2021 Armitage Weekly Round-up #21

Goooooood morning! The weather is mild, the day is bright (even though not sunny), I am wearing a dress, and Mr Guylty received his second Pfizer jab yesterday. All of that adds up to a lighter mood. In this time of generally feeling down, the ups need to be celebrated, don’t you think? It’s been a good week, starting with a wonderful day on my brother-and-sister-in-law’s lawn on Sunday and a long-overdue catch-up on some family matters.

View from said lawn

I’d felt quite out of the loop on an acrimonious separation (not me, not those in-laws) that is currently shaking up the family, and when finally talking about, it brought home to me the fact that it was my own fault that I felt out of the loop. Over the last 18 months I had kind of burrowed down, making no effort at keeping in touch with anyone. (That’s probably my own coping mechanism with the strangeness we have been living with since last year – all energy focussed inside rather than outside.) It’s time to dust the cobwebs off my rusty social skills and make an effort to reconnect. I practiced the old interpersonal capabilities on a meet-up in town with above mentioned (French) sis-in-law during the week. And oh, how glorious it felt when we spontaneously decided to sit down for lunch in our favourite French bistro. In Ireland, shops, pubs and cafés reopened last week for the first time since Christmas. Only outside socialising is allowed at the moment, and the tables were all widely spaced, so it felt safe. Having a meal served in a café, felt like a return to normal, yet it also felt so luxurious. It was the first time since early July 2020 when we last had a short holiday in Co. Donegal with my parents-in-law… I even visited a charity shop for the first time in a year – and came away with a fantastic haul of books for my crafting. Bliss!

Yet, I know that vaccinations are stalling in some places. Some of my friends in Germany are still waiting for their appointment to get vaccinated. I feel their frustration, especially now that I know how much of the pressure is taken off when one finally has received the vaccination. I am hoping and wishing for all of them to *finally* also get the jab soon. As long as there is still a sizeable percentage of our populations unvaccinated, none of us can really feel properly safe. Ireland is continuing with their vaccination programme according to age groups. Despite the grievances I had with the process regarding my husband, I otherwise do approve of their approach. Vaccination by age group (once the medically compromised groups have been seen to) seems fair enough. (Although I do think that students, school children and retail workers are now a priority group, too. They need to get back to education, and retail workers have worked at the frontline for 18 months unprotected – their protection is overdue.) They are now down to the 49 to 40 year-old age group, and hopefully they will open registration to the 39 to 30 year-olds next week. Here’s hoping that you, wherever you are, will receive vaccinations, soon.

Sorry, that’s a long, rambling intro. I’ll get to the round-up now. ☺️

  1. In case you hadn’t seen it, Bryan Fuller posted his sketch of the red dragon tattoo for Dolarhyde on Twitter. And Richard replied by reposting the selfie he took when the tattoo was applied by two make-up artists. Dream job. Only this time he forgot to obscure the 🍑. Haha. You can check it out here, on richardarmitagefanpage’s repost
  2. And astrovian’s comments on said dream job
  3. Interesting Lucas North edits by scmethinginlatin
  4. Astrovian continues her series of chibi Richards with this one in his UV premiere get-up (?)
  5. Look at this pillow of Guy of Gisborne. The 3D effect is brilliant (although I would draw the line at Guy bringing his weaponry to bed. No pun! Posted by floverfantasy
  6. Some mightily majestic full length Thorin, posted by thewarriorandtheking
  7. No round-up is complete without a Guy gif set by riepu10. Especially if said guy is dirty 😉
  8. Just putting it out here as a filler. Not sure what it means. Post by casholmes
  9. Cute Bagginshield sketch by flavoredfaeman
  10. Every Guy fangirl ever. 😂 What a Guy Wants by nfcomics
  11. And from the same series by nfcomics, this one is spot on
  12. I haven’t read this fan fic, but ladyngisborne has written a timetravel story of Guy of Gisborne and I am intrigued. This post links to the story on Wattpad

Hope this content makes your start into the weekend better ☺️

Have a good one,

Sonja ❤️

16 thoughts on “2021 Armitage Weekly Round-up #21

  1. There are weapons Sir Guy can bring to my bed! Hmm mmmm!

    And I’ll have to check out the time travel Guy fic. For reasons.

    Now that I’m going HOME I can find some time to write. Gary is calling my name. Abbess Giuanna is calling ME names…. but that’s another story.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Congratulations, Ilaria. So glad to hear that you also have the protection of the vaccination now. Relief is really the word – it makes such a difference.


  2. Happy Mr Guylty has had his 2nd jab. It’s true I felt great relief when my Fad had his first jab in the New Year, then after both my folks had had their 2nd and now that I’ve had my 2nd. I didn’t realise how would up I was until afterwards. 🤗❤️

    Glad you had a near normal lunch with French SIL.😎

    A great round up too!

    I was really pleasantly surprised and engaged with the Memories of the Past story – well done LadyG – enjoy!


    • Thank you, Z 🙂 Apart from feeling the relief, I have to admit though that it feels pretty easy to slip back into “normal” behaviour. Keeping a distance when out and about, was less at the forefront of my mind – and of all other people, judging by what I saw in all the outdoor cafés that have sprung up in Dublin. It’s all too easy to forget that even with vaccination we still need to be careful…
      Still reading the Memories of the Past story, and enjoying it.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Yay on Mr G being fully vaccinated now! You will soon be too. 🙂 Vaccinations have really been picking up steam here, as of today people born in 1994 (so in their end twenties) may book their appointments. Hopefully in a week or two even my kids will be able to do so. Mr E gets his second vaccination on Thursday.
    And wow, what a view! Glad you were able to reconnect with family. I have been lacking in the social dept. as well…

    Liked by 1 person

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