2021 Armitage Weekly Round-up #7

Happy Sunday, all. I am having a busy weekend – work *hooray*. Who would’ve thought that we’d get to the point where we are ecstatically happy because we are able to work??? A big 6,000-word translation on the future of audience addressability (yep, I am at it again with digital advertising) takes a couple of days, so I am working this weekend. Especially so because I took yesterday off as it was Mr Guylty’s birthday. Not that we were able to put on the usual hike-and-picnic-on-a-mountain. It was all contained in our house. But Little Miss Guylty baked a lovely tea brack and we had it in front of the big fireplace in the grand salon. Mr Cat looked on (see right).

A big thank you goes out this week to LoLo and Allyson who sent me lovely Valentine’s cards. ❤️

And the usual Covid update from Ireland – is dire. Our current lockdown – in place since 26 December – was going to end on 5 March. However, the government has already said that it will likely be extended until May… Another nine weeks of restrictions: Staying at home, unless essential worker. Exercise only within 5km of our home. Working from home; schools and colleges are closed. No visits to other households except for essential purposes. Only essential retail is open, so basically only supermarkets, pharmacies, bakeries, newsagents. Bars, cafes and restaurants are closed except for take-away food and delivery. Construction work is also closed, with few exceptions.

We still have more daily new cases than in the first wave of the pandemic in April – and now 90% of all cases tested here are the UK variant. The good news is that the curve has gone down considerably (see left) and apparently the vaccinations are now moving on to people over 70 and those with certain medical conditions – it would be a great worry off my chest if Mr Guylty received the vaccination soon.

Meanwhile, I have completely given up hope that we might be able to visit my mother again some time in the summer. There are restrictions on travel into Ireland and travel abroad, i.e. we are isolated on our little island, and it doesn’t look as if that will lift very quickly. That’s all for the best, of course, but I am sad I cannot go and see my mum. It is now exactly a year since I was last with her in Germany…

But hey, let’s not wallow. There are good things, nice things to look at. Which is why we have the weekly round-up. Enjoy!

[From this angle the #uglybeard doesn’t look quite as bad…]

  1. Let’s kick off with a lovely story of a fan encounter, shared by thecurioussimmeruk. It already happened two years ago, but happy stories never get old
  2. Astrovian has posted plenty of gorgeous screenshots again. Currently she is working through TS – and this is a delicacy that I can’t keep from you
  3. Never not repost hand porn. Also by astrovian
  4. One track mind a la life-1n-technicolour. Sounds about right
  5. Shealwaystakesitblack has created a beautiful keepsake box. Have a look here
  6. And some more Astrov from sgt-dignam
  7. Get in on the speculation re. RA’s look in Stay Close, kicked off by astrovian (but linking to my own re-blog of it with comment)
  8. Sullivan talking about dirty humans… while having muddy fingers himself. Gifs by riepu10
  9. How supercool is that? And how did I miss this? Astrovian has done a ranking of all Adam Price outfits. And apparently Daniel Miller before that. Check it out here

That last post linked to is long enough to keep you distracted for a bit 😉

Have a lovely Sunday and stay safe!

Sonja ❤️


25 thoughts on “2021 Armitage Weekly Round-up #7

  1. I fear we are in for a new wave here as well. Some people are still in denial, but I cannot bring myself to be too optimistic. Numbers were way down, but are rising again and we don’t have enough data about the different strains here because they didn’t do enough analysis in the beginning. 🙄

    Very disappointing news about travel for sure. Mr. Kate and I have also made the decision not to book our traditional North Sea vacation this year. While we did get lucky last year with how well everything was organized (and couldn’t have gotten a refund in any case as we had booked before everything hit the fan and there were no official travel restrictions at the time), we decided not to tempt fate this time. 😢 It’ll be the first time in 5(?) years we’re not going.

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Mr. Guylty and the vaccine. I also hope they’ll get to my dad (and then mom) soon. Still not done with >80s here. #sigh

    Thank you for the roundup. Lots of yummy Adam Price. Maybe I should rewatch The Stranger? Those hand pics hit me right in the solar plexus. Threw me back to RDC. To think we were close enough to see them as clearly as in those pictures. *faint*


    • I think you are doing the right thing re. holiday planning. There is much to be said for caution, I think, and I am sure that you can still organise some fun days out – even if it is not at the North Sea shore. I admit, there is a certain amount of frustration and fatigue setting in, but then I remind myself that we opened up far too early last December – with fatal results.
      Hard to believe that we were that close – but probably didn’t have the coolness required to appreciate the details. Meh.

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      • Definitely didn’t have the coolness re. appreciation of the glorious phalanges. I was too busy making myself look into his eyes at least briefly while trying not to stare (and very likely failing miserably).

        We are all tired of the pandemic. Not that I actually actively miss too many concrete things. I just want to not be passively terrified all the time. And I will miss the Watt and the smell of the sea.


        • I’m pretty sure that I didn’t even dare to look as far up as upper half of his lower jaw 😂. Jeepers Creepers, it’s ridiculous how utterly lame and stupid the man’s presence makes me feel. Honestly, I think I’ve had enough. No point in attending any events if I am paralysed, anyway 😂
          You absolutely hit the nail there – this constant, latent fear is what is slowly eroding my patience and my mental balance. It’s the unpredictability of it all. I mean, even if *I* and my close circle of family and friends follow all the rules – we still can’t influence what others will do, so the success of all measures taken is not guaranteed by my compliance. Grah.

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          • That’s perfectly phrased—the latent fear. It’s a sort of quiet trauma. And because we’re not really doing that terribly, it feels unjustified on top of everything.

            Hey, if he shows up somewhere after the plague, I’m dragging you along. I’d be lost without you.


