2021 Armitage Weekly Round-up #18

An hour until Eurovision 2021. I might as well use the time to get this week‘s round-up out. Not that I am heavily invested in the song contest. I usually ignore it, but everything is different this year, so for the lack of better things to do, we are watching the music contest, not least because Little Miss Guylty is a fan and loves watching it. We saw the second semi-final together on Thursday, and were appalled by the choices of finalists. Weird ones in there. But I am pleased that at least Iceland got through again – anybody remember that Richard last year posted the Icelandic video in the run-up? This year‘s song by the same band, is somewhat similar. I don‘t mind – I think they‘re fun.

But anyway, let‘s dive into the round-up for now.

  1. Um, is this a spoiler? I mean, I have no idea because I am not watching Castlevania, but dreamerdetectiveblr‘s comment sounds ominous…
  2. Ravageofthevoid has put Richard into Rassilon‘s outfit
  3. Mezzmerizedbyrichard raids her gif folder and asks #TeamShrubbery or #TeamLawn… Well, you know what *my* preference is!
  4. I already reblogged astrovian‘s fabulous latest edit on Twitter, but in case you didn‘t see it there, here is her original tumblr post, celebrating LGBTQ+ love
  5. And I also join astrovian in being curious about this
  6. Just FYI richardarmitagefanpage posts a link to a review of UV post-broadcast in the US
  7. There was also a tiny snippet of RA last week in a promo for Arden‘s Wake, which riepu10 has giffed for us
  8. And in case you want to linger on that snippet a bit longer, richardarmitagefanpage has the screenshots for you
  9. For old times‘ sake, here is Richard as a fresh, modern-day Guy, posted by richardarmitagefanpage
  10. More shenanigans in mininottingham. I must say I am not surprised that forest boy ended up in bed
  11. Not 100% accurate, but nonetheless a beautiful piece of Thorin fan art by thunderstormscave
  12. Lordoftherazzles has put together a gif set of Thorin full body shots. I must say that they really do the trick…
  13. A couple of unusual drawings by burglarbagginsbag
  14. And lastly for the Bagginshield shippers – a hilarious little dialogue by satoichi

There we are. It‘s 10 to 8pm, soon the music will begin. That has worked out nicely!

So have a nice weekend, greetings from

Sonja aka the „ouch“ potato 💉


15 thoughts on “2021 Armitage Weekly Round-up #18

  1. We’re watching the Eurovision too, it’s funny. 🙂 Maybe the minis will take inspiration from it… 😀


  2. Love the snipped. That’s the Equity shirt, isn’t it? Loved that.

    Even unusual times haven’t induced me to return to ESC. I hab e find memorizes if it from my childhood, but have never gotten into it later.

    Impossible to choose from mezz‘s offerings. I might need a new designation for myself… #TeamLawnery mayhap?


    • Oh yes, the Equity shirt, you are right. Maybe it was all on the same day?
      Admittedly, I am not a die-hard fan of Eurovision. There were years when I completely ignored the thing. But nowadays my daughter is into it, so I get roped into watching…
      #TeamLawnery is something I could get behind, or possibly #TeamShrawn?

      Liked by 1 person

  3. After loathing Eurovision for most of my life, I love it now, for all its glitzy crassness. It was like a phoenix rising from the flames yesterday. So glad Måneskin won.
    Wonderful round-up, thanks Guylty.
    3) Seeing them side by side only reinforces my loyalty to Team Lawn! 5) Perhaps it is his brother’s dog.


    • Eurovision is just OTT fun – glitzy crassness really hits it. I‘ve never been a huge fan of the ESC but nowadays the fun is in watching it together with others and guessing the winner.
      Team Lawn for the win, all the way.
      Yep, I also assumed it was his brother‘s dog.

      Liked by 1 person

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