Meme Friday

We all need a little fun – even if a huge pressure has been lifted on Wednesday. As bad as the situation still is, concerning Covid, at least we now have a “reasonable” person in the White House again, and even though Biden is far from my favourite, I think he will do an ok job. If it had been up to me, I would’ve preferred Bernie Sanders. But well, that ship had sailed four-and-a-half years ago when they failed to nominate him instead of Hilary Clinton. In good old leftie style (dressing up for occasions is soooo bourgeois!) , Bernie turned up at the inauguration in a well-worn parka and custom mittens. I’m sure you have seen all the memes making the rounds the last few days. I’ve seen a couple of really fun ones, among them also one made by a fan (I think her name is Fran) who put Bernie into the UV poster. πŸ˜‚ She was faster than me, but I think the Bernie meme is still funny, so I here are the ones I came up with… Enjoy.

It’s a good thing that at least Bernie is keeping a level head while the girls huddle in fear, Hale trembles, and Proctor shouts

Meet union leader Bernie on a social visit to capitalist mill owner John Thornton

Bernie seems nonplussed by shouty Astrov…

He’s seen the 60s, and Bernie is unimpressed by the youth Kenneth of the day. (Wonder what’s on telly…)

Bernie as a shadowy figure – probably generally distrusting of soldiers? Poor Porter!

Working side by side with Lucas North, though

Definitely seems to have a thing for spies. Or is it just Berlin because he shares a few letters with that place?

Not the kind of garden party Bernie thought it was going to be…

If Francis knew who was observing him so well-disguised, he’d keep away from the red dragon…

Impartial observer of the fight between Azog and Thorin. Wonder whether Bernie would’ve helped the dispossessed prince Thorin against the spokesperson of the orc mob-class?

Yep, nothing but silly silly fun. All credit to the meme inventors and the fans who created such before me.

In which RA scenes would you like to see Bernie dropped in?

PS: I got the latest C.J. Tudor audio book today and am currently at about chapter 8. Mh, horror is still not my genre, and while the horror has basically only been alluded to so far, I am already quaking in my boots. Eeeeek – not sure whether I can finish this. Even with Richard’s velvety drone in my ear…


27 thoughts on “Meme Friday

  1. I’ve been putting him in historicist images of the Reformation. He’s sufficiently dour to compete with magisterial Reformers!

    (I was never a Bernie fan and the more I learned about him both as a candidate and as an individual, the less enthused I was, but imo, the turning point that made Sanders unelectable was his decision, well before the 2016 presidential race, to label himself a “democratic socialist.” That wasn’t the Democratic Party’s fault — he did that all on his own. In general the Democratic Party has a hard time communicating with people away from the coasts and the urban areas, but that was an especially poor decision.)

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    • Oh dear, Bernie during the reformation. πŸ˜‚
      Democratic socialist sounds great to my ears, but I totally take your point that that made him unelectable. Well, it seems as if half the US electorate already believes that an arch democrat like Biden is going to bring socialism to the US πŸ˜‚…


  2. Good fun!
    Re the latest CJ Tudor audiobook (the title gives me the creeps!) I have a couple of Audible credits and have had my finger poised to purchase but not quite sure. The Other People was a compelling listen, if you listenined to that, how do they compare so far?


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