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Looks like The Warrior Agency (a film and TV publicity agency) is doing a spiffing job, getting Richard (or his projects) in the papers. Another article dropped yesterday, and I immediately went out in search of it today. (Mind you, it was a bit of an odyssey because I didn’t look properly and took me 30 minutes and 3km to find the magazine: I quickly rifled through the Radio Times in my local supermarket but could not locate the article. So I did a deep sigh and walked 10 minutes to a large newsagents only to see the same issue of the magazine there. Nevertheless, I also browsed quickly through it to make sure I had not overlooked the article. But no luck. So I turned back towards home. As I was passing my supermarket again, I decided, fuck it, I’ll buy the issue, because I had rifled so quickly through the pages and chances were, I had overlooked the piece. And what can I tell you… I had. *doh* ) So here it is.

Radio Times, 26 June – 2 July 2021

Since the article is on the occasion of Uncle Vanya streaming on the BBC iPlayer, the piece starts off with Richard’s notes on the play. Nothing new here, really – the prescience of Chekhov with the character of Astrov as a doctor who deals with an epidemic and who has understood the ecological implications of deforestation. Then a few remarks on his method of going through the characters’ experiences – from planting trees to being waterboarded for Lucas North.


More interesting are his comments on being (type)cast for action hero or brooding intensity roles. I think he is overstating it a little bit when he says he is asked to channel misery. I mean, yeah, Mr Thornton is unhappily in love, Guy is misunderstood, John Porter has to redeem himself for a crime he didn’t commit. Lucas has been in prison, Thorin in exile, Dolarhyde is obsessed by the red dragon. James is mourning his daughter, Calahan is fighting to keep his alive and sane, Adam Price searches for his wife. John Proctor goes to the gallows, Astrov doesn’t get the woman he wants. Hm. Right, all rather dramatic and frustrating. But are these characters truly miserable? Most often than not they are redeemed (even if in death)… I think Richard has really worked himself up into believing that it is his face and figure which have condemned him to eternal depiction of “misery”. I’ll just throw Monet and Harry Kennedy in here, as well as Chop. Even Claude Becker – at least he was acting in a light-hearted heist drama.

But hey, if Richard’s conclusion is that he feels the time is right to go back to singing and dancing… I can just say, wow, what has brought this change of mind on? Wasn’t that something you always rejected? But yes, yes, Rich, you are absolutely spot on. The public wants to see you singing and dancing.

Complete raggle-taggle mess?

The fangirl heart beat loudly when he recounted the little story about “going out half-washed, looking raggle-taggle because I think no one will recognise me. Then someone will pull me aside and go ‘I loved you in The Stranger’ and that really warms my heart. But I also think, ‘Oh God, I should have brushed my hair. I look a complete mess.!’” That’s the Richard we love. Modest, unfussy and “normal”. And yet also somewhat keen on always looking his best. And wow, it warms his heart to receive an honest bit of praise? Nice :-). But never worry, Richard, you never look a mess, and you can go out with bed hair any day and still look dead attractive!

That also applies to the whole body-issue that Richard continues to flout. Not sure where he thinks he has “sagging breasts” and a “fat belly”, I haven’t really seen the evidence, but ok, he was 48 when I last saw him take his shirt off as Adam Price and Astrov 😛. Jokes aside, I understand the discomfort of being seen that gets worse with age. I personally don’t believe that his general attractiveness has diminished at all, but sure, that also reflects my own taste as a maturing woman of a similar age than him. Fair enough if he doesn’t want to take his kit off. Although I sometimes think that the gentleman does protest too much… ☺️.

We can look forward to whatever else he says he has to offer in the next decade. Hopefully still in front of the camera and not just from behind or from a recording booth. Because *that* would be misery indeed.


26 thoughts on “Richard In The Radio Times

  1. I would love to see RA sing and dance, after all he has a background in musical theatre (which he has tried to distance himself from in the past, not quite sure why? Maybe he felt it undermined his credibility as an actor). Mads Mikkelsen comes from a dance/ acro background and is still a fabulous dancer. Shame they didn’t waltz off over the cliff together in the last episode of Hannibal!
    I am all for RA trying lighter, more comedic roles although maybe not as sappy as Harry Kennedy in Dibley. I would love him to do some panto too. Possibly Widow Twankey would be a bit of a stretch but lots of very respectable actors have done a panto season (including Ian McKellan who viewed it as a badge of honour).
    Do you have any inkling whether RA is back in UK now for good or is he still based over in New York?


    • That’s it – he used to distance himself from his musical theatre background, but in the last while he has often brought it up. Maybe there is now a little nostalgia for his past – especially if he feels “wrongly” cast as the eternal miserable b’tard. (And yes, Mads Mikkelsen! I watched a documentary about him where he revisits the studio he used to dance in. He’s such a class act. Really like him.)
      Lighter roles would definitely be welcome. I’ve been demanding rom-coms for ages – hearing him mention those in the article, was something really new. I don’t recall him ever saying that he wanted to play light and funny…
      As for where he is – I think right now he is still in the UK, wrapping up Stay Close. But in yesterday’s mini interview he reiterated that “New York is where I live” 😥. So I guess he is permanently resident in the US now and only comes to the UK for work.


      • ooooh – (ihr habt mir einen Floh ins Ohr gesetzt! – no idea if this idiom translates to English….) but: A scandinavian film with Richard Armitage and Mads Mikkelsen in the leading roles would be a dream come true for me!


  2. Legit my first reaction upon reading the article. 🤣

    And I agree, I’m not sure he’s dramatically changed since filming Vanya. I mean, they’re currently filming, so I’m sure he keeps in shape. I respect if he genuinely doesn’t want to get naked anymore, but he could just not do it instead of talking about it in interviews. 😉 And I selfishly hope he might be persuaded again—for the right role. I felt it was very natural in The Stranger and not at all out of place.

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    • The whole “shirt off” thing must be taken with a pinch of salt at this stage. I mean, honestly, I remember snorting aloud when I saw Uncle Vanya – and he appeared shirtless. And that was just after he had announced everywhere that he was too old to be seen in the nip… right…
      Message to Richard: Just because you mention it in every interview, doesn’t mean it is happening… He’s a long way away from being repulsive when having his shirt off, but if that’s what he wants to do, so be it. In truth, though, I think he’d take his kit off if the role demands it. He’s professional like that.

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  3. Sonja, I love your comments on both articles! Enjoyed reading them! 🙌🏻
    As to ‘taking off clothes’, we have heard this before. Several times. I just don’t believe him 😁


  4. knew I saw him mention auditioning for a musical not that long ago, at RDC5


  5. That was a fun read, but all the perceptive reading between the Armitage lines by everyone here was even better. 🙂

    Guylty – a belated thanks for the roundup. I’m so glad to hear about Mr G’s second jab and your wonderful new commission. xx


  6. Thanks for posting!
    The self-deprecation is just his go-to thing to do. Wouldn’t mind seeing a bit more of the alter-universe Armitage where he is that light-hearted comedic actor in romcoms. Not only romcoms, but a few would be nice. 🙂


    • Absolutely agree on both counts. His self-deprecating humour is fun (although sometimes makes me feel bad for him). And it proves that he has what it takes to play a more light-hearted role. I mean, Claude Becker was already a step in that direction.

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  7. I really wish I could see My Zoe because Julie Delphy hinted that role was unpopular so that maybe the one in his recent memory together with his latest role
    I am convinced he was in a love affair when he did The Impressionists because a light seems to ‘shine from him’


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