RA Pocket Shrine 231/? – Sleeping Beauty [Raffle!]

The last few days I have been fiddling away with a couple of shrines. Frankly, I just couldn’t rest after the recent realisation that there were some glaring omissions in the gallery of shrine subjects. You voted in the comments for the chaRActer most urgently to be enshrined, and I have listened. Adam Price it is, as pointed out on the shrine lid.

However, unfortunately I ignored your persistent calls for ‘Adam in glasses’. It’s not that I object to his glasses. Quite the contrary. But they have to wait for another day because something else happened.

Discerning shrine lovers will notice that the design of the vertical shrine “back” is uncharacteristically simple. Usually this is where it happens in my shrine, as I use the mint tins upside down and create a little diorama scene in the former “receptacle part” of the tin. Well, somehow something else came to mind this time, and for once I used the mint tin in the orientation it is meant to be – with the shallow part as the lid that can be opened. Here’s why:

Yep, I just couldn’t resist the ‘sleeping beauty’. Adam snoozing in his virginally whites. I actually sewed a teeny tiny pillow and matching duvet. And yes, I know what you are thinking. You are wondering whether the duvet can be removed…

*tut tut tut* It can indeed. But naughty you… whatever did you want to inspect under the cover???

Hehe, well, but this wouldn’t be a RAPS if it didn’t have a candle. So, brace yourselves, ladies.

That little tutting sign only obscures the small hole for the candle holder and can be moved to fit the candle. The placement of the candle was entirely coincidental. Not.

So there we have it. Fairly harmless on the outside. Cheeky on the inside.

If you like this shrine, leave me a comment on my WP blog. But since we all need a little pick-me-up in this bleak time, I am going to raffle this RAPS away. All comments will go into the raffle unless it states that you don’t want the shrine. Comments for raffle participation are open until midnight tomorrow, Friday 26 February 2021 (GMT). The raffle is open to anyone anywhere in the world, and as usual I will send the shrine (and some extra goodies) at no extra costs to the winner. Good luck, all 😁


69 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 231/? – Sleeping Beauty [Raffle!]

  1. Oh Sonja!!! Sleeping beauty indeed. First the picture for the “back”…. divine . He can make a simple white shirt so sexy. Then as i scrolled down I couldn’t help laughing out loud. Brillant 10/10, certainly raised the blood pressure this morning.

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    • The little white shirt looks absolutely great on him. As does the “nothing” *coughs*… Hehe, just putting him to bed in that mini bed really made me feel like a child playing with a doll…

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Marvelous work! And shouldn’t a shrine to Adam Price contain a naughty secret or two? I’m about to slip under my pile of blankets right now, so thank you for providing my subconscious with such delectable material for sweet dReAms! 💜

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    • Oh, I hope it has worked, LoLo, and you have had some nice dreams.
      Good argument, btw – Adam is certainly not as clean as he presents himself. So a little secret that he is keeping under the covers, seems appropriate.

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    • If it made you smile, then my mission has been successful, Meryl. Glad if you like it – smiles are what we need right now, and as you can see I stop at nothing, not even naughty silliness 😉


  3. Heijeijei!!!! 😂What a dream box!! Right now I could do with a dive into the feathers, as we put it in German. Hittimg the sack (with Adam as a not too sleepy beauty) Whoa! I somehow, I mean, frankly and could get a bit emotional about this idea…. *blink* *blink* *blink*


    • I have to admit that the candle was an afterthought when it occurred to me that a shrine isn‘t complete without a candle. But it kind of worked out as the cherry on top of the proverbial cream tart… 🍰


  4. OMG, this shrine lifted my spirits tout de suite! I started with a smile for the photo and ended with a laugh about the coincidental position of the candle and my naughty thoughts *giggel* Sweet dreams are made of this..🎶 😈


    • It’s fun to think up little scenarios for the shrines, and I always have the entertainment of my fellow fans in mind. Anything to make us laugh, right? Sweet dreams indeed.


  5. Dearest Guylty,

    Thank you so very much for the laughs!! Girl, you really honour your nickname, don’t you?
    But please excuse me if I don’t believe you when you say you felt like a child playing with a doll. I mean, I can easily imagine you in the playing mood, though more in a grown-up sort of playing one, if you catch my drift. Don’t know why but the Manna from Heaven series came to mind somehow…
    I just love it when you get all creative and cheeky! 😉


  6. *g*

    Das Sleeping-Beauty-Schildchen mit den Fransen außen erinnert mich an einen Wischmopp …
    Sorry!!! Ich fürchte, einmal gesehen kann man es nicht mehr ungesehen machen.
    😀 😀 😀

    Wenn du mich als Gewinnerin ziehst, soll der RAPS bitte an SueBC gehen, die den Lachern noch einen hinzugefügt hat. 😉


    • Hahaha, da hast du nicht ganz Unrecht mit dem Wischmopp. Sieht tatsächlich so aus, war aber unbeabsichtigt. Aber bei unserem Saubermann passt so ein Wischmopp ja immer.
      Nette Idee mit dem Weiterreichen des RAPS im Fall des Gewinns. Hat heute nicht geklappt, aber vielleicht ein anderes Mal. xx


      • Irgendwann kam mir die Frage in den Sinn, wie es wohl aussähe, wenn du die Bettdecke ein bisschen flach drückst.
        Über dem Kerzenhalterchen.

        Ups. 😀


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