RA Pocket Shrine 232/? – A-dayum

Let’s start the week with a little shrine smile. It’s Monday and I need to work. An article about woollen hats is waiting to be written. And an online test for a prospective job is also looming. As usual, I am procrastinating. That’s one thing that hasn’t changed in lockdown. But I am telling myself that I am doing a good thing here 😉, just judging by the kind feedback on last week’s shrine reveal. We all need a little cheering up. I feel that I may be able to bring a little, fleeting smile to some people’s faces with what I do, and so the shrine production has been stepped up. Two surprise shrines are currently already in the post to arrive at their new owners. (As is my usual MO, I won’t reveal them until they have been received.) Two other shrines are also finished and photographed and ready for reveal. I am starting with the one that has been long awaited – although it is probably not as spectacular as the Sleeping Beauty.

Can you tell from the photograph what the theme of the RAPS is? The title of this post is a clue, and the design of the tin as well as the photo prop should make it obvious. No, those are neither bugs nor centipedes on that tin!!!

Indeed, it’s Adam in his sexy lawyer glasses. And without pretty much anything else in the background.

It’s just a small RAPS, about 4.5cm x 7.5cm (for comparison: the regular RAPS are 6.5cm x 9.5cm), so it’s not super ornate. But well, it’s spectacular, if you get my drift! And that message applies as much to the bespectacled Adam as it does to the future recipient. I wanted this RAPS to contain an encouraging message to the owner. So when they open it, they will receive some positive reinforcement. Cos you are all spectacular in your own, individual ways!

No peeking behind that Adam sign, btw! 👆🏻 I haven’t figured out yet how I will give away the RAPS. But leave me a comment if you like it, and I’ll figure out a way of finding a new owner for this shrine.

Let’s start the week with a smile now 😀

48 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 232/? – A-dayum

  1. Dayum indeed, emphasis on the yum. 🤓 This one hits me right in the feels. I love it. Procrastinate away if that is the outcome. 😉


  2. So it´s eyes on the tin, thanks for clarifying 😁😉… But honestly it´s *really* lovely… “MEINS!” 😉
    I like the glasses, I think this frame really suits him 😊.


  3. I know I should be urging you to go back to work and put your little grey cells to good use and come up with a very creative article about woollen hats; and I know I shouldn’t be encouraging your procrastinating tendency here, but, girl, you really know how to procrastinate!!!!!!

    Also it could be I am A LITTLE biased here re gorgeus Adam all suit up (and “glassed up”!) ;p

    But I was sooooooo looking forward to yet another peeking behind RA-related sign!


    • Hat chat is done – I cobbled an article together. (I surprised myself how much I could write about woolly hats…) But yeah, it was much nicer to procrastinate with the shrines.
      *tuttuttut* Those signs are apparently irresistible…


  4. Richard looks so good with glasses and especially with those Adam glasses. I’ve been thinking about making chaRActers with glasses gifset, but tumblr is so quiet nowadays that I don’t know.

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    • I admit I am partial to the metal rim glasses – because I generally prefer RA in a less formal look. But as “work wear” in Adam’s lawyer’s outfit, the horn rimmed number looks really suave.


  5. Besides RA wearing sunglasses privat or in his different roles I only know Harry Kennedy and Heinz K. with glasses. I prefer Adam and Harry. Really nice shrine which also makes smile ( also without the possibility of peeking) *grins*


    • The Heinz Krüger glasses always annoyed me. They did not really fit the period the film was supposed to be set in… I like the metal rimmed glasses best, in general.


  6. I have recovered from yesterday’s fainting. Well, at least, I think I have… 😀
    Love the stars: I read it as ”A-dayum star (of our universe)” 😀


  7. What a cute little RAPS! Iove Adam, especially in those dark framed glasses, not so fussed about wire rims, and even less so after seeing them on James Sullivan lol.


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