Hooray, A New Article About Richard

I wish WordPress provided me with the option of adding a sub title. Because that would be…

Or: Smelly Dwarf and Smelly Doctor

But I am jumping ahead. As the header says, we have a new article about Richard. Before I comment, here is the info: It’s a one page interview in a “sixty seconds with…” format, appearing HERE in today’s Metro UK. I think it is basically on the occasion of Uncle Vanya‘s release on DVD. For your convenience, here it is:

A few notes

First of all, hooray for the DVD release. Not only does it provide a tangible memory of the play, but it also gives opportunity for this short interview with Richard. It feels like a long time since he was featured in the media but that may only be *my* impression because I didn’t follow the Castlevania release very intently. Of course, short Q&As like this only scratch the surface, and the questions tend to be general ones which superfans like us already know the answers to, but since Richard is always very good at giving something new to every interviewer, he’s sprinkled a couple of gems in there.

“Patient, obsessive and silly”

Hehe, I like his short self-characterisation, and from where I have been watching him for quite some time now (…), it seems pretty apt. Patience goes with his generally quiet demeanor. The obsession probably kicks in in his professional life. And silliness often shines through when we get to see behind the scenes. All in all very likeable, I have to say.

“Happy to be a smelly dwarf”

Richard is slightly muddying the waters here. He likens himself to a hobbit but is happy to be a smelly dwarf? And, interesting insight, “I’m not ethereal or up my own bottom enough to be an elf.” Hm. Ok, I get the not up his own arse enough bit. He doesn’t strike me as arrogant. But I think he comes across very elf-like ethereal sometimes. But maybe that is just the bubble that celebs end up living in, by default, in order to defend their privacy. Fwiw, I think he could’ve made a splendid elf king himself, what with the pale skin and icy stare.

The smelly theme continues

This was an interesting tidbit: Richard’s back story tool box also includes scent! With Astrov a character from the early 1900s, Richard was aware of the somewhat different approach to hygiene. Hence the modern scent of freshly washed laundry would’ve disturbed his method for becoming the character – so he decided to overpower it with a scent. Now, I would *love* to know which scent exactly that was. Was it a commercially available scent? ETA: Cawira on Twitter has just pointed out that RA basically tweeted a picture of the scent.

And how considerate of him to make sure that Astrov’s socks smelt nicely of this scent so Sonya did not inhale any obnoxious foot odours on stage 😉. – Jokes aside, this is just such a small thing, and I would never have thought of adding scent as a tool for a performer to create a character. But trust Richard to figure this out. I *do* find that impressive.

Celebrating new chapters

“When I finish a project I like to get my hair cut or do something completely different so you can leave the character behind.” That chimes with me and reminds me of the old strategy often used by women. New chapter in our lives, new hair style. Spot on, Richard.

Work ethic

Quotes like this “If I haven’t done a hard day’s work, I just feel like I haven’t really been present”, I always associate with a very protestant work ethic. Besides obviously defining himself through his professionalism and professional successes, it also has a spiritual dimension in that an individual’s soul only has a chance at eternal salvation if their life has been spent in toil. It’s not so much about (monetary) success, but about being busy, always working, being efficient. I find it interesting how strongly this idea still prevails in times when the influence of church and religion in many Western societies is waning. No wonder, though, that it still exists; it very much befits modern capitalism.

Audiobooks and mums

No, I am not going to take the bait. Oh, wait, I just have. Well, I won’t say anything else. Richard is definitely a master of giving answers that fit the question yet also afford him the opportunity to tempt the reader’s interest. So, White Boar Productions has optioned C.J. Tudor’s The Taking of Annie Thorne? Did we already know that? (I think I was only aware of the Jackman and Evans series by Joy Ellis.) But hey, Richard, lots of hints, and so far we haven’t seen any evidence of all your writing/producing! Sounds like he has really helped himself to a humongous pile of bits from the great big buffet of film-worthy material. My mouth is watering already. Also – Richard never misses an opportunity to compliment someone else. Very much to his credit. And – although not planned that way – particularly effective at the end of an interview! Ah, Richard, you are just lovely ❤️.

