Sightings pt 2

Multi-post mood today. Sorry, but the photographer in me just can’t not.  (Spoiler warning, I guess?)

Big thank you to Marina for finding!

And Ray’s look is becoming more distinct. Hoody-und-leather jacket. Slightly sleezy slicked back hair. But more intriguingly – see my enlargements in the pics below:

Chunky rings. So not-RA. Bruised knuckles from a fight, presumably. And tattoos that go all the way onto the back of the hands… A real “bad-boy indicator” 😂 *waves at Armidreamer who loves bad boys* . And I love the camera-cum-hand porn.

Oh what those tats might mean…

55 thoughts on “Sightings pt 2

    • Yes, I’m team scruff, too. Casual always appeals to me more. Not a huge fan of tats (although I have one on my release finger, too), but if it adds to the bad boy vibe, I’ll take it…

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      • Uncomfortable and usually not my bag style wise either. I do actually like rings for guys where it fits and he has great fingers, but this wouldn’t be my choice for him. But I guess they’re trying to create a certain image.


        • Agree. I do like rings on men (even though my hubs doesn‘t wear any. We both do not have wedding rings, either.), and the chunky look is fine. Just not on the thumb. But yeah, they are giving him a bit of an artsy look, I guess – photographer…


          • does anyone know when this story is set? because the look and also these rings look very 2000-2003 style to me… what you would find in the “New Yorker” or H&M clothes stores back then…


            • I was thinking of „late grunge“ myself, too. Just from the general gist I have been getting about this book (which I haven‘t read), I was thinking this might possibly a look back at something that happened a while back? As in a flashback or so?


  1. Waves back! Hello bad boy! He looks gorgeous: love the tats, the bruises, the rings. the scruff – nice and sleazy. His hair and leather jacket remind me a bit of the Sarah Dunn shots, where he is stretching on a ladder etc.

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  2. Thanks for those close-ups! Love his look, especially the longer hair. And that chunky ring on his left hand, middle finger: it reminds me of those special dwarf rings that the cast had made to commemorate the films, but I can’t recall where I saw a photo of one of those rings, so maybe it’s just wishful thinking.


    • Yep, definitely a look for those of us who like casual RA – with facial scruff, longer hair and “normal” clothes. Makes him more relatable than fancy suits and/or designer wear.
      Oh yes, I remember those rings. I don’t think I have ever seen RA wear his, though…

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  3. I really like the whole look, the longer hair, the scruff, the hoodie and the leather jacket and also the tattoos and the rings, all these details make sense and I´m definitely intrigued 💕😊.


  4. Ugh, Blackpool- and in March! 😱 He’d need all those layers on him out on the prom. You must get tweeting handy photographer hints at him, Guylty, so he can perfect his Art.


  5. Oh my…….😍 I’m not a fan of tatts and chunky man rings but as usual, when it comes to RA, I’m in…..hook line and sinker, I do love his scruffy, casual look. Those rings really set off his beautiful hands.


    • Same here. Rings and tats are not exactly a turn-off for me, but I can do without them on a man. But Ray… well, he looks like RA, and rules don‘t apply when it comes to RA *haha*


  6. I started to read the first chapters on Amazon but they were awful
    Confused by the Ray character because if he is the bad guy which some have assumed why would he be having such graphic flash backs a real bad guy wouldn’t care.


  7. I read the transcript that had been kindly done of the interview between Harlen Coben and RA
    There had to be a mention of the Armitage Army 🙄 and how they would find RA’s character in Stay Close so different from Adam Price
    At the end I was still confused why it had been done as I don’t think Win was narrated by RA
    If it was a lure just for me to purchase it (Win) I think that is pretty disgusting and an insult to however did narrate it!


    • RA does not narrate this. The audiobook (Win) is narrated by Steven Weber, who apparently narrates a lot of crime, horror and suspense and has narrated books in the Myron Bolitar series by Harlan Coben, of which Win is a spin-off, so the choice of book narrator makes sense to me. Tacking on the interview conducted by RA is a marketing gimmick IMO. I wouldn’t have bought the book for the interview alone, but many in the RArmy go wherever our boy goes and so they follow and consume anyone and anything even tangentially related to him and many people seem to enjoy the books, so I guess for them it’s a nice bonus. Unless they’re in the US of course, where this interview isn’t available with the audiobook. But thanks to Sammy, nobody loses out.

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    • There’s also an audio excerpt in Astrovian’s post, btw. And yes, I was amused by Coben invoking the Armitage Army… Very tellingly, Richard completely ignored that *haha*.
      Like you, I also found it really confusing that there was this interview tacked onto an audio book that was NOT performed by RA. Just from past experience it wouldn’t surprise me if that was a marketing ploy by Audible, luring RA fans to this book. Mind you, we are not THAT huge an audience, even though it often feels as if we are… But nevertheless, it’s just one more piece of evidence of Audible’s detestable marketing methods.


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