2021 Armitage Weekly Round-up #8 [+ Raffle Result]

It’s time for the weekly round-up – and the raffle result! We have a winner, picked at random by the randompicker service. The lucky new owner of the Sleeping Beauty shrine is… LoLo. Which is quite fitting, as she has been having a bit of a tough time lately, not least after her sweet kitty Emily passed away. I hope this cheeky shrine will cheer her up a bit. To be put in the post asap on Monday. The draw protocol can be seen here:

For those who were not lucky today – good news is that my shrine making urge has been renewed. There will be more shrines in the future, and the plan is to give them all away, either by raffle or by autocratic maker decision 😊. Stay tuned.

But now on to this week’s tumblr round-up.

  1. Befitting the current round-up header, here is the first Spacesweepers fan fic I have seen so far. This is chapter 2 and written from the POV of Sullivan. By millytsworld
  2. Astrovian continues to the outfit ranking with Claude Becker
  3. I somehow had to laugh at this little set by angelicstallar
  4. Drldeboer posts lots of Sullivan pictures and a review of Spacesweepers – Spoilers!!!
  5. I don’t think this manip by mzperx0506universe is new, but it looks good and hence gets a repost from me
  6. Laugh out loud on this petition by astrovian. Yep, I am prepared to second that
  7. What do you think? Should Richard have a Cameo? And would you use it? Discussed briefly by astrovian
  8. Wow, look at this superbeautiful kind-of-young Thorin in a piece of fan art by marurenai
  9. Hahaha on this incorrectbbcrobinhoodquote…
  10. What a Guy Wants – Guy is uncharacteristically rational here. By nfcomics
  11. There are also incorrectspooksquotes. Here’s an imaginary conversation between Ros and Lucas
  12. LOL – unthinkable thought, suggested by estethell

For those of you following me on Twitter – wow, yesterday was an exciting day! Not only did our car get clamped – despite a residents’ parking permit and plenty of free parking spaces all along the square – right in front of our own house, but the excitement continued. Soon after we had been declamped, the doorbell rang. My daughter opened the door and came back up to us, all alarmed. A plain clothes Garda wanted to talk to us. Goodness me. I mean, 11 months of no news, and then the clampers and the police on the same day. We are not used to that anymore. Enough to give me a heart attack! Oh, and the police investigation did not really concern us but the businesses who have offices in our house. But *whoa*…

Otherwise – nihil novi sub sole. Ha, but while I am showing off quoting Latin – who would’ve thought that my six and a half years of school Latin would ever come in handy? My daughter is currently taking Latin as an elective in college, and she had some trouble with a translation exercise they had been given. It was all about gender/case agreement, and lo and behold, my rusty old basic Latin was instantaneously revived. o, s, t, mus, tis, nt… a, ab, abs, e, ex und de, cum und sine, pro und prae… I can still recite all those declinations, and much of the elementary vocab is still there. Oh cod, how they drummed that into us… So much so that it is ready to be called upon, 40 years later 😱.

Have a nice weekend, all!

Sonja ❤️


38 thoughts on “2021 Armitage Weekly Round-up #8 [+ Raffle Result]

  1. Those Eselsbrücke are really useful. I’ll just mention that you can sing aus, außer, bei, mit, nach, zeit, von, zu to the melody of the first line of the Danube Waltz.


  2. Congrats to Lolo, may the shrine cheer her up ❤

    And goodness the garda and clamping all on the same day. Last summer one of our neighbouring houses was burglared (is that a word?) and it's very exciting (not) when the police does door-to-door. This neighbour is also our town mayor so the police was very thorough.


  3. Have sweet dreams LoLo!
    No 2 and 4 were very entertaining for me. But Spacesweeper seems to be a film much more for my children than for me.
    Sometimes it is astonishing what the brain brings back memories of old school lessons


  4. 2) I’m officially Astrovian addicted, I can’t wait to (or for? Boh) the next outfit ranking. The fun & educational content people need!
    7) cameo jewel? Like medallions? I’d like it . Actually I sometime fantasize to have something like this


  5. 1) Another Astrovian triumph, with some gorgeous pics of Claude the cad.
    4) Drideboer has dug deep and found attractive Sullivan. RA looks so youthful, too in fact he did at the Korean airport.
    Thanks for the round-up Guylty, I hope the excitement has died-down in your household!


  6. Thanks for the roundup, Guylty. Lots to enjoy here.

    My mum always told me I’d find Latin useful when I was slogging away at my Latin homework. Turns out she was right in many ways so I hope your daughter finds the same. For one thing It’s been popping up a lot recently in the news whenever American legal matters are concerned!

    Many congrats to LoLo, and I’m so sorry to hear about her cat. Hoping the gorgeous RAPS will cheer her up.


    • Latin was my own choice in school, and I have always appreciated how it really helped me with other languages and the occasional historic fact/building/archeology. I hope my daughter will enjoy it, too – yesterday she was a bit stressed because it wasn’t as straightforward as she thought…


        • I think that is the fault of the teachers. Latin could be taught just the same way any modern language is – by speaking it. In my day, it was all grammar and translation, which is boring and frustrating. If it was made more fun, it would be like any other language…

          Liked by 1 person

            • Latin was my second foreign language, so I kind of accepted that it worked differently. But looking back I think that it could‘ve been taught better and more interestingly. But back then, Latin teachers were always old fellas… old school…


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