So, there we are. It’s nice to see something, anything written about Richard in the press. Now I am only hoping that our UK-based fan sisters will head out there and grab some of those Metro editions. Cos the next auction is never far away… Just sayin’.

24 thoughts on “Hooray, A New Article About Richard

  1. What a great article! Thanks for sharing it with us 👍❤️ He shared a promo for a cologne on IG a while back I think, right?Wonder if that was it? Or maybe it was Twitter, I’m having trouble finding it :/


  2. Excellent analysis, thank you! I very much enjoyed the article and will be rereading at leisure after gulping it down, as I usually do with a fresh piece of liteRAture. He really did sprinkle in some new goodies for us, didn’t he? I’m pretty sure that the selfie he did (be still my beating heart for that one) when they were filming Vanya had a fragrance bottle on the counter in front of him? Didn’t it? And some of our fellow RA sleuths identified it? Also, that he has mentioned the Tudor acquisition at least once. As long as he does Jackman first, that’s all I’m saying…. Thanks again!

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    • You all have a much better memory than me. I had forgotten about the scent bottle in the selfie. (Mind you, we didn’t know back then what exactly it was for – himself or his character. So I never made that connection *duh*). And same with the Tudor book. *tuttuttut* Bad fan 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • I am slow and my keeping up with RA related stuff has gotten away from me.
        . Forgive my stupid question. What has Hugh Jackman got going on with RA?I have no idea. Are they working on a project together? I am a much worse fan than you, Guilty.


        • Hm, I don’t think Hugh Jackman has anything going on with RA. Oh, are you referring to my mention of “Jackman and Evans”? That’s the DI in the Joy Ellis book series that RA is narrating 🙂


  3. Thanks for finding and sharing! Yes, nice little tidbits and insights there. I too wonder when we will see the first results of this producing thing. I know stuff like that can take a looooong time, but I am curious…


    • I think my impatience stems from the fact that he started hinting at more news way back at the beginning of 2019. (He said to expect something that summer iirc.) That’s two and a half years now… But well, we can take his production companies registration as proof that something *is* happening 😉

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  4. Oooooh, I didn’t realize how much I was missing something new that sounded like his voice. Thank you for posting, and…I agree with your whole analysis, every bit of it. (Because I’m too lazy to think of my own, ha ha ha.)

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    • Hehe, “analysis” may be a bit strong a word. I only scratched the surface and noted my initial reactions. But anyway, it’s simply nice to see not only his name mentioned (or a micro mini tweet) but something that looks like an interview.


  5. Cute interview, couple point stood our to me such as he mentions having a haircut after intense roles but Dolerhyde basically had a buzz cut lol. So I wonder what different thing he did to help him leave the character behind?

    I’m glad he sprayed his socks for Aimmee Lou Wood bless her heart

    His comment about being lonely during lockdown made me feel for him, cause I think he tried so hard to be busy from his twitter feed posts but of course it got to most of us.

    Interesting about the pilates, hope it helps his back and also his defining comment again about NY being his home

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    • Yeah, there wasn’t much to cut after *that* role 😳. Maybe he meant something like “growing my hair out” – or growing his beard? I think that’s what he did. After clean-shaven Francis he went back to the shrubbery pretty quickly.
      The loneliness during lockdown is definitely something that shone through – in other interviews, too. I mean, for him to be so busy recording stuff, he must have been undisturbed and alone. Not that easy, unless one has a pile of work to bury oneself in.
      Grah – New York his home… Judging by the US flag in his Twitter bio, he probably is bi-national now, so fair enough…


  6. In an old podcast called Following Films talking about Sleepwaker RA mentioned that the director of that film asked him to pick out a scent to use while in character. It seems he has kept the technique for other projects. That podcast is pretty good if you haven’t heard it. 40 minutes of discussion.

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  7. Sorry, I am a UK dweller who didn’t get hold of a Metro. I was away from the RA world for a week, a week that then exploded with news about him, gnash, gnash, grrr.


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