Good morning. New week, new start. In case you hadn’t seen the tiny extra snippets of RA that emerged from the set in Blackpool over the weekend, I have a wee link for you HERE from a local who stumbled across the set. (Link takes you to the point in the video where RA can be seen; there are 8 minutes of unrelated footage before that.) Um, and because I have to admit that it really tickles me pink to see RA as a photographer – and because he is actually fiddling with a camera in the snippet, I could not resist but had to make a rare attempt at creating a gif.

Can I just say – dream job! Yeah, photographer. But also: costume lady fiddling with RA’s collar and zipper!!! *heart attack* Also: RA being full method here with his one-handed little flash release 😂. Very casual. Can’t wait to see more of his camera handling 😉.

At the end of the video, around the 10:50 mark, you can briefly see RA again, waiting for the moment to act in the scene. Screenshots of that little glimpse actually sparked a little thread on Twitter that ended with a couple of fantastic fan encounter stories by DurinLass. These are “old” encounters and unrelated to the filming of Stay Close, but I had not heard either story and thought they were just fabulous. Here is the first bit:

And then DurinLass spoilt us with this absolute gem of a story – embedded here, because maybe you want to go to Twitter and react to her story there 🙂

Not only a devilish grin, but also a devilish sense of humour, me thinks… I have had my “wee” Thorin signed by RA, too. You can read about his (much more discreet) reaction HERE on my old SD post (about two thirds down the post.

Anyway, big thanks to DurinLass for sharing that story – and now have a great start to the week, all!


13 thoughts on “Sightings

  1. Thanks for the wee little reminder, Guylty & DurinLass! Made my Monday a bit brighter (with a twinkle). I remember reading your blogpost at about that time. That RAvelish sense of humour… 😉


  2. Oh it is so exciting to have these glimpses of Armitage in a new role (and you have a legitimate excuse to scrutinise him even more as a fellow photographer). I just love that video, it’s hilarious. The man he spoke to couldn’t remember any of the names and the “Exclusives, viewers” cracked me up. But, ooh, to be that costume-fiddler. Wonderful encounters for DurinsLass , for her to witness his devilish grin, wit and then for them to both blush.


    • I watched about 9 minutes of the video but more or less tuned out what yer man said 😂. It was just funny how he was so non-plussed about the whole film thing. And the set guard he spoke to didn’t even know who was in it, that was even more hilarious…
      I totally loved that little story from DurinLass. Must have been while he was in Love Love Love, I guess. But his engagement there at the stage door was hit and miss…

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  3. Great gif, thank you 👍😊… I knew Richard had signed DL´s Thorin but not what they had said, I´m still chuckling and thinking about my encounter at the second “Urban…” premiere in Newcastle, it´s too funny 😁…


      • Somehow I can´t post replies…
        Yes, I was there, “our” selfie is my profile pic 💕, I gave him Nancy´s plushies as a gift… I can only confirm what DL and you said, he´s so much fun when you catch him in the right moment and he was really lovely that evening, I won´t forget that 💗.


  4. I want that costume lady’s job for sure!!! And I’d love to have the job of styling his gorgeous wavy hair. Mmmm, would be very nice…


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