2021 Armitage Weekly Round-up #10

First up, apologies for my whining yesterday. I really don’t like myself in moan-mode, but yeah, I’m having a hard time at the moment. At least I have taken action and made a GP appointment for next Tuesday. The new reality: No face-to-face consultation. The doctor is going to give me a phone call at the agreed time… Not sure whether that is only for vetting purposes or whether all anamnesis is now done remotely. The good news from yesterday were that my parents-in-law both received their first vaccination shot this week. There’s *one* worry off my chest 🥳

So let’s take the distraction to tumblr and see what our fan sisters over there have got for us this week.

  1. Mezzmerizedbyrichard has put some of the An Le photos of Richard into one set – I feel that the pictures somehow look better in a collage than on their own…
  2. If you haven’t yet seen it on Twitter, here is aninomori’s latest water colour. She has chosen to paint Raybo Merville, and while he is not my favourite chaRActer by far, I have to say I am fascinated by this drawing. Check how this monochrome portrait really comes to life thanks to allowing just *one* detail to stand out with red ink – the scar. The blood red colour chosen is just stunning!
  3. A revisit of the Hobbit set thanks to this compilation of gifs by mezzmerizedbyrichard. These are really lovely gifs from bts, and I am particularly taken with gif number 4 because somehow it appears as if RA is looking straight into the camera 😍
  4. Following on from last weeksb appearance of a chunky knit cardi on the VoD special, astrovian has put together a chunky knit set
  5. Big love to riepu10 for this most comprehensive chaRActers-in-glasses set! Totally on-spec, haha. So, who wears it best? I’m having a hard time deciding between Adam’s sexy, serious and chunky number, or the stylish and subtle Mykita frames sported by architect James
  6. Astrovian finds reasons to celebrate. And leaves out the most important item of all – THE STUBBLE
  7. I laughed out loud at the picture post by shealwaystakesitblack. Her picture description is just so true. And hey, perfect starting point for a little fan fic. I mean, could be a modern!Bagginshield AU. Or ok, could also be gender swapped if necessary. But the premise of “dorky teacher” obsessing over “famous actor” should be pretty easy to write 😂
  8. Nothing to add to this comment by jacnaylor. Sounds absolutely realistic to me
  9. Haha, Guy can move quite fast if he wants to… What a Guy Wants by nfcomics
  10. Does it make you laugh, too? Admittedly, it feels slightly incongruous, but then this was still in early-ish days of RA’s career… But yeah, “emo dude” *rofl*. Comment by sunflowers-insherwood
  11. A reappraisal of Thorin by sleepy-santiago
  12. Including this meme/cartoon-y thing by gandilf-the-gay mainly because the intentionally crappy edits just look so funny
  13. A pencil portrait of Astrov by xsafronixs-blog
  14. And while this piece of Thorin fan art does not resemble RA at all, I just love the personal style of this artwork. Thorin with ponytail – by whocameupwiththilbo

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day over here in Ireland (and UK, too, right?). Is that why RA has already recycled his International Women’s Day post from Monday?

Nice, Richard. But hey, no thanks necessary. Just keep appearing in your casual, stubbly, leather jacket look… that’ll be a nice gift for your women fans 😍

Have a lovely weekend,

Sonja ❤️


20 thoughts on “2021 Armitage Weekly Round-up #10

  1. Thank you for the roundup. I very much enjoyed it, but am not coherent enough to comment on individual items. I slept all afternoon and feel like shite. Just think no. 12 has the wrong link, as in it’s like 11?
    I agree with whatever number talks about emo Guy in that I call the show campy, but in a loving way. It’s very much my thing and a lot of fun.


  2. Great roundup this week. Love the artist’s renderings. Feel free to moan. This lockdown business has been tough for everyone, young and old. I read yesterday that many, many children are having mental health issues this past year. Poor kiddos. I can imagine they are all miserable, missing school, sports and their friends.

    I’ve had a number of these virtual doctor’s appointments this year. Some are Zoomish/Skypes so you can see each other and that helps, but phone only is good, too. We just discussed my symptoms, general health questions, went over the meds I was taking and then doctor usually orders blood tests and we do a follow-up call when she gets the results. Some things are prescribed without the blood tests, depends on your age and if you are taking any other prescription meds.

    And, just generally (not talking about you specifically at all) no one should feel bad if a doctor recommends a mental boost of anti-depressants. I’ve been on one for years. I have chronic psoriatic arthritis and a massive limp requiring a cane due to a number of massive cancer surgeries on one leg over the years. I need help to stay positive all the time, especially this year. I’ve missed seeing my friends so much!! Everyone get lots of rest. We will get through this!!!


