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That’s Vicar of Dibley not “video on demand” although that would be kind of fitting, too, as the special about VoD was shown last night on a pay channel (i.e. vod) that not everyone has access to. I haven’t seen the full video yet – but am hoping that someone possibly recorded it and will share it soon. Or that it will eventually be made free by the producers, anyhow. But I’ve seen pictures pop up here and there, and RA looks relaxed and happy, as he giggles and relives the experience of being on set for VoD. The most comprehensive sets of gifs and screenshots I have seen on Astrovian’s tumblr. I am going to embed some of her posts here, but I would also ask you to go and see her tumblr stream for more – and if you can to give her some love and thanks there.

[Spoiler warning – just in case you’d rather wait until you can see the whole thing yourself]

On being offered the role:

On Harry Kennedy as a character:


I’ll leave it at that. Lots more goodies over on Astrovian’s tumblr. Please go and see there – all credit to her.

Ok, and an immediate edit: Deirdre, who initially also alerted us on Twitter that this special was going to be on, managed to capture some of the interview. Picture quality not as good as the gifs, but here you can see RA, hear his gorgeous giggle and get the whole context:

More clips – and all thanks and love for her – on her Twitter, please.

A word on the look itself – I’m having visions of Guy of Gisborne, season 1. And that look actually still suits the man very well, even though it is now a stunning 15 years or so later. And guys….. nape curls!!!!! NAPE CURLS!!!!

I am wondering when this interview was filmed, though, and whether we can otherwise deduce from the state of his hair what his look as Ray the photographer in Stay Close will be like? Maybe it was filmed three weeks ago when the UK went through that cold spell – his cozy, chunky cardigan would have been suitable for those conditions. I’m not a massive fan of rustic cardigans on the man (if anything, I prefer the slightly more professorish, thinner cardigans) and this one looks a little bit too grandpa to me. I’m quite partial to a nice chunky troyer, though, or a cable knit.

Way back in the early 2010s, I think…

Can’t wait to see the thing in its entirety…

Do I need to make a shrine?


41 thoughts on “RA on VoD

  1. Thanks for compiling the goodies here. I’m team chunky cardi, so no complaints from me. Paired with the nape curls, I’m in fangirl heaven.

    Regarding how indicative this is if the Ray look, I agree that we don’t know when it was filmed, so it really isn’t conclusive. But it was nice to get some new visuals either way.

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    • The nape curls kiiiiiind of balance out the cardigan. But then the beard… ah well, the old story… 🙂
      New visuals are always welcome, agreed. And whatever look Ray is going to have, he’ll be probably too attractive for the suspicious character he is going to be…

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      • Oh, for sure he’s gonna make us fall for the bad guy again. If he’s all bad? 🤔 Idk, I don’t read the books.
        Let’s just hope he gets a lot of screen time. That’s my main concern at this point.


        • Well, he can be as bad as he wants to. We’re going to find the redeeming features (or RA is going to tell us where he has given Ray some redeeming features… we know his MO 😂) and fan fic is gonna take care of the rest. (Spoiler warning – speculations) I get the feeling that Ray is not the main character of the show, just from what others have said about the book. However, if they are casting RA – I wonder whether that means he will turn out to be the culprit… I mean, why else would Netflix splash out on Mr Method-Acting Armitage, especially so soon after being the starring actor in the previous Coben thriller? I just can’t believe they would task an excellent actor like RA with a meh supporting role – unless that supporting role is pivotal to the whole story…)


          • Good point. He would be wasted in a small role and we can assume that HC liked what he saw, hence the repeat casting. And we know from The Stranger that it was more or less loosely based on the novel with some things expanded and extra bits and pieces added, so they might make his role bigger for the filmed version. 🤞🏻🤞🏻


          • I read the book but won’t spoiler it for you. I have my little theory about RA in a HC Netflix show again: they were obviously aiming to The Stranger S2 otherwise the sloppy, hasty, nonsense ending would be utterly inexplicable. Netflix said no. RA was already optioned. Ray is the compensation. 🤷‍♀️


            • That is a really interesting, and convincing theory, Micra. Would totally make sense to me – because TS really looked as if it was set up for a second season. And if they kind of baited RA with a two season deal, then that would explain a role in another Coben…

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              • Exactly, especially if you read the original book and remember the ending was very different and very “logical”, while in the show it’s absolutely messy and completely unbelievable. And not for post mortem accuracy on death hour, as HC tried to trick us to believe. So yes, everything hinted to a S2 including the stranger watching and going away.


  2. Thanks all for the lovely pics. If you can get Now TV, they offer a free subscription for a week and have the Gold channel with the doc. I saw it last night and it features more RA than expected. He does look gorgeous, although I am no fan of the cardi – in any form. The room is intriguing.

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  3. Thank you and Astrovian for these gorgeous gifs and the info. I am not on twitter and I appreciate it very much.
    I like his unstyled look and think he has grabbed the first troyer he could find in his wardrobe to hide his not ironed shirt.
    My “men” have “forgotten” to do their homework for school tomorrow, so they are busy, and I have time for my own to swoon. Little bit aged Guy! Little bit aged Harry!! Longer hair!!! Nape Curls!!!!

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  6. Ditto NAPE CURLS!!!! I was drooling over Astrovian’s gorgeous screencaps and gifs last night. I love how he seems to look back on his time in Dibley with genuine fondness, it’s not just professional politeness.

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    • Well put, Mezz. I agree, this sounded like more than his usual professional complimenting of his co-stars. He‘s always made it sound as if he had a soft spot for that show.


  7. Ooh lovely, VoD is one of my favourites. A shame this wasn’t more widely shown, it must have been lots of fun. Astrovian did a sterling job as usual. I’m another not on Twitter, or tumblr for that matter, so I’m sending my thanks via you, Guylty- with thanks to you too for giving us a generous taste of it here.


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