  2. Happy belated BD to Mr Guylty! 🍾🥂🎂
    I absolutely loved Astrovian TS analysis and her sense of humour 👍🏻😁
    In Moscow the lockdown ended on Jan 21. Everyone who wants to get a vaccine can have it, but there are a lot of people who don’t trust vaccinations 🤷‍♀️ I will get my second shot on Wednesday.🤞🏻


    • Thank you, Olga 😄
      The outfit analysis was such fun – I haven’t yet read all of them, but I thought to myself it might also be fun to actually do something like that as a blog challenge…
      Bravo on the second shot. Good to hear that you are that far ahead!!! At least some places in the world are getting closer to a point where the virus is less of a threat!


  3. In England we are hoping for a little ‘route map to freedom’ but I am not holding my breath for anytime soon
    However construction has continued as normal
    I get my first vaccination on Tuesday and OH gets his on Wednesday


    • Hooray for the vaccination. That’s brilliant. I really hope it’ll bring you a relaxation of restrictions, Yve. Especially now that spring is looming (and blooming).


  4. Ah the #1 story is so sweet
    #7 was having this discussion on twitter, i’m wondering if they’ll have it longish because he’s a bit of a mess mentally
    and Covid-urgh


    • Yep, I am wondering, too, how they will make the down-and-out photographer look. Not a massive fan of the Chop hair mess, but I am hoping for lots of scruffy stubble to make Ray look like an untrustworthy pap. Ha. That would make me even ignore the potential Chop crop.

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  5. Thank you for the roundup! So much to love…..handpornü fan encounterü (and yes, they never get old) Adam Priceü Astrovü a fun readü (Astrovian has quickly become one of my favourites)
    #7 I’m another hoping for the longer hair, it seems to suit a down and out pap photographer. Here’s hoping for a production shoot pic of Richard soon to solve the mystery!
    We had a short snap lockdown of the whole state last week for a few cases in the city, back to “covid normal” again except that annoyingly we are now living with metro restrictions, not the freer situation we in regional areas have enjoyed. We are allowed to travel, but given that in the past state governments have suddenly shut borders, it feels bit of a gamble to do so outside our own state. Australia’s vaccination rollout started yesterday so feeling optimistic that things will have turned around by the end of the year.


  6. Great roundup, thank you, Guylty – a welcome spark to cheer us up in what seems like an endless stream of difficulties big and small. Good though to know that some of us are getting the vaccine at last, and I too am crossing my fingers that MrGuylty’s turn comes round very soon.

    Perhaps it might be too much lockdown, but Sullivan’s glasses have a rather pleasant retro vibe to me. Maybe it’s because they distract my attention from the Beard of Total Infamy.

    Another Astrovian fan here – I loved then 50 Shades of Polo Shirt review. So comprehensive I felt I’d almost seen TS at last. And it ‘s always great to hear about past close encounters of the Armitage kind.

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  7. The warm sunshine brought out the people yesterday, there were even two guys playing tennis in the park!
    Some times in the evening my whole body feels like an electric current is running through me, I reckon it’s too much adrenaline in my system
    I do yoga and have breathing techniques but it’s hard to combating the feeling of ‘ impending doom’ you described it well
    Our mental well being needs boosting at the moment
    I think our sport stars and actors to some extent are lucky that they can be ‘whisked away’to live free of COVID for a few hours, days and weeks


  8. That’s depressing about Ireland, it seems more optimistic in the UK, although we will probably be in lockdown for as long, we will see tonight. Happy birthday to Mr Guylty and I hope he gets his jab soon – and that it won’t be long until you see your mum.
    Thanks for the round-up
    1) That’s a lovely story of how RA looks out for people.
    2) Yummy Adam
    7) I am crossing fingers, eyes and legs that he has the big chop, and particularly the big shave, but am suspecting a ponytail or floppy locks.
    8) I love Astrovian’s lists – brilliant! (don’t agree about the trench coat but do about the polo shirts!).


  9. Happy belated birthday to Mr Guylty!
    We are still in restriction mode here as well, although not as restricted as you are. Only 5km radius around your house – wow, I’m glad we don’t have that, at least we can go somwhere and walk around there when it isn’t busy. Here too the British variant is taking over, I think we’re up to around 50% being that variant, although it does seem to be flattening a bit. Yeah, we don’t dare make summer plans here either.


    • i was definiatley jealous of your trip to Delft Esther! it’s frustrating that also in UK, we are not allowed to go out anywhere unless it’s ‘essential’ so exercise locall-but no day trips anywhere-even outdoors!


  10. Thank you so much Guylty for the mentions and the kind comment from everyone! I’m so glad people enjoy reading the outfit lists – they’re very fun to do (even if they do take a while to put together!😅 ) ❤

    I hope everyone is keeping well and safe in these trying times (as best we can, anyway)

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    • You are welcome – and many thanks back to you for the fantastic and huge amount of entertainment you provide for us. It‘s just great to get all these ready-made gifs and other drool facilitators every week from you! And the outfit lists are just such a great idea. I can imagine, though, that they take a lot of time to put together. I mean, you must have to go through the whole series/film to catch them all – and then to write your reaction. Cool stuff!!!
      Hope you are well, too – are schools open?

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  11. What can I say – it’s a labour of (RA) love 😅 much like the amount of effort you put into these round ups!

    Thankfully we have one more week of remote teaching before we have to brave the classrooms here in England. As much of a pain as it is, it’s good to hear that Ireland seems to be playing it safer and keeping places closed for longer. Better safe than sorry!


    • Haha, emphasis on labour.
      Not sure whether Ireland is really that much safer. I think we have a couple of weeks longer with schools closed. I just wish the whole vaccination palaver would be faster.


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