Armitage University

It is just delightful when I see my silliness reaching others. I just had a notification that somebody bought this on Redbubble:

This is the RA-University A-line dress. To be honest, I had forgotten I had designed this. But I can see how it would be perfect summer wear, with its “loose swing shape for an easy, flowy fit” 😉. Here’s a closer look at the printed logo:

I’m pretty sure there was a story behind the logo design. In fact I had to search for it on my own blog (my memory is like a sieve), and from the corresponding post it appears it has got to do with not understanding what Richard’s tweets are about 😂. Other than that, I have to say that I am a big fan of academia and learning, full stop. If there was a RA University, I’d enrol pronto. Half for Armitage 101, and half for the social life with my fellow fans. Would we be required to wear the RA University merch at all time? And would we get lectured by the expert in the field himself?

Prof Richard Armitage is senior lecturer in applied drama and audiovisual experiences at the Centre of Audience Pathology at Armitage University. Armitage’s research concentrates on the process of dramatic expression and the global politics of audience satisfaction with specific focus on early 21st century social media.

Armitage received his PhD from the University of Dulwich where he spent 5 years as Gaskell Scholar before holding a Junior Research Fellowship at Wellington College, followed by a lectureship at

East Village University. Prior to joining Armitage University, Armitage was ASS fellow at the University of Newcastle and junior lecturer at Leeds Community College.

Armitage is the author of 25 Backstories and Playlists (unpublished in London, 2004-2021), and co-editor of the essay collection Epistolary Writings (Leicester, 2007). He is currently working on the paperwork for his production company White Bore Boar Ltd. as well as leading a exploratory study on improvisational stage door drama.

In any case, it’s fun when the old stuff pops up again. And if someone else decides to have fun with it, too.

Other than that – no particular news. Except we are now about 7 weeks away from our birthday fundraiser, and I have heard and seen some fabulous donations for the auctions and fixed-price sale already. I will write a proper post about that, soon, just in case new fandom members would like to know more, or in case others have ideas for crafted items and/or donations. In the meantime – enjoy the summer 😁


22 thoughts on “Armitage University

  1. I love the logo dress, the RA symbolism is so discreet! Oh, Head of Drama, that’s good – then he could perform any role – lover, dancer, overbearing master! Actually I don’t think I could cope with him being my lecturer.


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