2021 Armitage Weekly Round-up #5

Today’s round-up comes with a big fat

Spoiler Warning

Frankly, I wish I hadn’t delved into Tumblr today. Or at least adjusted my black list before I started looking for this week’s round-up items. Because I have basically seen all of Spacesweepers before I have watched the bloody thing. Absolutely no criticism of the tumblrs, simply annoyed with myself for not thinking of that when I started looking. The fans have been very busy, and basically all of Richard’s scenes have been giffed and screenshot to the nth degree. So if you haven’t watched the film yet and don’t want to be spoilt, do not click on the links pertaining to Spacesweepers below. For your convenience, I am going to section off those links at the bottom of the list. That way you can click through the “safe” links first and then decide whether you want to see Richard’s turn as evil James Sullivan, or not.

Here we go.

  1. From the zoom interview in advance of the Spacesweepers premiere, mezzmerizedbyrichard has created an audio file of Richard’s signing off at the end. Might work well as a audio sound for booting down your computer
  2. In case you haven’t seen aninomori’s latest gorgeous painting of Richard yet, here it is on tumblr
  3. Kibleedikibleedoo’s reactions to MZ, illustrated with some nice screenshots of brown-eyed wonder James
  4. Richardarmitagefanpage has combined two photos from the Gallifrey projects. The b/w is a new one
  5. On the latest facial hair categories, a little announcement by astrovian

And now for the Spacesweepers links. SPOILER WARNING plus apologies for overrepresentation of astrovian – she was the fastest, I guess… apologies to all other posters. No preference on my part as such, and I am sure by next week I will be including many other tumblrs, too.

  1. James Sullivan hand porn by astrovian
  2. Some links to reviews, also posted by astrovian
  3. Hahaha, one of those “how it started – how it’s going memes”… by astrovian
  4. Riepu10 with two evocative screenshots of Sullivan from Spacesweepers
  5. Even without having seen the film, I think we definitely need some fan fiction of Sulllivan, if only to make the supposed evil baddie loveable. Question by millytsworld
  6. I don’t know about you, but in this series of screencaps by mezzmerizedbyrichard, Sullivan kind of reminds me of my 7th grade chemistry teacher… the nerdbeard, glasses and checked shirt… I’m having feels (of the wrong kind)
  7. Gifs by astrovian of a dramatic scene with Richard playing mad evil at his best
  8. *coughs* Did I hear someone saying that he didn’t want to take his top off anymore? Well, at least they let him keep his trousers on. Gifs by astrovian
  9. Richardarmitagefanpage links to another Spacesweepers review
  10. Astrovian compares Richard’s reference bite to the scene in the film where Sullivan is bitten
  11. Where fandoms collide… a crossover between Spacesweepers and RH, made by thorntoncrusadepost. Kind of fitting, considering that Guy of Gisborne’s costume was once described as “intergalactic biker boy”

There we go.

So, how many of you have already seen the film? Tell me, is it worth watching? Stupid question. Richard is always worth watching. But the point is – are the other bits *around Richard’s scenes* worth watching, too, or did you just sit through them? I’m not sure when I will have time to see it – and as I said above, after being exposed to all the gif goodness on tumblr, it feels as if I have seen the film already.

Enjoy your weekend – and last call for anyone who hasn’t heard about our Secret Cupid project. Read the linked post and leave a comment if you would like to be part of it!

Sonja ❤️



26 thoughts on “2021 Armitage Weekly Round-up #5

  1. Thanks Guylty for the round-up. I had to chuckle when the director said he needed an actor who was “bulky and intelligent” to play James Sullivan! Made me wonder if RA enjoyed the Korean food a bit too much on set?!
    Not sure whether I will watch Spaceweepers – the title of the film does not fill me with much confidence; may be one which my teenage son might enjoy?


    • I’m still wondering how and if I can sell it to Mr Guylty 😁… Hope the snow storm isn’t going to be too bad… I watched some footage from Northern Germany earlier today, and it looked as if it was hitting further inland than near the sea. I.e. it might be coming from further South than expected…


  2. After the comments about RA ‘s role in MZ I am more interested in seeing it.
    So many films are going onto Netflix I wonder if it will eventually end up there or does the fact Sky TV have shown it (although at ridiculous times) preclude another company from showing it in the future


  3. Its a decent film and he’s very good bad guy and its impossible to find him sexy in this IMO! The film is slightly overlong but its good fun and the kid is great. My chap even said it needed more Richard Armitage lol!

