RA Pocket Shrine 236/? – Woolly Wonder

The mail is taking ages these days. I’d already wondered whether this shrine had gone missing – which would’ve been even more terrible than any lost shipment. Because this was a little RAPS mood booster for a lovely fellow fan who is currently undergoing some health treatments.

Another experiment with spraying a mint tin gold, this RAPS is meant as a mental health first aid kit – designed to make the recipient smile. I actually quite like the stippled effect of the letters on the tin.

So, in case you are wondering where the “woolly wonder” of the blog title comes in…

Well, it had to happen at some stage, right? Richard and his charity shop jumper. Chunky knits look good on him, especially when sporting facial shrubbery. And it just so happened that I had the perfect little metal charm lying around. So really, what you see there is meant to read “Richard ❤️ Woolly Jumpers”. (Full disclosure: What looks like a spelling mistake – “wooley” – is actually the name of a product range available in a chain of Irish souvenir shops… But I think we can get away with it here. I mean, *who* is looking at *words* when you have *that* face in the tin???)

I couldn’t resist the wool puns. It had to be. I mean, I even dug out my “Armitage woolly jumper cosplay” sweater out to style the background of the pictures. For privacy reasons, the name in the speech bubble has been obscured. However, the smile is all for her…

So there we are – some people like men in leather, some like men in suits. And some go for woolly jumpers.

Nah, not *that* kind of woolly jumper!

In any case, the shrine comes with built-in love, good vibes and best wishes for the recipient. I had so much fun making it – may she have lots of fun using it.

PS: *whispers* Just adding some good news that concern me because many of you have been following my battle for Mr Guylty’s vaccination and protecting his health. It appears I have an appointment myself on Saturday. That was quicker than I thought, to be honest. Anybody has any experiences to share with the Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) vaccine?


30 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 236/? – Woolly Wonder

      • They paused it for a week or so here, but apparently the main problem people reported (an odd type of blood clotting called thrombocytopenia) was not statistically significant enough to pull it (6 occurences out of 6.8M vaccinations). And of course now they know, so they can tell people what to look for. I know Obscura was just delighted to have it done with one shot, and also to be able to get out of the house a little more freely.


        • That‘s exactly the kind of news reporting that has blown statistics out of proportion. I think the general advice is that *any* vaccine is recommended as the likelihood of dying of Covid is much higher than of complications with the vaccines.
          The one shot argument is really good, I agree. And also that it will mean a little more freedom, once vaccinated.

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  1. Yessss it arrived. Squeezing and laughing. It’s just so lovely and the little extras are really appreciated.
    Thank you for making me smile, it will be looked at often in the coming days and weeks. Xxxc


  2. That shrine is absolutely adorable! You’re so talented and creative, I love it! And who ever really could turn down RA in a nice woolly jumper? 😁


  3. Fantastic news that you are getting your vaccine on Saturday and one jab only. After waiting for one vaccination to come along, now two come together!!. As always your RAPS is gorgeous and will mean alot to its recipient. It would be nice to snuggle up to him in his woolly jumper or any other time.😘. Hope all goes well on Saturday 🤗


    • Thank you, Deirdre. Yep, I was absolutely astonished that I received the appointment so quickly. I only signed up last week, and did not expect to be vaccinated before June. But apparently things are moving faster now with my age group…


    • 🤗 Glad you like it, Katie. – Since I always give all of the shrines away, all I have of them are the photos. So I had the photos printed up in two volumes so far – shrines 1-100, and 101 to 200. Very occasionally I leaf through the books and grin about the shrines 😁


  4. Aaaaaand, you have your vax appointment!! ((Cheers loudly)). My daughter got her first dose today so I have something to celebrate too! Cheers!


  5. Oh it’s a gorgeous shrine Guylty, I love the little balls of wool and am sure it wool bring great joy. Being wrapped in those chunky woolly ams – mmm! Great news about your jab too, hope it goes well.


    • Yay, glad someone has noticed the little balls of wool. They were fiddly to make. (The knitting needles are made from toothpicks 😁). I was never *particularly* charmed by the chunky knits, but when you put it like that… yeah, sigh!

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  6. Oh you did make the wool balls! They looked real but I presumed they were backing paper. That’s really impressive. I do prefer RA in leather, rather than wool but this is certainly cuddlier!


  7. Gorgeous RAPS! We could all do with a snuggly hug nowadays, so I’m sure the lucky recipient will make good use of it.

    I’m so glad to hear your vaxx appointment is coming up tomorrow. I had my first one at the beginning of the week and I’m crossing my fingers for everyone still in the queue.


    • A snuggly hug – ahhhh, yes… *dreams*.
      Thank you, Jenny. Yep, looking forward to tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed it‘ll all go smoothly. And hopefully many more people will soon receive their vaccinations, too.


  8. Loving the woolly look! And the little balls of wool are adorable 😊

    So glad you’re getting your jab. Great the you only need one. I hadn’t realised that. I’ve just had my second Pfizer one but I’m an oldie 😉


    • The wool balls really were a labour of patience 😉
      And congrats on having already had both jabs, Helen. Hopefully you can soon really use your freedom!


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