2021 Armitage Weekly Round-up #22

My weekend has started great – with a message from a work colleague I missed yesterday. My contract with my current best client has been doubled. More work, and better pay. Hooray. That is great news as all freelancers among you will understand. While I have always appreciated the freedom and flexibility that freelancing allows me, the downside is the unreliability of income.  Having a regular client for whom I write/translate 8 articles per month, means that I can rely on receiving work – and that I will get paid. After a period of uncertainty since the loss of my big client in 2018, this is a proper luxury. I know to appreciate that. Moreover, the new subject of my writing has turned out to be really enjoyable. What I also really like about this job is that I am collaborating almost exclusively with women! Of course, I work remotely, so do not have a regular 9-to-5 working in the office relationship with them. But so far the communication with them has always been positive, supportive and very personal. It’s a joy, and I feel very lucky.

Right, but before I get carried away with more waffle, let’s give you the round-up first. New “top hero” (main article illustration).

  1. Mezzmerizedbyrichard – whom I missed last week – has put together a set with sleeping Richard. Always so touching to see
  2. Happy belated birthday, astrovian. Have a look what she celebrated with. This really takes the biscuit – or should I say cake?
  3. Also by astrovian: Another chibi drawing. This time it’s Trevor Price. Hot like a smoking gun…
  4. Mininottingham is enjoying the sun. Go on, Gizzy, take off your leather!!!
  5. Riepu10 throws us back to Monet. I always had a thing for that scene where Monet holds the pencil between his teeth. Or maybe RA has a thing for grabbing things with his teeth? I’ll just say “gloves”
  6. Service announcement by richardarmitagefanpage for those of you not on Twitter
  7. And mininottingham again because – Giz and the giant flamingo 😂
  8. And what chaRActer drew *you* in? Post by colonelfitzwilliams
  9. Poor Guy. I mean, he must be perpetually exhausted with all that running… What a Guy Wants by nfcomics
  10. And another one from the same series by nfcomics because truth
  11. For anyone interested in Hobbit fan fic, here is a master list by ragsweas, all about Modern!AUs. I haven’t read them, so no idea about the quality, but just in case you need some summer reading
  12. Putting this here because I just think that fan art is such a cool thing. I mean, this particular ship would never in a million years occur to me. But I applaud the creativity of thinking and spinning the tale. Posted by outcastsnmagic

Hope there was something in there for you.

Back to my waffle. On the home front, it has become a little quieter in the house since Little Miss Guylty temporarily moved out into her basement flat. With college over for the summer (and no travel plans possible), she immediately put my suggestion of applying for summer jobs into action and got a full-time job working in a coffee shop. It’s her first regular job ever, and she has learnt that working 6am to 3pm every day is actually quite tough. The reason she has temporarily moved out (and is quite adamant about avoiding all contact with her parents), is that she has customer contact every day, and until her father’s vaccination has fully kicked in, she does not want to take any chances and potentially carry the virus to him. (I am already fully vaxxed and protected because I received the one-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine four weeks ago.) That’s to her credit, but I miss her. She had become my companion on daily walks, and that meant we were able to chat and just be close. In that respect, the pandemic had been great (for me), extending the time that I have with my young adult daughter… Nevertheless, the great side effect of her job in the coffee shop is that she gets to bring home all the soon-out-of-date pastries and sandwiches she wants. Yum. [OMG, re-reading that it sounds as if I happily give up quality time with my daughter in return for a pastry. 😂 I mean, I love my food, but not *that* much…]

So, all good in Guylty Towers for the moment. Hope you are all well, too.

Have a great weekend,

Sonja ❤️


20 thoughts on “2021 Armitage Weekly Round-up #22

  1. *prust* Gebäck ist Gebäck ist Gebäck!
    Ich seh dich vor einem Berg Teilchen sitzen, mampfend: “Tochter? Ach, jaaa, da war was.” 😀

    Mein erster Job war mal in einem Café, ich konnte mir auch immer mal was von der Muss-weg-Auswahl schnappen.
    Klingt toll, aber man hat’s erstaunlich schnell über. *g*

    Hat dein Hubby die zweite Impfung gut vertragen? Mich hat die zweite ziemlich umgehauen. Dienstag wird mein Impfschutz komplett. *freu* 🙂

    Der Header gefällt mir. Hier ist es nämlich gerade viiiiiel zu heiß, und die Farben lassen an dickes altes Eis denken.
    7. Hehehehe!
    9. + 10. *grins*
    12. Gut gemachte Fan-Art. Und: Wenn du dir die Szene anguckst, bevor Thorin auf Azog losrennt: Azog mit ausgebreiteten Armen auf seinem Warg – das schreit nach Lovestory. Ich hab keine Ahnung, wer die Idee hatte, dass es so im Film aussehen soll, aber das fand ich jedenfalls immer ziemlich genial, so eine absurde Message in die Bilder zu packen.


