2021 Armitage Weekly Round-up #4

Bringing fruit and entertainment to the sick house…

Such an exciting day today! Guess what? I have just sent my first ever online grocery shopping order. 😂 Yes, in Covid times, even the most mundane of tasks can become extraordinary. But well, with Covid numbers still worryingly high here, and now also the virus in our house, I’ve decided to minimise risks and *not* go shopping myself. Before you get too worried – when I say the virus is “in our house”, I am referring to the basement flat that is rented out to tenants and is separate from our flat. While my son is still in Berlin, his flat has been let to a friend of his who lives there with his girlfriend. The girlfriend works in a nursing home and tested positive for Covid last Wednesday. We haven’t had any contact with them at all in the last months, and we use separate entrances to our respective flats. However, there is a joining door to the back basement where our laundry room is located. The tenants often leave the door open in order to let our cat in. And so currently our cat is our biggest worry. He had been in J___ and N___’s flat prior to the Covid diagnosis, and theoretically it *is* possible for cats to contract Covid – and to pass it on to other humans. I’ve tried to find out more about this, but there are conflicting messages. So we are currently working from the premise that the cat *could* carry the virus. Don’t worry, we have not abandoned him. He is still here, and he gets fed and watered. However, we are trying not to touch him, and to not let him get too close (although I do let him sit on my legs when I am watching TV in the evenings). It seems cruel to ignore him so much, even though cats per se are so independent and can do pretty well without constant attention from their humans. But yeah, there’s always something to worry about, right? Fingers crossed that we get through this unharmed. – The tenants, meanwhile, are ok and apparently only suffering mild symptoms. I am going to put together a little fruit basket for them today.

But now for some more uplifting news… I was busy last night liking and reblogging posts on tumblr to make it easier for me to put together the round-up today. So if you are following me on tumblr, you may have already seen the following items.

  1. *coughs* demand-avoidant-nhs may have a point there as regards the general premise of RH
  2. And on the topic of RH – not entirely sure whether this is a re-post, but here is a RH Challenge that might be fun in order to pass the time. Posted by chaoticbitheatrekid
  3. *LOL* – honestly, Marian, I don’t think you need to *persuade* Guy to take you home… It’s what a Guy wants, anyway. (See what I did there? What a Guy Wants by nfcomics)
  4. Sorry for the plethora of Guy links, but here is another one with edits by guyofgisbourne that I liked
  5. Incorrectbbcrobinhood has posted this mini dialogue. Haha
  6. And now for some gorgeous Astrov, courtesy of riepu10. I really wouldn’t mind a glass of vodka myself now. Of course, only for medicinal purposes of killing germs and viruses
  7. Macho Guy with these kind of camp quotes is always funny. Posted by merthelin
  8. Have we already had these Guy icons by zuzcreation?
  9. Young RA as Peter Macduff – the forehead frown and the characteristic little nod are already in place. Gifs by riepu10
  10. Oh my oh my. astrovian posted lots of gifs of James from MZ this week. I really didn’t know which set to choose. But here is one with some extra hand porn – architect James at work
  11. I usually do not link to commercial posts, but since above mentioned astrovian has entertained us so much in the last year with her gifs and posts, here is a text post from her that contains a link to her Redbubble site where you could buy one of her designs in case you wanted to thank her for her fan service…
  12. I could not agree more with colonelfitzwilliams. It is a crime, and a Gaskell hero, imho, is unfortunately no adequate replacement

Hope you have a lovely weekend. Mine looks wet and windy, but hooray, I don’t have to leave the house to go shopping *confetti*

Take care, stay safe,

Sonja ❤️


40 thoughts on “2021 Armitage Weekly Round-up #4

  1. An extra-specially welcome roundup this week.Thankyou, Guylty. Lots of Guy is always just fine by me.

    Eeek though, with your potential covid situation. I’ve not read anything anywhere about people catching it from their pets, so hopefully that’s the case. Sending love and positive vibes to you all.


    • Yep, don’t know how that happened, but lots of Guy… no complaints 😉
      Thanks for the good wishes. The worst thing about it so far is that you kind of feel paranoid about every little cough and ache…


  2. Yeesh. I have read a few times now that you are more likely to give it to your cat than get it from your cat. They are more vulnerable than dogs but less likely to spread it. I hope you stay clear of it.

    re: online grocery shopping — we discovered this several years ago, and during the phase after dad’s stroke when I wasn’t supposed to leave him, it was a true blessing. I am a total fan. Much less work for me and impulse buying due to walking past a display of cake while shopping is much reduced.