    • I really worry about the younger generation, Ricky. Having been forbidden to meet and play with their friends, and also having had to study at home via internet will definitely leave some kind of mark on that generation. The whole lockdown scenario is ok-ish for middle-aged people like me. We have had our share of socialising and drinking in pubs, sitting in cafes or attending live concerts. But all those normal things have been taken away from them… I hope that we will be able to make it up to them.
      Ah, good to hear about your experiences with zoom doctor’s appointments. I suppose my doctor will want to hear what is wrong and then decide whether she wants to see me in person. Fair enough – she has to take precautions.
      You are absolutely right about anti-depressants. Especially right now, if people need help in the shape of medication then that is what it takes. I might mention to my doctor that I am feeling pretty low at the moment. (Trouble is that she really doesn’t know me well at all. I hardly ever go to the doctor…)


      • Hope it all goes well. And it’s a good thing that you don’t know your doctor really well. That only happens when you have chronic conditions and multiple surgeries like I have. No one wants that!


        • Very good point, Ricky. – I had my appointment and feel somewhat relieved about some of my ailments. The question is now when the next steps in dealing with them can be taken. Covid has really made it much more difficult to deal with health matters.


  3. Off topic I know but ……
    I showed my husband Richard’s tweet about respecting women, he made no comment I had previously tried to have a conversation about the tragic case of Miss Sarah Everard but he wouldn’t engage saying as an excuse that he had stopped listening to the news
    Why do some men find it hard?
    Richard has always been so good in the direction
    I don’t have sons but if I did I would be horrified at some of the reactions that have come out
    It seems to me that our leaders/ councils are saying it’s our fault


    • Spot on, Yve. We are still dealing with systemic disregard/ignoring of women. It’s a bit of a mystery to me that men are not more on board with establishing safe environments for women. After all, ALL men have a mother. Many also have sisters and daughters. Not to mention wives and girlfriends. It’s in their interest to keep (their) women safe. But well, this is still a man’s world.


  4. I hope all goes well at the virtual doctor’s next week and that you feel better talking it though. Great that your parents have had their jabs. Thanks for rounding-up the happy world of Armitage. 5) Lucas’s sexy Russian oligarch glasses are my favourite.


  5. Great roundup, Guylty. I love the Hobbit bts pics, especially the third one, that lovely relaxed pose. Do we know who the lady is? And I love compilations #4 and #5 too though my favourite chunky jumper was missing (Waterstones!)

    Good luck with your doctor phone call… we have them all the time as triage now, and then if the doctor thinks you need to be seen in person you’re allowed in to the surgery. We find it works very well. We’ve had video calls with some of David’s therapists as well! Definitely mention you are feeling low. It sounds like you could do with a general checkup anyway if you hardly ever go to the doctor.


    • From The Hobbit BTS gifs, the one with the woman where RA is casually sitting on the sofa, also really got me. I think she is a crew member afaik.
      Good to hear that the remote doctor’s appointments seem to work in practice. I am so glad that I finally took the step to get an appointment. It has instantly made me feel better already…

      Liked by 1 person

  6. no need to apologise for “whining” – I think everyone needs this sort of venting sometimes and coming from Vienna, I can tell you there’s an art to it 😉 also there are these studies that when you are cursing loudly while experiencing some pain, the measurements of the pain receptors are lower than when keeping silent – so maybe this is similar: voicing the fact that one is feeling down (as many many many people feel right now) helps immediately!

    As for the roundup: the drawings are really cool and impressive! and from the glasses collection my favourite is James! (I might have said just a *few* times how sexy I find that look… 😇)


    • LOL on your reference to Vienna, Anja. The technical is „grantln“, right? – I heard about that study, too, and it really makes sense. As does the old adage „a problem shared is a problem halved“ (or something like that).
      In the past, when other fans were all goo-ey over Harry Kennedy with glasses, I was always non-plussed. But the glasses look has grown on me, and with up-to-date frames like the Mykitas that James is wearing, I find him quite attractive, too…


      • “grantln” is also right but there are many more:

        A term for every nuance 😉 as I said there’s an art to it:
        whining I would equate with “sudern” and someone who is always complaining in a whiny way is a “Suderant”. Grantln has more of a malicious intent, so when you’re “grantig” the sentiment usually is against another Person, or against society, against the system etc. Another person’s feelings might be hurt by the things the “Grantscherm” – the person who is grantig – dishes out. However, the Suderant might get on other peoples nerves with it, but has initially no intention, to make someone else feel bad.

        Or to quote the Viennese HipHop artists Kreiml, Samurai and Monobrother rapping about a stereotypical Viennese person:
        “Unsere positivste Seite ist die Negativität, drum is eh olles fürn Oasch trotz bester Lebensqualität.
        Wir raunzn übers Wetter, wurscht ob’s sche is oder regnt und keppeln über Themen die da eh kana versteht…”


        When I return from travelling and arrive at Vienna Airport I’m always shocked by the negativity of people around me. But otherwise, being in the city for work regularly, one’s so used to it, that it doesn’t really register 😉


        • Oh, love it. Where Ireland has fifty shades of green and Greenland has 100 different words for snow, Vienna has a number of terms for moaning. *hehehehe*. I had no idea, of course, about the various nuances of moaning in Vienna. Really interesting. Love the quote from the rappers, too.


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