    Liked by 1 person

    • That actually sounds quite good. And might be a point in favour of convincing Mr Guylty to give the film a go with me… If he has opportunity to slag RA off, it might make it more enjoyable for him.

      Liked by 2 people

  4. It’s a shame you won’t feel you’re watching the movie with fresh eyes now. If you blacklist #spoiler alert, #spoiler(s) permanently that should help, but of course blacklisting is only as good as the poster’s tags.
    The film is excellently produced and full of action, so would appeal to those who enjoy the sci fi/fantasy genre. The only reason I watched it was for RA – frequently the only reason I will watch something, given his roles over the years (Hannibal, Into the Storm, Sleepwalker, The Lodge….) which aren’t in my preferred genre and I confess to skipping parts of it. James Sullivan is a villainous character Richard seems to have relished getting his teeth into, and he is great in the role. Like Rachel, I didn’t find him attractive at all – unlike other bad boys such as Guy and John Mulligan 😉 – but it seems I am in the minority given the comments I’ve read elsewhere! I don’t hold with the idea that being a fan of Richard’s means I have to love him in every role!

    Liked by 3 people

    • Yep, it was totally my own fault for not putting the film on a blacklist. Ah well…
      Did you skip over parts of this film, too? It’s been getting a good reception in most places, so I am thinking it might be worth-while.
      RA really loves his villain roles, I suppose. I can well imagine that he is great as a self-styled demi-god. His intensity as an actor works in his favour.


      • I gave it another try last night, intending to watch it fully this time, but gave up when I was about halfway through, skipping through the rest when I realised I still had another hour to go.I did get more of an idea of who the main characters and Dorothy were, plus the humour, but it’s just didn’t hold my interest. It will be “filed away” with those other roles I mentioned, watched once or twice then only viewed for capping/giffing.
        It’s definitely worth watching, you might find you enjoy it even though it’s not your genre !


        • Didn’t get to it last night, either. (In truth, I haven’t yet had the courage to ask Mr Guylty. I just fear the rebuff I might get 😧)
          BTW – have you received my e-mail?


  5. Thanks for the roundup. While I like the MZ style, I cannot get over how jarring I find the brown eyes. They really seem weird on him. I think part of it is that they seem way too dark. There are so many shades of brown. I think if he were browneyed, his wouldn’t be nearly so dark as those look in the photos. Maybe it‘s different in the movie. They look dead to me. A nice warm brown would have suited him much better imo.

    I enjoyed Space Sweepers and didn‘t skip any of it. But of course I watch things like Firefly or Farscape, so quirky space adventure with a liberal does of humor is not out of character for me. And I was watching with Mr. Kate, so skipping ahead to the Armitage parts wasn‘t even an option. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • The brown eyes are just absolutely jarring. Sometimes I wonder whether my reluctance to find James attractive is down to simply being used to the blue eyes, but I think your argument makes sense. They are just that little bit too dark (which also jars a little bit with the lightness of skin). They went a bit overboard on those contacts…
      Sci-fi is not really massively my genre, and I don’t even know what Firefly or Farscape are… But if there is humour in this one, that might make it easier to watch.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Thanks for the round-up Guylty and for being sensitive about spoilers. I wished I’d kept off Twitter, it revealed Sullivan’s whole story. Space sci-fi isn’t a genre I like but I quite enjoyed the film, it was good-natured – although the plot was confusing.
    2) Signature ferocity! Heh, heh I like Baddie Armitage and it was great seeing him as the James Bond-style villain and relishing the role.
    6) I’ve moved on from George Best and am not getting Jimmy Hill vibes, which isn’t good. Richard looks incredibly youthful though, underneath that horrible hairy abomination. It’s amusing though clicking Mezz’s screencaps back and forth to make Sullivan nod.
    10) Good acting in smiling while his finger was bitten.
    11) LOL – and for your intro!


  7. I gave it 40 minutes
    I found the mixture of languages confusing
    Everyone was dubbed I suppose
    We still have snow so I suppose I could give it another go
    Interesting to read Hugh Bonneville is marshalling at a vaccine place in Hampshire
    I suppose all publicity is good in the these lean times 😂


    • Still haven‘t attempted it myself… the language issue sounds actually quite interesting to me, but of course I do not know how it works in practice.
      Good on Hugh Bonneville for volunteering!


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