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    • Yep, I read that, too – that the possibility of catching it from a pet are very low. That’s what I am going with for the moment. In any case, there’s nothing we can do. If anything has been passed on to us, well, then we can’t stop it.
      I totally agree with you – the best thing about online shopping today was that I literally only bought the things that were on my list. Whereas when I am shopping in the shop myself, I *always* end up buying other things, too.

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  3. Loved this week’s roundup. The gif’s of Astrov are deliciousl Love Richard with his hair long. Congrats on your online grocery order. Hubby is still picking up our groceries in person but he goes when the grocery store first opens and there are very few people there. Also, we’re doubling up on our masks now. A lot of folks in the US are doing the 2 masks thing now with the new variants. We’ll get our 2nd vaccine shot in 2 weeks but I won’t feel safe for many months with all the mutations flying around. I’m still cutting my own hair and it’s a bit scary-LOL. My husband is much better with the hair cutting than I am.


    • THat romanticherohair really keeps on giving.
      Two masks? I haven’t heard that before. Is that effective? Over here no new mask rules have been issued, but I hear from my mum in Germany that those P2 masks are now obligatory in public spaces. I have stocked up on a few of those myself.


      • The Center for Disease Control has not put out any info on 2 masks, but a lot of doctors here in the US are recommending a paper surgical mask or a P 95 with a cloth mask over that since the super spreader virus is in the US now, too. We are doing the 2 masks for grocery store now. It’s pretty claustrophobic feeling and I don’t like it but I’ll do it to feel a bit safer.


  4. I have shopped on my own and at quiet times
    Last week I needed to get a battery for my wrist watch so was persuaded to try a major supermarket, it was horrible, over crowded with store staff shopping for click and collect!
    It was impossible to stay two metres away from everyone
    I won’t be doing that again
    We know folk in their 70’s who have been contacted for their vaccination so progress is being made but it’s younger people who are featured on these horrible NHS advertisements
    So are we really going about this in the right way?


    • The supermarkets are the worst places at the moment. Basically the only spaces where I feel that I am getting much too close to other people. But it’s been like that from the beginning. Certainly, the two supermarkets where I shop regularly, are far too small. I mean, even the aisles aren’t 2m wide, anyway, so there’s no way of keeping that far apart.
      And no, I don’t think we are going about this in the right way. I don’t believe that people are adhering to the rules properly. It’s a shame that there are always too many people who are not taking the restrictions seriously.


  5. I’ve made online grocery shopping once, when I was recovering from covid. Not so pleasant but helpful. Send pictures of your cat, please 🐈🐈🐈


  6. A Guy-tastic round-up this week, thank you, very much appreciated!
    6) Teacher’s wagging finger strikes again!. I was on the receiving end of that nearly two years ago at the Q&A at RDC5 and felt duly chastened (If unfairly).
    9) Nice-frowny Macduffs. It would have been fascinating to see RA as Macbeth.
    Keep safe and virus-free Guylty and good luck with the online shopping. I’ve had very few disasters with it over the years (six pounds of courgettes rather than six vegetables comes to mind and I still manage to impulse buy!). 

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  7. Yikes! I hope you can stay safe.

    We just started having grocery deliveries this month too. It’s a strain on our budget, but cases are surging in my area and the people around here have decided to stop caring. With this new, more-infectious strain turning up now, I’m not taking the risk.


    • Exactly, Alyssa – it’s just a risk-minimising step. Over here we have a massive problem with the more infectious strain of the virus, and I just can’t afford to take the risk. I’d rather splash on the delivery service instead.

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  8. Hope your kitty 🐈‍⬛ is alright and not caight The Rona. 💟 Sorry I didn’t see this roundup sooner.
    We too have been wearing double masks. Had an eye 👁 exam Friday with 2 masks on. Having the exam with a mask 😷 on during exam was weird.
    For the record, one can never have too much Guy. Never. ⚔️😆


    • Kitty is fine, and so were we. But, boy, I can tell you kitty was not happy. We kind of limited contact with him and kept him at arm‘s length. He‘s not a particularly affectionate cat, anyway, and doesn‘t really do much cuddling, but he nevertheless seemed to feel the lack of attention and became quite needy. He miaowed much more insistently whenever he wanted food. We could tell he noticed something was off – and he let us know he was pissed off.
      Instead of the two masks, I have moved on to wearing FFP2 masks whenever I go anywhere that requires more than a quick in-and-out of a shop. I really need an eye exam, too. I can‘t imagine sitting there all masked up…

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