Can’t Keep Up… More Richard in the Papers

Yet another interview with Richard has appeared in a UK-based magazine. As RT’d by the man himself, he was interviewed by Total Film magazine. After finishing some urgent work today – funny how the jobs come in when you already have more than enough work – I ventured out to get my paws on the mag. Alas, Ireland has not yet received this “Jungle Edition” of Total Film. I came back empty-handed but at least I had gotten my daily walk in.

The good news is that Astrovian over on tumblr has been luckier. She bought the mag, took a picture of the article and posted it with a transcript on her tumblr.

Fabulous – and many thanks for the fan service to Sammy! So now we can comment on yet another few tidbits from our favourite. As there are…

Luck vs Talent

So Richard believes that it is all down to luck that he has come as far as he has. Oh, Richard, no. Seriously, without talent, all the luck in the world would not have got you where you are. But well, it was probably said a bit tongue-in-cheek, and maybe also in context with the next answer about fears. Yes, failure is scary, and must be even more so when one’s job plays out – literally – in the public eye. I’m not sure whether failure as a thing actually exists. Is it not simply an experience where plans do not quite work out, or an attempt that does not reap the results as hoped for? If anything, failure is an opportunity to do it better/differently the next time. At least that is how I prefer to look at it.

I find it quite interesting how he is coming back to his profession as an actor in so many of these questions. He could’ve kept it general or superficial, but he applies the questions very specifically to his life and job as an actor. Maybe it is on his mind at the moment – with such radical changes to our lives in the last 18 months, jobs and work have been impacted. Particularly in the entertainment sector. Or maybe he does so in order to avoid more personal insights? But then there are exactly such personal insights – like being moon-struck. I’d love to see that “naughty, dark side” 😈!!!

Introverted Recluse

Oh dear, as a fan, I am going to try very hard to forget that Richard doesn’t like being looked at. No doubt he doesn’t mean that in relation to his performances. It’s his job to perform for the purpose of being seen by an audience. But 😬, I can see that as a sledgehammer hint in relation to other times when he is not a performer but himself. *coughs* Such as a SD. Or any time he is out in public on a private mission. That kind of sentiment chimes with how I have perceived him at such public occasions where he always seems a bit hesitant, if not uncomfortable. Wait. One second. Didn’t he just say in a different interview that his heart warms when a member of the public pays him a surprise compliment? Hm 🤔… inconclusive.

It amuses me that in his response to the last question he did not say that that was a direct Thorin quote. Modest as ever. But it was good to read that being Thorin, and filming the trilogy, has been such a life-changing experience for Richard. I also think that his work on TH elevated not only his public profile but also his art. His work prior to TH was fantastic, don’t get me wrong, but many of his performances afterwards were really outstanding. Dolarhyde, Proctor, Chop, to name but a few. All roles for a mature actor in full possession of his dramatic powers. That wasn’t just luck. That was talent and craft. So, rest easy, Richard. You have earned your position and are deservedly cast and admired. And sep, I’m definitely following another time…


14 thoughts on “Can’t Keep Up… More Richard in the Papers

  1. Oh, Richard, I love this interview. You are cheeky, clever, and fun! And so is the interview technique. I thought it was dopey when I saw the Travis Bickle question at the start, but to end it with the actor’s own words (Thorin’s) thrown back at him is brilliant! Makes me want to check out the interviews of a few other actors in this publication to see if they are all this clever.


    • I have to say that Richard *always* delivers in interviews. He really is quite aware of giving the interviewers funny little anecdotes and insights. He makes for very good reading.


  2. 🙂
    Here, the promotion of the movie “My Zoe” (which hits the big screen on June 30) is in full swing. Julie Delpy comes out in the best media, at the best viewing times. Hope this bodes well for future good reviews and good audiences.I sêculate that Richard Armitage could reveal himself to basic French cinephiles…


  3. I’m curious to know a bit more about this ‘dark, naughty’ side that RA alludes to; my febrile mind is boggling at the possible connotations! Not sure I would want to go down that rabbit hole…😉


  4. Thankyou! catching up with Richard’s interviews (and your other posts and comments) has been a real mood lifter for me on day 6 post cardiac surgery and impatient to return home from hospital. 😊


    • Mezz!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cardiac surgery?????????? Jeepers, how did I miss that? I hope you are doing ok and you get to go home soon. Sending you massive (careful) hugs and best wishes for a speedy recovery!!!!!


  5. You didn’t miss it, I’ve waited until it’s behind me before saying anything. Cardiologist & cardiac surgeon very happy with my progress, I’m going home today!! Hugs and wishes much appreciated xx


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