Armitage Weekly Round-up #12

Happy Easter everybody. The second Easter in lockdown. Who would’ve thought that, this time last year? It’s been tough, but now there is somehow a silver lining (which is quite fitting for the day that is in it – which all of you who believe, no doubt are feeling particularly strongly). And as someone who has grown up in the Christian tradition, I do feel it as well – with the day that is in it, and with the rejuvenation of nature around us. Our hens are laying eggs again, the spring flowers are out in the garden, and our pear tree is in full bloom. It makes me feel more hopeful for the future.

A day later than usual, here is this week’s round-up.

  1. Mininottingham celebrates a big massive Easter meal
  2. The Crucible and Uncle Vanya side by side. A collection of photos by richardarmitagefanpage
  3. This is gold! Astrovian has made a digi piece of fan art – of RA in a very special suit. LOL
  4. Thewarriorandtheking has compiled all of Thorin’s admirable characteristics and talents. *coughs*
  5. Even if this is the only take-away from UV, it’s definitely a fact. Posted by wordsflyupthoughtsremainbelow
  6. For all fans of Raybo de Vermille… eh… Raymond de Merville, here is a gif set by gifshistorical
  7. A Thorin fan art by niku30 that I liked
  8. He’s not seen that often, so here is Tom Cahalan, giffed by riepu10
  9. And a bit of wet Chop for good measure. Also by riepu10
  10. Hehe, love this little picture set (and almost a drabble) by thorntoncrusadepost. (Those tea sets are just the best.)
  11. Hey, look at at that!!! Mininottingham also comes with moving pictures!!!
  12. Put me on the list of kitchen staff!!! What a Guy Wants by nfcomics
  13. Ladyngisborne’s digi portrait of Guy

13… is a lucky number, right? Hope you have enjoyed that – preferably with an Easter egg and a cup of tea! 🐥

And before I go, just a little update here on Mr Guylty. Soooooo – he surprised me early on Friday morning with a phone call saying he was discharged from hospital. I picked him up and by 11am we were sitting at our kitchen table having breakfast together. He looked much better than he had before he went into hospital, and his breathing had stabilised and was not raspy and laboured anymore. While his lung disease will never go away, the hospital stay has meant we now know that he needs oxygen. To that end, a machine has been installed in our house that compresses and separates air into 91% oxygen. Although the prescription says he is to use the oxygen 24/7, Mr Guylty says that he actually occasionally feels “overdosed” by the oxygen. He feels he can do without constant oxygen supply and switches it off for meals and other times, so that gives him a level of independence back. We’ve also been given a couple of portable cylinders of oxygen. They come in a backpack and so he is able to go out rather than be confined to our home. While it was great that he was given a thorough check-through in hospital, he didn’t really get much rest there, and so the major benefit of being home is being able to sleep and relax. Overall, I can definitely tell that there is an improvement to what it was like two weeks ago, so I am happy and relieved. We’re nevertheless having to get to grips with the new set-up. It does not infringe *my* freedom at all, so I am not complaining at all. I just hope that Mr Guylty will get used to the fact that he needs the assistance of a machine. It’s not about the freedom we or he has *lost*, but we need to focus on what we or he *can* still do. We’re working on it 😊. But finally a big thank you to all of you for your prayers, vibes, light and best wishes. I do believe that the universe has taken it all into account, and has actually been kind to us.

Much Easter love,

Sonja ❤️


43 thoughts on “Armitage Weekly Round-up #12

  1. Happy Easter Sonja and to Mr G who we are glad to hear is home and there is no place like it to recover and rest properly. While some adjustments will be made the key is he is improving and feeling better.❤️🐇🐣


  2. It’s great to hear that Mr Guylty is home again, albeit with adjustments. Has he been able to get his Covid jab as originally planned for Friday or will that have to wait? Yes, I remember how exhausted Mr Esther was after a hopsital stay as well; it must feel so good for him to be home again in own surroundings and being able to sleep again and you must feel so relieved. Here’s to new begining and things getting better this year. Happy Easter to you and yours!


  3. Happy to hear that Mr Guylty is back home and feeling better. Happy Easter to both of you! And it’s true, in hospital you rarely can sleep as much as you would need.


  4. Good to hear that Mr. Guylty is home again! Happy Easter!

    #12 (and your comment especially…) 🤣😂🤣😂
    I think I’d rather join the guards though… surely there must be weaponless combat training – grappling with Sir Guy… 😇


  5. Happy Easter. 🐰🐣 I’m glad to hear Mr. Guylty is getting some much needed rest at home. Hopefully he’ll adjust to the new circumstances quickly. Does he have to check his O2 levels at all? Keeping my fingers crossed for a new vaccination appointment very soon. 🤞🏻


    • Thank you, Kate. Nope, haven’t heard anything about O2 level tests. He is basically just playing it by ear – or by lung… He puts the O2 on when he is stationary, just replenishing every once in a while. Hopefully that is enough… We’ll see how it goes. He has a check-up appointment in 2 weeks, and if his levels are down again, we’ll have to adjust…


    • I am in a similar predicament as the tumblr poster – I bought the download way back when and have never been able to access it on the platform. At this stage, I have given up.


      • I’ve just logged in after some time to check and all my videos are still listed under my purchase history and playable, including The Crucible. Not sure why you are having trouble, considering we probably purchased it around the same time.


        • I’ve just tried again, just to see whether anything has changed. But no. I can log into DT and I get to my account page. But I can neither get onto the “plays & productions” page, nor can I see my purchase history. I definitely paid for The Crucible way back when – but I have actually *not* been able to access it on their site since their debacle with restricting access.


          • That’s strange. Did you contact them? They were inundated with complaints over the change in access, mine included, so they allowed us to keep The Crucible in our library for a certain length of time, a few years iirc. Random lucky ones? I wish I could help 😟


  6. Happy Easter to you and your loved ones 🐰🌸😊. Thanks for the round-up, it was fun as always. I´m relieved and happy that your husband is obviously much better and back home again where he can get some rest and enjoy the garden. It would be great of course if he didn´t need oxygen 24/7, he just has to find out how it works best and helps him most, he´ll get there, portable oxygen tanks are also a good help. Best wishes, I´ll keep thinking of you and I´m sending hugs 💗.


    • Thank you, Andrea. Hope you had a few nice eggs yesterday :-). Mr G is so much better now, and is also getting used to the frequent use of oxygen. He still can be mobile in the house, and so far he has been doing fine.


  7. Glad to hear that Mr G is back home again! Best wishes for an easy adjustment. The backpack certainly is a lot better than wheeling things around. Happy Easter, too.


    • Thank you, Sue. The backpack is handy, but I have already researched and found some better options available. Hopefully we can switch to a portable separator soon – it would give him more independence.

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  8. Happy Easter to you, your family and your pets- hens 🐔🐓🐔? Sounds wonderful! Mr G will improve at home, oxigen can be a little challenging, but breathe is so nice, I’m sure he’ll feel better and better


    • Thank you, Lurkerella. I should really give the oxygen a try myself *hehe*. Thanks to the oxygen machine he has had a couple of nights of sleeping 6 hours at a stretch – which is more than he had in the last few weeks. So it seems a real help.


  9. All this attention to Mr. G, which I don’t bemoan him, of course, but no attention to the roundup, though we all appreciate it always, of course, but I will take my own bait: #2 those photos DAMNNNNNN, they are lovely. Thank you richardarmitagefanpage!!!


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