Under RAPS

I’ve been wondering whether I should get back into more frequent blogging to give my recently-waning RA love a bit of a boost. But what to blog about? I don’t want to turn this into a medical record of my increasing ailments… However, it was actually on the way home from my physio appointment that I came across something that made me stop in my tracks.

It took me a minute to cop on, but in the end it was the font used that made me realise that these currently empty retail premises are being turned into a branch of a well-known European chain of convenience stores 🌲. So, no, RAPS Inc. unfortunately is not opening a brick-and-mortar store anytime soon…

Talking of “Under Wraps”, though…

I just read that there has been a bit of a leak in the world of multi-million dollar franchise movies, namely the Marvel universe. Apparently Mr Armitage’s name is among a list of high-profile actors who are slated to appear in future projects from MCU.

This info comes via mooseturds on Twitter who found it on Inverse magazine. There is a whole slew of films slated to come up between 2021 and 2023 in phase four of Marvel’s productions. I’m not gonna list them all (check this Wikipedia article if you would like to know more), but there are enough of them to make this news tidbit possible. Hey, who knows, maybe Heinzi is getting a second life???

Anyway, there you go – another blog post. UnRAPSed. 😉


31 thoughts on “Under RAPS

  1. If it does pan out for RA (though like Servetus’ comment above, the source is questionable), he could be cast as an entirely new character. Gemma Chan first appeared in Captain Marvel as one of the blue baddies, and now she’s one of the main characters/Eternals in the upcoming Eternals movie. So who knows?!


    • It‘s all just speculation. But that‘s the fun of it, as I am not really expecting anything massive to come of this. I always enjoy RA as a villain (and think that those roles also offer some scope for proper acting), so I‘d love to see him as a comic villain…

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  2. My RA love has been waning a bit too . Usually happens when there are no new projects on the horizon. Audio books don’t count. No shortage of them, but they don’t float my boat. Wish they did.

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    • I like the audio books – when I can get them, haha. But yeah, they are only half the package. I miss seeing him in things, and maybe that shortened theatre run last year also put a dampener on things. It‘s all too quiet!


  3. My love doesn’t wane when there are no projects. Instead, it drives me crazy with WANT, desperate for something to read or watch. (But not to just listen, I’m with Kathy; audio isn’t enough, I NEED those visuals. Even if they are cartoons! (Castlevania, where are you???) A post is a post. I’ll read it. And what’s more, I’ll thank you for it, and that’s a good deal from me, missy.


  4. LOL on the Raps Inc.!
    And yeah, if that list was leaked by 4chan… don’t know much about them except that they harbour those QAnon conspiracy theories. Personally, though, I wouldn’t mind seeing Richard in a good Marvel movie.


  5. I like to think that if I could get through the Hobbit production drought when we saw nothing of him for months on end, I can survive the current quiet but geez, I miss him, I really need the visuals too. Is there anything to look forward to this year onscreen? (aside from Castlevania 4 which is audio only and not my thing) Lots of rewatches coming up methinks.


  6. What a shame that your lovely raps aren’t be available in the shops!
    It’s interesting that you mention waning feelings for RA, it is not the case for me but I’ve noticed a few side-projects in our fandom. It is natural for fans to move on, find other OoA, but I have been wondering why it has been happening so much at this time. Perhaps is it the result of lockdown when many of us are watching more dramas etc and there is not much exposure to new Richard content.
    But now, how exciting that RA might be in high-profile Marvel film – if it is true and there seems to be a big if. Mooseturds is a marvel herself with her finds.
    (I hope all went well with the scan.)


    • In my case, I think the waning feelings are also connected to the general lack of content about RA. So not just because there is no material coming out by him for over a year, but also the fact that there is not that much fan discussion going on. From that perspective, I can only hope that his current projects will all come to fruition.
      (Scan went well – except that it was the longest 10 minutes of my life in that pipe. I am usually not suffering from claustrophobia, but being in that pipe really tested me. Ugh.)


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