RA Pocket Shrine 233/? – Be Well

A little change of plan. The fish still have to wait because a surprise shrine made it faster to its destination than I thought. And seeing what tin it is in, it kind of fits today. Well, yesterday really, since it was International Women’s Day, and the design on this little tin is a classic women’s empowerment poster.

Rosie the riveter can do it

However, this was not about empowerment but…

… about getting better. These tiny tins do not leave that much room for scenes and interaction, but in any case, it was only meant as a little cheer-up for a fellow fan who is currently undergoing some serious medical issues. And to that the doctor from his heavenly cloud where all the medical demigods roam, says…

Dr Track is a little bit obscured in there, so I thought it best to put a pretty picture of RA into the mini RAPS.

Flower placement deliberate, of course.

So there we are – a shrine too small to actually fit a candle. But these kinds of tins are more meant as objects to carry in the handbag and even your pocket; to actually hold on to in your fist when you are going in for difficult talks or smaller procedures. Something to distract and to carry lots of love with it. I hope it can be exactly that for the new owner of this shrine. May she get well, soon…

PS: In case you are wondering: The background there is the original wallpaper from my 1978 kids’ room. Funky colours… I wonder how I ever fell asleep, surrounded by those psychedelic rainbows on four sides…



29 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 233/? – Be Well

  1. That shrine is just gReAt 💪🏻😍. All the best to the new owner ❤️
    And the wallpaper looks joyful and optimistic 😁


    • True, the colours of the wallpaper were very uplifting. And the whole thing was actually cheerful without being totally child-like… I have fond memories 🙂


  2. Enpowermint! I love it – and the sweet fluffy flowery innards. It is such a lovely idea to have the little tin as a talisman. I hope it works for the owner and that all will be fine. LOL about the wallpaper! Mine was similar with enormous swirly flowers. It’s a wonder indeed 70s children slept.

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  3. This is really lovely 💗, I hope it helps the recipient to feel better 💗. The wallpaper is really special 🤪😉 but I like the colours, it looks like spring 💕.


  4. Well, this lovely doctor certainly has what it takes to make any fan feel better. I hope he works his magic pdq.
    I wonder if there’s a picture of my 70s wallpaper somewhere. It was a pea green version of the Prilblume basically. Soooo schön! 😬

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    • I came across it two years ago when we were clearing out my parents‘ house. A good German always keeps leftover wallpaper – in case you need to do touch-ups 😂


      • Ah yes, this thrifty American would save it, too, but we didn’t have wallpaper in post-war houses in the U.S. We had painted walls. And, yes, when my siblings and I emptied our parents’ house after they had lived in it 40 years, there were more than a few cans of half-used paint (probably some with lead in it) that we had to figure out how to throw away legally. (None worth saving as childhood mementos!) What a pain. Wallpaper would have been easier!


        • Oh yes, those half-empty cans of paint… I think my mum had already thrown those out by the time that I came to help, but my dad would definitely also have saved those left-overs… (So does my darling painter/decorator husband… his stash of paint cans is impressive. Added bonus: we never have to buy new paint, because he can usually create any colour I want from that stash of his…)


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