[Major SPOILER] Clip from Stay Close Filming (updated!)

If you haven’t yet read Stay Close and are hoping to see the new Harlan Coben show unspoilt, please stay away from the YT video I am going to embed below. I unfortunately did not approach it with caution, and was too curious to see snippets of RA filming. The SC crew was in Blackpool again, and some nifty locals managed to shoot some scenes. Here comes the vid.

Before I saw the clip, I had already seen photos on Twitter (thanks to mooseturds, Cawira, Dorota and other commenters for finding it all!) but had had difficulty identifying RA in the shots. The video above now confirms it was him – but for those of you who have looked at the video, you may also have noticed that there was another man in the shots who wore identical clothes – stunt double, I presume?! In any case, RA all as slobby, slouchy photographer Ray. Mind you, as a big fan of all things casual, I actually like that look on RA… even the beanie. Not so much the big jewellery.

[SPOILER] I had to laugh, btw, at the scene where Nesbitt apparently arrests and charges Ray. For the most part, the clip shows Nesbitt only from behind, with RA kneeling in front of him, held by two police officers. And the Nesbitt turns around and does a big yawn 😂. Filming is a tiring business 🥱.

[SPOILER] Anyway, in my case, now that I know how SC ends, I might as well read the thing… Or should I leave myself the pleasure of not knowing how everything will connect between Ray shooting Bar Mitzvahs and the final showdown?

UPDATE: Another video has surfaced with 8 minutes of footage of filming a chase scene on Blackpool promenade. Only the first half of it is interesting for us, so you don’t have to sit through the whole thing. At first, you can immediately spot a 6-foot guy in black jeans, reddish shirt and beanie standing by the film crew. My first thought was – wow, he always towers above all others. But then another 6-foot figure emerges from the beach, and that is *really* RA. So basically we have actor and stunt double in the same footage. Side note: Stunt double wears the same gear (obviously), minus the black leather jacket we’ve already seen in the previous clip. So, haha, the budget did not stretch to two leather jackets??? 😂 Did RA choose the costume and his taste was too expensive? 😬 Maybe it was written in his contract that he can keep the leather gear, so he chose his favourite brand at top prices 😁. Anyway, here’s the clip:

Have you guys read the book already?


28 thoughts on “[Major SPOILER] Clip from Stay Close Filming (updated!)

  1. Thanks for the spoiler warning! I haven’t had the time to read the novel yet and do not want to know the plot. Richard, of course, looks hot as always.


  2. No, I haven’t read it so I haven’t looked at the video – thanks for the warning! 😊 Wish I liked beanies but I really, really don’t 🤣


  3. Well, knowing Coben’s work, there is always a final twist at the very end and it could be not this one. (I haven’t read the book and haven’t watched the video. 🙈 I don’t like spoilers!)

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  4. If it’s anything like the Stranger, reading the book won’t be that much of a spoiler for the series lol…. I’m planning to read the book ahead of time but haven’t yet. He looks great as always 😍


  5. What makes you feel this is the ending of the book? Being arrested is rarely the end of any story tbh, plus i believe they’ve already said that the book ending has changed.


  6. Haven’t read because this book still isn’t translated here (I think all others are), but did watch the clip. Can’t wait to see it. Darn, he is hot! ❤


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  8. Thanks for posting the vids ( and articles). Don’t like those slouchy beanies on anyone but he does look hot, particularly kneeling in the sand. Why do the vidmakers prefer to film the ice cream van, rather than RA (!),? . And it is frustrating that they concentrate on Nesbit. I haven’t read the book but I can’t wait for the series.


    • The beanie is definitely not my favourite look on him, but anything will do at the moment 😉
      And yeah, they seem to have Nesbitt in their sights most of the time. We were discussing that over on Twitter, and for some reason Nesbitt has been the centre of attention in the press, too. Is his name more recognisable in the UK than Richard’s?

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      • Yes, I’ll take him and a beanie, rather than nothing! I would never have thought JN was more well-known, particularly after RA’s success in The Stranger – and they are shooting a similar show. Possibly it is because Nesbit had a lot of attention in the tabloids, in the past, because of his private life – or maybe he has a pushy publicity team. Mystified otherwise.


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