Only One Week To Go…

Good morning. It’s been a good few days since I last posted. What kept me away were work (yay – I am at a point where I am delighted when I have orders for translations or articles coming in…), and my Etsy shop. The latter is really giving me joy. It has been really busy in the run-up to Christmas, and additionally I have had some lovely conversations with customers who requested custom items. Etsy does not exactly generate a full-time income for me, but it gives me great pleasure that my lovingly crafted items are being liked so much that people purchase them. It’s a bit like theatre ticket sales for an actor – and my applause is a favourable review, left by a happy customer.

But I digress. I wanted to come on with a little bit of fun. If you haven’t faithfully opened my RAdvent CalendRA every day, you are missing out on my quality jokes and puns. Coughs. Since we are already over half-way, and there is only one week to go, I thought I’d put the whole lot until now into a quick photo set. So you can gauge the abominable shallowness of my wit and humour in one glance.

Don’t ask me why #5 has turned completely b/w. It’s possible that my computer decided the hotness was just too much in the colour version. Any favourites? I think the mince spy is quite fun, but I also really like the fleece Navidad. – Seven more little doors containing edits of subterranean-level jokes to go…

Also, despite as always being slightly peeved by the marketing bull… of Audible, just a reminder that apparently there is some sort of live chat with RA hosted by Audible today.

Anyone else also misread the host of the chat as “Edible Auditor”??? 1pm ET is 6pm GMT, for us Europeans. Audible had been collecting questions for RA the last few days. It’ll be interesting which questions they pick. According to Audible, a recording of the chat will be available immediately after. I think this is the LINK to the site where the chat will appear.

Otherwise: one week to go! I have got the car available today, and my plan today is to do a big shop and get stocked up for the holidays. Oh, and I have to bake two more batches of Christmas biscuits. It appears that my 4kg of biscuits from the beginning of the season are basically all gone…


15 thoughts on “Only One Week To Go…

  1. I have been opening the calendar on a daily basis. One joke a day is all I can cope with 😉 And yes, I do look forward to your calendar every year 🙂


  2. How wonderful that your Etsy store is doing so well! Well-deserved, because you really have lovely items.

    I haven’t opened all the Tuerchen, so it’s nice to get an overview here. I’m always very partial to the RA with cat picture and somehow the weather joke “Rain, dear” made me laugh most, although they’re all similarly good/bad. 🙂 How in earth did you come up with all of these?

    Good luck with the shopping! With our strict lockdown now in effect, it’s all turned to even more online shopping, which will mean even more postal delays than we already have now, I think.


    • Those puns are a mixture of own stuff, past Christmas crackers and some googled Christmas cards. The sillier the better. 🤡
      Shopping went really well today. Big shopping, but in and out in 30 minutes. It helped that Little Miss Guylty was with me – she dislikes shopping and made sure I didn’t browse or buy stuff we don’t need 😂

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  3. Haha 😆 I’ve enjoyed your calendar but have not remembered to do it daily. Caught up now tho and do laugh at the puns. Don’t know why the pirate 🏴‍☠️ one tickles me so, but it does.

    Glad your Esty is bringing you some goodness. I’m always amazed at your abilities. 🎄❄️☃️


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