Good morning. There isn’t much to report at the moment. Mr Guylty is still in hospital, hoping to get out today or tomorrow. But we kind of say that every day when we talk with each other. He had a gastroscopy on Monday which thankfully came back without any issues. He’s waiting for a CAT scan today. The good news is, that he has received an appointment for his vaccination. It’s on Friday and facilitated in a vaccination centre, so we are hoping that he’ll be out of hospital by then. We just need a lot of stamina to get through it all.

Speaking of stamina… and in order to segue to the theme of this blog, Mr Armitage. I recently came across a quote website that pairs quotes with pretty pictures.

The site is called QuoteFancy, and there are plenty more quotes there. Warning! Of course our beautiful theatre boy’s quotes are apparently getting mixed up with the quotes by the American politician of the same name. I just find it unlikely that Richard said “I think most conflicts do end with negotiated settlements; some don’t, but most do.” 😁 By the way, I don’t really think Richard needs much stamina as such – he’s got plenty of talent. 😉

Just finishing up to say a big thank you again for all the good wishes received from you. I have also very much appreciated that many of you have kept me busy by ordering from my Etsy. I had restocked the hand-sanitiser dangles made with my RA fabric. (There are still a couple of them available, in case anyone is interested.) The orders are all on their way to you. – Watching telly in the evening without Mr Guylty by my side is really strange. And so I have set myself up with a crafting project while I am watching TV. With a tray on my lap and lots of Mod Podge by my side, I am using up off-cuts of my vintage papers and creating background collages.

It’s a fun and easy project that doesn’t require much thinking or design skills. I think I have created about 20 so far… I see lots of junk journals in my future. And my fingers are itching to do some NS or UV themed journals again. Maybe this evening, after the physio appointment and my daily walk.

Take care, guys, and thank you again! ❤️


28 thoughts on “Stamina

  1. Continued prayers and good thoughts for both of you. Spawn says the worst part of my illness was me NOT being home and him NOT being able to see me. Made those little things – like talking and my daily ‘package’ from him mean so much more!


    • Thank you, Zee. And yes, the fact that I can’t go in and see him, means that I also don’t get all the info. And he needs to process everything on his own, which is tough. There are some major life changes ahead for us…

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    • Thank you, Olga. Looks like the appointment tomorrow is off. Hubs is still in hospital and will stay yet another night. 😔 But he said that the vaccination may be rescheduled for the weekend. Fingers crossed.


    • Thank you, Helen. We have now some more info. It looks as if he will be dependent on oxygen supply from now on. That means some major life changes for us, even in terms of logistics. It’s all a bit overwhelming right now, and I have to admit to shedding a few tears yesterday when I was told that we need to have oxygen installed. But well, it is what it is.


      • That’s really rough. This is worth doing some research on (which I am sure you will do). The tech for oxygen portability has advanced a lot. It’s not just toting a metal cylinder around anymore.

        All my sympathies.


  2. All the best to your hubby–and you too! That’s great you have that creative outlet to keep you busy and happy. Those vintage papers are very cool; can’t wait to see where they end up!


  3. Hope very much that all goes well with the CAT scan too and that Mr Guylty will be out soon. Good news too about the vaccination.
    RA has great talent and he certainly has stamina in abundance, he wouldn’t have got through the gruelling Crucible performances (and stage doors, ho ho) without it.
    The papers are lovely, I’m looking forward to seeing more journals!


    • Haven’t heard yet anything about the outcome of those scans, but Mr Guylty is really an abominably bad communicator on the phone… He’ll hopefully get out tomorrow…
      True re. stamina and theatre work. The Crucible really was a marathon – every night and for zwo months.


  4. Reading all your comments Sonja and I’m sorry for the rather bad news about hubs needing extra oxygen. That is indeed a life changing development. Wishing you both that needed stamina and hoping for some even more needed light in the future.
    Jacqueline ♥️


  5. I hope you’ll know by now when he can come home? Fingers crossed for the vaccination. Friday is tomorrow…
    Love the look of your vintage papers background!


  6. Hi Sonja, just seen your reply to a comment that Mr G will need oxygen therapy now. Sorry to hear that. Sending love, hugs and best wishes to you, Mr G and your family as you adapt to the changes. 😘


  7. All the best to Mr Guylty and you. I hope all will be well, even with the changes and challenges you are facing. I have a bit of advice about medical information. Because you can’t visit him and patients have a hard time remembering what doctors explain about their illness (Thank you, COVID) due to stress and other factors. I had a ortho doctor tell me to record his “talk” from beginning to end including my questions and his answers. Tremendously helpful to my crappy memory. I wrote down what my husband wanted to know as well. After a few “why didn’t you ask about …?” Sorry text is so long. You probably know all this anyway. Sending love and encouragement to all of your lovely family.


  8. You and your husband are in my thoughts and prayers. I’m getting worse and worse about checking my email so I didn’t know he was sick. Literally, I’ll go months unless someone tells me on Facebook that they’ve emailed me. It’s worse since Gmail split my messages into 3 categories. Promotions and Socials get ignored. The Primary category is really the only one I at least try to answer. Twitter is fast fading from my interest also. It’s always been an irritant anyway.
    But as a result I’ve missed many of your wonderful RAPS. I was looking at mine the other day and I realized I missed ready your posts so I’m going to try and catch up.
    Now that I’m fully vaccinated I’ve optimistically made some travel plans. Crossing my fingers.
    Love to you and your family. Hope you all return to health and stay well.


    • Thank you, Tommie, much appreciated. He’s back home and doing much better than before. And no worries about Twitter etc. – I’ve made myself scarce there recently, too.
      But hehe, if you have missed reading my posts, you’ll have a few to catch up on. Might fill an hour or two.
      Great news that you are fully vaccinated! Here’s hoping that we will gradually return to a semblance of life pre-Covid!


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