Armitage Weekly Round-up #13

Oooh, number 13. Lucky number? In any case, a day late because I was simply lazy yesterday ☺️. Rather than sit at the computer, I was making a journal for my 17 yo niece whose birthday is coming up in May. It’s quite different in style to my usual vintage aesthetic, but I actually like the more modern twist, too. However, today I am paying for sitting at my desk for too long, yesterday. My leg hurts pretty bad. And I hate how I have become an old fogey who moans about her health all the time 😘. So I’ll shut up now and launch into the round-up.

Time for a new header.

  1. One of those manips that are hilarious in their imperfection. Thorin… by niku30
  2. Astrovian weighs in on RA changing his Twitter bio – and some fan reactions to that
  3. Mezzmerizedbyrichard raided her gif folder again. Here are all the Johns
  4. Classy, classy. Look where White Boar Films are registered… Astrovian passed through the town
  5. Have to include barbequeing Tom Cahalan by riepu10 because I am getting much needed summer feels from this
  6. Anybody on for doing something for RA’s 50th birthday, asks astrovian
  7. Did you see RA’s Easter tweet with the array of Easter eggs and a teddy bear on a chair? Idwanid thought the bear looked familiar, but it wasn’t
  8. Piece of digital fan art of John Proctor by astrovian
  9. *sniggers* Guy and his exploits… from What a Guy Wants by nfcomics
  10. A short summary of why the Guy x Marian ship worked so much better than Robin x Marian. Posted by street-of-mercy

It’s short, but at least it’s there. Hope you enjoy this little list.

Otherwise no major news this week. I am frustrated that Mr Guylty has not received any notification for a new vaccination appointment yet. It was such a stupid case of bad luck that vaccinations for people with medical conditions were scheduled at a time when he didn’t know whether he’d be out of the hospital. Anyway, we can only wait… Meanwhile, the good news have come in that my mother (71) will be vaccinated next weekend. Hooray!

I am going to heave my astral body off the sofa now and go for a walk and let the fresh air blow stupid thoughts from my brain. I’ve been taking my daily walks very seriously, and they have mostly done the job 😁. But I still need a reminder to get up and change position every once in a while, and so I have dug out my old Fitbit. It’s actually quite useful, as it buzzes me discreetly on my wrist when the hour is up. And it challenges me to go for a few steps, too. If anyone has a Fitbit and want to connect through their platform, let me know. Might be fun to start a little contest 😉

Right, off we go now!

Lotsa love,

Sonja ❤️

26 thoughts on “Armitage Weekly Round-up #13

  1. It’s entriely possible that this is on my end, but I am having issues with the first batch (1-5)of links. They all send me no. 2 in your list.
    Thanks for the round-up anyhow. I loved the Guy/Marian (Garian or Marguy?) ship analysis. The brother-sister relationship vibe for Robin and Marian was an apt description.
    I’ve sat at my computer doing annoying things off the to do list today. Maybe I shoud have taken a walk instead. It was nice earlier, but now it has cooled off. Meh.
    Hope all the Guylties are doing well. xx


  2. Oh, no. 1 is really funny. Love it. And wonderful collection of Johns. Bold move to include JB in there, but I personally approve. I wouldn’t mind some nice weather and some BBQ. Wouldn’t mind a guy looking like that manning the grill either. ;-P


  3. Okay, the first one is completely hysterical.

    2nd – Richard changed his bio? See how out of the loop I am.

    and 3rd – I’m shocked Mr Guylty wasn’t given his shot in the hospital Really. Damn, that pisses me off! (Me, who isn’t getting a shot because I don’t feel like being a Guinea pig, but completely understand and respects why everyone else is.)


    • Yep, RA took Thorin out of his Twitter bio – which was immediately noticed and drew some comment…
      Re. Vaccinations – the hospitals don’t vaccinate the public here. For the big vaccination drive they have organised big vaccination centres – which are probably much more efficient at passing the numbers of people through…

      Liked by 1 person

      • Still…. one would think…

        This whole thing just irks the bahootie out of me. Part of the reason why I’m hiding my head away from the internets. Politics. Pandemic. All those nasty P words..


        • Absolutely. I mean, I don’t think he’ll never “lose” Thorin, but he has done so much other stuff since then that is also iconic. John Proctor. Francis Dolarhyde. Of course he wants to move on and showcase his more recent work…

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  4. I hope Mr Guylty gets his vaccination soon, I’m takin my mother in law for her shot tomorrow, but I think they are going too slow here.
    I hope I can get a shot too because I’m the one who’s always at home with her, so they might vaccinate me too, to protect her (I think it will depend wheter they have some extra vaccine doses or not)


    • Great news about your mother-in-law’s vaccination. I am keeping my fingers crossed that you get vaccinated, too. (I wish they’d do that here with us, too… )


  5. My husband was contacted by his GP to tell him to go for his second Pfizer vaccine five weeks early! Apparently they are predicting shortages so wanted to get those who had their first dose of Pfizer through the system. Good news really, but a shock too.


    • Oh, interesting. Yeah, the shortages have really curtailed the vaccine roll-out here for the last three months. They are now stepping up. Hopefully we’ll get it soon. Best of luck for your husband, though!


  6. I think that changing his Twitter profile is kind of a grownup move. He was so excited that he was chosen to play Thorin, but now he so much more established and focusing on the future. Wants to be taken as a serious actor, writer, producer. Makes sense to me.

    I see that there is a petition to get him to put Thorin back. Lol. 19 people have signed.

    I noticed that there is also a White Boar Films Inc based in New York established in May 2020. I guess he incorporated in both countries to make business easier. (Assuming that one is his as well.)


    • Completely agree, Sue. He is transitioning his career to a phase where he also wants creative control of other aspects of a production, so he needs to advertise himself that way. Thorin will always be there, I am sure. But I can fully understand that no actor wants to be defined by *one* role only. (I’d be miffed as a photographer, if only *one* of my pictures was only ever cited to describe my work.)
      I do wonder whether the petition was meant seriously at all. I mean… surely they know that there is no way of forcing RA into changing his bio…
      Looks like he started the US company before the English one. Good for him to think of working in both countries!

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  7. I hope Mr Guylty has his vaccination date now and that your legs are better. I too suffer from aching legs and use a gel called. Belle Azul Cool Legs (which I bought from Amazon). It is really expensive but really helps with circulation.
    Thanks for rounding up the goodies.
    1) I am lost for words!
    2) It’s his bio, he can do what he wants.
    3) A gorgeous collection of Johns. I wonder what the collection noun should be?
    6) I really like Astrovian’s idea of writing fan letters to mark RA’s 50th.


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