2021 Armitage Weekly Round-up #23

It surprises me how easy it is to get into daily posts! Well, that’s when Mr A plays ball and takes part in lots of interviews 😁. I always find that my inner fan girl gets a major boost when there are lots of news to report or comment on. It reawakens the fascination. When there is little news, I find my virtual pen drying up – unless I force it with a fan challenge or a re-watch. Anniversaries are another popular prompt for many bloggers. Except that I somehow never remember. In truth, despite being a massive history head and loving the study of all things past, I often find the act of remembrance sad, at least when it concerns my own memories. The event of the past is in the past, it’s gone, and I can never experience it again. And so I missed marking my dad’s seventh anniversary yesterday. He’s not forgotten, of course, and I knew that yesterday was the anniversary of his death, but writing about it makes me sad because it always brings home the truth that I will never speak with him or feel his embrace again. Other memories of him are easier – like when a funny phrase he used to say comes to my mind, or when I remember the things he loved and the hobbies he engaged in. – My mum and my dad’s closest friends marked yesterday’s date with a visit to the ginkgo tree. It is doing very well.

My father’s friends sent me this message yesterday: “Dear Sonja, your papa is not forgotten. The opposite is the case: we very often talk about him and his very special sense of humour.” That makes me happy and sad at the same time. I am so glad others remember him, and most of all, I am happy that my own children remember him so well and so fondly. Love you, Papa! I wish I’d have had time to say good-bye, but I know that you loved me, and I hope you know that I loved you…

Rare glimpse from the family album: Papa with Little Miss Guylty and Sonja, 2011

Ok, that has been a bit morose, so let’s move on to the weekly round-up!

  1. Astrovian is always on it. She takes a snippet from yesterday’s Total Film interview and turns it into this piece of fan art. Hilarious!
  2. Also astrovian: Comment on the recent interviews in general. She’s right, or what do you think?
  3. I love picture sets such as this by guyofgisbourne
  4. Definitely including these Guy gifs by riepu10 for the hair acting
  5. Also linking here to astrovian’s responses to the Total Film interview – maybe you want to engage with her on tumblr on the comments?
  6. This piece of fan art by leavespics is stunning
  7. For someone who hates water, he cuts quite a dashing figure in speedos… Gif set by riepu10
  8. A sweet little dream, shared by claraofthepen. Actually, I have a feeling that RA is a Bagginshield follower 😉
  9. And on the topic of Bagginshield, here is a little gif fan art by lordoftherazzles
  10. Have you seen aninomori’s “Little Boar” fa art? Her drawing skills are out of this world!
  11. Is there an Astrov fan fic out there, asks richarm?
  12. And mezzmerizedbyrichard has raided her gif folder again and put this delicious set of hand porn together for you
  13. Guy of Gisborne offers some lip balm. From What a Guy Wants by nfcomics
  14. A beautiful Bagginshield moment, in gif format by lordoftherazzles
  15. And just because Richard confirmed in the latest interview that Thorin was a life-changing role, this picture set by deepinthelight

Hope you have enjoyed these. I’ll go back to my work now. Due to the unexpected job that popped up on Thursday, I had to abandon my Friday deadline for my fashion writing. I better get some thoughts on “functional wear” down on (virtual) paper now and work for my wages 😉.

Have a lovely weekend, all!

Sonja ❤️


16 thoughts on “2021 Armitage Weekly Round-up #23

    • Three generations 😁. And all three of us have much in common with each other, particularly our interest in history. My dad was a local historian, I studied history, and now my daughter is studying for a degree in history. ❤️

      Liked by 2 people

  1. #2: I agree. I was surprised how well the hook of using movie quotes as questions worked. The “interviewer” (editor?) behind the scenes did a good job of organizing the question quotes to get new content out of RA. I looked for more examples (interviews of other actors), but they were all behind paywalls. Yes, I love RA, but…sorry, publication, I didn’t bite. Does anyone else have any handy?


  2. #5 the moon thing: urgent need of some fanfiction with werewolf RA. Please.
    Well, actually I’ve read a book about werewolves by Anne Rice – the most polite wolves in the history of lycanthropy, sooo mild (and, well, hot) and now I realized! It was him! Wow.


    • Wouldn’t be my preferred genre, but when it is based on RA, I’ll try anythingf 😉
      Speaking of Anne Rice, I just saw somewhere that “Interview with a Vampire” will be turned into a series. Didn’t Rice say once that RA was her ideal Lestat?


  3. Belated (((hugs))). We all grieve and remember in our own way. Some people are very into anniversaries and others (like myself) are not—for good or bad things. I also enjoy spontaneous memories in the day to day.
    What a great picture of you three.


  4. I don’t remember, in illo tempore wasn’t Daniel Day-Lewis? Probably she picked RA more recently. Books stand, and actors grow old, and this is good as we can admire them in different characters, but we leave a lot of things behind. I’ve had a conversation on IG about mr. Collins, the obnoxious cousin. What if he was played by a handsome man? I’d like to see RA as comic relief but this train has left


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