2021 Armitage Weekly Round-up #20

Time flies when you are having fun (like discussing fandom with fellow fans). Or when you have things to do (like reorganising the bathroom shelves). Or when you have the first visitor in 15 months (socially distanced, with face mask and only for 30 minutes 😷). So I am only getting to compile the round-up now, way into Saturday evening. Who knows, maybe the extra 12 hours will have garnered a few more interesting posts?

Let’s dive in.

  1. Trust astrovian to actually spot the cushion that RA referenced in his tweet the other night… Do you see socks?
  2. Ok, Marian haters look away, but otherwise this is the best of mininottingham’s mini stories yet. Oh Guy… 😂
  3. Fangirling with a conscience. Astrovian asks the questions we all think about
  4. Ok, finally giving up my temporary boycott of Castlevania for some Belmont screenshots posted by richardarmitagefanpage
  5. Linking to this post by peneigh-dzredfohl not for the Cats references (which we already know) but because of the reference photo of the fellow actor RA may have been mistaken for. Hm, I don’t find them very similar at all, I have to say. What do you think?
  6. Riepu10 has giffed us some Sullivan close-ups from Spacesweeper. Not for the faint-hearted
  7. Astrovian also found a link to an auction site that is auctioning off movie memorabilia. So just in case you are in the market for a pair of Thorin arms… Would you want them disinfected and clean, or with original artist sweat?
  8. I had to laugh out loud at fruitspunchh’s question… Touché
  9. Chibi Richard in his latest selfie get-up, made by Astrovian
  10. Ah, so that’s why I love fan fiction????! Posted by peneigh-dzredfohl

Um, that’s all for today I think.

No wait, one more. If you need to fill some time this weekend, I have something else here for you that I got completely lost in. I actually found it through richardarmitagefanpage, but for your convenience I am linking to the Youtube clip directly. This is absolutely mesmerising to watch – and the end result is stunning.

Does this YT link embed automatically? The hateful WP block editor doesn’t show it to me in preview, so I will have to see what happens once I have clicked publish. If it hasn’t shown up – the link takes you to a video of a talented artist doing a pencil drawing of Richard. Amazing! Do click and have a look.

Otherwise – hope you have a nice weekend.

Sonja ❤️


21 thoughts on “2021 Armitage Weekly Round-up #20

  1. I hate the new WB editor with a passion! You can’t insert pictures, so sometimes you can’t do much of anything! Sucketh royally, right up there with the bastard who hacked my facebook! (No, Facebook is no help. They want me to log in and send the code to change ti all back to the new email addy I have no clue what it is.) Sucky sucky sucky!

    Rant over!

    OH my Mini Nottingham, Marian are you that stupid? I don’t mean getting preggers just not knowing what’s wrong? SO interesting that Guy and Trevor B are experiencing pending fatherhood!

    Fanfiction is written to fix the things the original writers screwed up or left hanging. Period. (And yes, I write HEAs, *looksatthelastsegmentofHisMineOurs* usually…

    Great round up! I kinda forgot that today was Saturday!


  2. 5. Not that picture, but the one where Gruber is wearing the Yale shirt is truly perplexing. This photo is constantly posted by fans who are convinced it’s Armitage.

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  3. Thank you for the roundup. I agree with Servetus, that contemporary Cats picture really is confusing. The one on tumblr not so much. The sock pillow. 😂 And yes, fan fiction is a great way to fix canon.

    I’m happy to hear you had a nice visit. My cousin came over the other day to pick something up and introduce his new girlfriend—outside, distanced, masked, but still lovely to just have a tiny bit of the before times. I cannot wait for more of us to be fully vaxxed. I really wanted to hug him. And for the future, can I just say that I wouldn’t mind mothballing handshakes forever. I either like you well enough to hug you or you’re a random stranger and I don’t need you to touch me ever, certainly not for the very flimsy reason of a greeting. Let’s find an alternative.


    • Yep, I didn’t really see any strong resemblance between the two adult men. I also think that RA further muddied the waters by always claiming that there was no existing footage of him in Cats. That’s clearly not true.
      I have to say I almost feel out of practice in terms of meeting people socially. It’s been such a long time. I’m almost worried about tomorrow- going to visit my bro and sis in law – outside in their garden of course. But even just sitting with the 2m distance makes it feel somewhat impersonal and un-familiar… weird times, still!

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      • I had to have an emergency appointment at the dentist because of a lost filling and I said I had both vaccinations plus three weeks and was told I could still be asymptomatic so it didn’t amount to much, I despair of ever getting back to so called normal because of all these beliefs


  4. Thanks Guylty.
    1) Great sleuthing Astovian. I can’t help wondering how large were his socks but maybe he had several pairs.
    2) I would be relieved if it wasn’t RA as that image give me the creeps ( and it doesn’t resemble him).
    6) Fantastic fleeting emotions crossing Sullivan’s face.
    7) Yep, I’d have to keep the sweat. (I did consider stealing his used tissue at RD5 – for a second!)


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