Good Things Are A-Coming

I was looking for a reason to write a blog post today because I wanted to update you on something personal. You know what I am like – I dislike too much „I“ on my Armitage-centric blog. I am – figuratively – typing through my gritted teeth right now, because I also strongly dislike starting a blog post with the personal pronoun „I“. Total pet peeve of mine. But this time I just couldn‘t think of a way of rephrasing. But then, as always, the universe gave me not just one, but two reasons to blog today. (Personal news at end.)

As mentioned in my previous post, the 2021 birthday fundraiser is already faintly looming. Today I received a package from fellow fan A___ with some fantastic goodies to go into the auctions.

Yes, the photo is deliberately obscure and no, the chocolates do not go into the auctions. I am merely whetting your appetite, literally, and am also sending huge thanks to A___ for this contribution. I know that the items will be great sellers, and that bodes well. – It also just really makes me happy that the fandom calls such generous people among its members. If it wasn‘t for these fan item donations, we wouldn‘t have such successful auctions. It is simply brilliant that fellow fans are thinking of the auctions and are donating items to be appreciated by others (and generate a donation for charity), rather than just putting them into landfill, leaving them on their shelves to attract dust, or to donate to thrift stores.

Secondly, I received another surprise in the post today. It needs a little storytelling for context. I recently sold a couple of items on Etsy, and the buyer disclosed to me that she was a fellow fan. I was delighted to hear that and enclosed a little fan-extra to her order. Today, in return, I received a surprise package, wrapped in the most beautiful paper, containing a book about book-binding that will come in handy for my junk journal making endeavours.

Even more precious was the accompanying letter by our lovely fellow fan, who disclosed she has been a long-time fan but prefers to „lurk“. (Despite the seemingly negative connotation, I use the term „lurker“ in the best of meanings.) She wrote some very nice things, too, which I‘ll keep to myself, but it just brought home to me the fact that there are many more readers on any of our blogs than only the visible readers who leave a comment. And that unbeknownst to me, we touch many readers, entertain them, cheer them up, become familiar figures to them. That is a thought that makes me very happy, and I wanted to take the opportunity here to say to all „lurking“ readers – you are appreciated. No need to „subscribe, like and hit the bell button“ (as the influencers on YT repeatedly urge their viewers 🤢), you are welcome here, there is no obligation to comment or like. If you like what you read, if it makes you laugh, or you feel you agree; if you feel understood because we share our opinions, or even if we disagree and you have an unheard argument with me in your head – if I have somehow reached you with what I post, then that is my mission fulfilled. Thank you for reading here. (It goes without saying that you are welcome – but under no obligation – to comment or reach out via e-mail any time.)

I‘d take this man‘s package any time

Finally, the personal note attached to the end. Is my karma damaged forever now? There I was on Saturday, venting and ranting about the delay in getting Mr Guylty vaccinated. And first thing Monday morning, Mr Guylty receives a phone call from the Outreach Nurse in his hospital, asking him to ring the vaccination people and make an appointment. (Aside to self – so there *is* a phone number for direct access to the vaccination organisers, fiercely guarded, it seems.) It appears that the Outreach Nurse was able to put him back on the list. That still leaves a huge question mark over the lack of action by his GP, and I am wondering whether I will address it in a personal letter to the GP. What do you think – is it worth giving her such feedback, or should I spare my breath as well as refrain from distracting a medical professional during this time when doctors are critical to our survival? His vaccination is scheduled for this Friday. 🙌🏻 So we can hopefully soon breathe easier, no pun intended. I can already feel the pressure lifting a little. (My own age group is allowed to register for vaccination tomorrow. We‘ll see how long it takes until my number comes up.) In any case, many thanks here to your words of encouragement and for tolerating my rant on Saturday. Your understanding was very much appreciated. (I hope that any of you who are also still waiting for a vaccination for yourselves or your loved ones‘, will soon get the call!)


14 thoughts on “Good Things Are A-Coming

  1. Great news that Mr G’s appointment is now all firmed up, and you feel the pressure on you is slowly lessening. Crossing my fingers your own appointment won’t be far behind. As for Saturday, I’m sure we’re all more than happy for you to rant on here, and send supportive vibes across the miles. That’s what any community worth its name is for and you’ve built a good one on this blog. ❤️


  2. Hi
    Great news about Mr G. After my experiences when caring for my Dad, I would say you should write a personal letter to your GP. Can understand your reluctance to do so considering the pandemic, though.

    I don’t think your Karma is damaged. More like the universe heard how anxious you were about the vaccination issues and intervened to help you. 😉

    Nice that you received some goodies in the post. 😀

    Also, hello to all this blog’s “lurkers.” *waves*


    • I let it slip to my husband that I was planning on writing a letter, and he implored me not to. 😂 His argument was that after all *he* was the one who had to return to the doctor in the future, not I. 🤷🏼‍♀️


  3. That’s great news about Mr G, you must all be so relieved.
    It is astonishing that the Birthday auctions are looming, albeit distantly,
    What a lovely warm reach-out to quiet followers. As you know, I lurked for many years, until I dipped a toe into commenting, and was welcomed.


  4. First off, congrats on the vaxx appointment for Mr. G, what a relief!
    How wonderful that donations are already coming in. 😊
    And lurkers – I was one for many years before I decided to start blogging myself and in so many ways still am a bit of a lurker, mostly on Twitter and Instagram. I too am very aware that there are many out there who read what we write without ever commenting, subscribing or whatever and I too am humbled that they do, that they take time out of busy days to do so. So yes, here’s to the lurkers out there! 🤗


  5. My youngest daughter has a vaccine appointment not sure how she managed at 29 but I am glad she did it might be her work with pre school children or her Addison’s but either way i am very pleased
    I agree with Manchester’s mayor who wants younger people to get vaccinated because we are still letting people into the country from India


    • You know, I am of the opinion that all teachers should be prioritised for vaccination. The uppermost priority is to keep children in school. (Lockdown and home-schooling is simply not good. Children need exchange and play with their peers.) And therefore teachers need to be protected so that they can do their work.
      I also agree with suggestions that the younger age groups ought to receive vaccinations sooner rather than later. I keep saying this everywhere – I am middle-aged, and I have had my „roaring 20s“ with a rich social life, travelling etc. It suits *my* life to be a little more tame and house-bound. But that does not apply to the 20-34 year old age bracket. I really do feel for them and understand why they find it so hard to resist the temptation to meet their friends in large groups. Give them the vaccinations and let them be.


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