    • Haha, ja, man muss halt Prioritäten haben, nech… Aber ich glaube, du hast ganz Recht. Irgendwann sind die tollen Pekannuss-Teilchen dann auch nicht mehr so spannend…
      Die zweite Impfung verlief bei Hubby ganz gut. Ihm tat der Arm an der Einstichstelle noch ein bisschen länger weh, aber ansonsten eigentlich gar keine Beschwerden.
      “Dickes altes Eis” – hahahaha. Vor allem “alt”…
      Jou, das mit Azog und Thorin ist schon irgendwie witzig. Und klar, gerade diese Gegensatzfiguren sind natürlich immer prädestiniert für Fanfic. So wie Robin und Guy.


  2. I’m so pleased your work situation is good! As a previous freelancer I understand totally! And how sweet of Little Miss Guylty to be so considerate. You already know this but you’ve raised a lovely young woman 😊

    Sorry I’ve been quiet recently but things… I always appreciate your posts and roundups even if I don’t get round to responding. And there is a bag of bits being added to regularly with all sorts of stuff 🤣😘

    Mini Nottingham and the flamingo… 🤣🤣🤣


    • Thank you Helen – it’s a bit of a rollercoaster, being a freelancer. And in general I don’t mind. There are easy times, and then sometimes it is good to be reminded that I can live with less, too. Keeps it all exciting 😄
      And hey, no worries re. commenting. Time is precious, and sometimes there are other priorities. It’s all good!


  3. It’s great to hear that your job is so satisfying and secure. Good luck too to Miss G with her new job (and I hope that you get to see her soon).
    2) Magnificent cupcakes.4) Monet’s look is ghastly ( goatee beard – ughhh!) but there is a luminosity in RA’s face and he used a set of expressions that are rarely seen in his other roles, if at all.
    8) Thornton drew me in but Guy would have hit me like a steamroller if he were my introduction to RA.
    12) Hmm interesting ship, well there is a thin line between love and hate they say.


    • Thank cod for video calls, is all I say, J. Nowadays I not only facetime my mother every evening, but I also check in with my daughter that way. Man, she is strict. She doesn’t even want to agree to a meet-up outside in the garden… 😁
      Those cupcakes are such a great idea.
      Monet’s look really way not the most flattering. So much so that I actually avoided that series for a long time. And then a fellow fan said to me that it was a must-see – for exactly what you are saying. And you are right. He gets to play a character that doesn’t brood or smoulder in silence. Nice for a change.


  4. Congrats on the work, sounds great all around!
    Good luck to Miss G! One of the things my son learned from doing internships at a hotel is that he isn’t ready to be working full time yet and will continue school after he graduates his current vocational training. 🙂


    • Internships are really such a great opportunity for young people to get a first taste of what their working life will/might be like. Good for your son that it has helped him make a decision on his career and opt for more education. (Personally I think it is always good to go for more education. Even if only for the added social experiences that come with being a student!) Is he going to stay within the industry, i.e. the hospitality business?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yes, we have always encouraged longer learning as well, like you say not just for the learning but also for the social aspect. For him it’s mostly the social aspect, I suspect, so I hope he can actually see it through. Time will tell.
        He will remain in the sector of sorts, he’s going to an applied sciences university to study events management. For now he is most interested in music festivals, sports events or managing theme parks.


  5. Congrats on all the positive news!!! And free cake is always good.

    Love the Sleepitage. He looks so sweet when he’s relaxed. Makes me want to caress his face. And I’m a huge Monet fan—especially the bit between his teeth scene. There’s just so much joy on this show. I maintain that we haven’t seen such exuberant displays of Smilitage before or since. ❤️❤️❤️ This set also really highlights how much I miss Paula on Twitter. 😔


    • That’s it. I mean, I am usually not into baby!RA and cooing all over his baby photos, but the sleepitage is something else. I think it’s really because of the vulnerability that a sleeping human embodies. And that is particularly powerful an image when it comes to henchman Guy or any other highly “efficient” character…
      I can’t say how much I miss Paula. She’s still active on Tumblr, but I don’t spend enough time there to really interact properly…

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yes, vulnerable is a much better word than sweet. Exactly what I meant! It’s because sleep is unguarded and makes you feel like you can peek behind the facade—even if it’s fake sleeping.
        I only get on tumblr via you. I’ve written to her, but that’s the letter that still hasn’t landed afaik. 😢


        • Unguarded – and real…
          I had sent a message to her on Twitter, and since she has given up on Twitter, it took a long time until she found it by coincidence… Hope the mail reaches her soon!

          Liked by 1 person

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