitage also reaches as far as 14-year-old teenagers! Post by jandjsalmon
  14. And a quote from a magazine about Audiobooks for Sleep, found by astrovian
  15. Interesting set of giffed artworks on RH by especially-in-heaven
  16. What a Guy wants with a thought that sounds very familiar. Posted by nfcomics
  17. *haha* yeah, I think I could be easily swayed by Guy, too… Post by a-deadly-serenade
  18. Interesting thoughts by dumbassunderthemountain about Guy’s star sign…
  19. *giggles* Poor Thorin… sketch by jolakutturinn
  20. LOL – a comment about the year 2020 by kaoili
  21. Sounds somehow logical. A thought by queer-lodgingss
  22. A bagginshield kiss – from samthekid
  23. And OMGLOL – that’s an image that I will never forget. A supercute sketch by jolakutturinn

Hm, I could go on, but no, sometimes too much *is* actually too much.

Hope you enjoyed the catch-up – so much stuff, lots to read, as well, as I have seen plenty of TH fan fics on my dash.

Have a lovely third advent weekend, all! 🕯🕯🕯

Sonja ❤️


14 thoughts on “2020 Armitage Weekly Round-up #48

  1. My brother told me he had prostate cancer he quipped ‘ would Coronavirus or that get him first’ well he passed away on the 1st December from the cancer as it had spread to his spine
    Because of COVID 19 I didn’t see my brother and the funeral next week is restricted and I don’t know how to express my feelings
    Sorry to rant but because of COVID I feel everything ‘normal’ has been pushed aside and nothing else matters😟


  2. Thank you for your kind words and support
    He was my only sibling and will leave a huge hole.
    However I am lucky to have a husband and two daughters


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