2021 Armitage Weekly Round-up #24

It’s Saturday and we have had some new clips and sightings of RA, so let’s see whether tumblr has reflected that.

  1. Astrovian has created another one of her cute drawings, this time based on Ray from the recent filming in Blackpool
  2. Serious nape curl alarm, courtesy of riepu10
  3. Mininottingham is on holiday, enjoying the beach, lounging, and diving
  4. Astrovian on how much filming is left before Stay Close wraps
  5. ICYMI, Richard will have a new audio book out in September, as noted by richardarmitagefanpage
  6. Astrovian watched Strike Back for the first time and live blogged, in case you want to relive memories 😉
  7. A compilation of all the Gareth Cattermole portraits of RA by armitangel-1972 – striking!
  8. Oh, I don’t think I have seen this little gif, created for the MZ promo by Bac Films. Posted by richardarmitagefanpage
  9. Had to laugh about these edits by hotgirlthorin
  10. This might be part of a longer piece, but I liked these cartoons of Thorin and Bilbo post mortem by fishfingersandscarves
  11. Gorgeous drawn portrait of emotional Thorin by thunderstormscave
  12. And another laugh-out-loud edit by hotgirlthorin – of a scene that otherwise would not be laughable at all
  13. Hahaha, I can actually see Guy saying something like this. A quip in the What a Guy Wants series by nfcomics

Now, that has provided a bit of distraction, hasn’t it? I definitely will need some of that myself. Today I am embarking on the Newcastle Diet, a programme with the aim of reversing Type 2 Diabetes. No, I don’t have diabetes, but I somehow feel that I am right there in the risk group. It’s my age, my weight, my bad eating habits, and my relative lack of exercise. The word “pre-diabetic” has been mentioned by my GP, too, so I am aware of the risks. (My father also had Type 2 Diabetes in his 60s, but was able to reverse it simply by changing his eating habits.) The theory is, that by losing a substantial amount of weight *and* keeping it off, it is possible to encourage insulin production and avoid diabetes. The Newcastle Diet suggests using meal replacement products – more for the convenience than anything else – combined with a certain amount of vegetables every day. So there I am, I have started today. It’s an eight week programme, which means that strict dieting is only necessary for a very limited time, which makes it easier for me to commit to it than an open-ended WW-style programme (as I have successfully done before). However, the really hard part, as all dieters know, only starts afterwards when you have to continue to keep the weight off… Hopefully my good eating habits will have reestablished themselves by then, for a normal, enjoyable attitude towards food and eating. I don’t want spend my life never eating the foods that I love, but I want to be able to do so without the ever-present guilty conscience. And I also want to be able to feel good in my body again. I’ll never be slim, but I want to get out of the “obese” BMI that I am currently in, even if I only make it to the upper end of the normal weight BMI. Heck, I’ll even take the “overweight” BMI, as long as I can shift 15 kilos.

So wish me luck. I’m starting off on 92.4 kilo today, hoping to lose 8 kilo in the first stage of the diet. I had my first shake this morning, and while it was actually delicious (white chocolate & raspberry flavour), my stomach is now growling with hunger, 3.5 hours later. Time to stir up the next shake…

Have a nice weekend, all!

Sonja ❤️

29 thoughts on “2021 Armitage Weekly Round-up #24

  1. All too recognizable… Gained around 1 kilo every Coronamonth and started loosing them two weeks ago (at end of lockdown). Started at 100 kilo (I dared say it) and lost 2 of them so far. Keep it up girl, I’m sure you can do it too! It is so much healthier for us in every way.

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    • Corona definitely didn’t help me, either, although I have to be honest and say that I started piling on the pounds already 2 or 3 years ago. There were some half-hearted attempts since then, but nothing really stuck. But then I read that book about reversing type 2 diabetes, and that gave me the final push.
      Congratulations on loosing the first 2 pounds of many more. We can do it, Jacqueline! (I’ve done it before, so I know it is possible). The first three weeks are majorly tough, but then the new eating regime becomes a habit. One of my problems is to actually drink enough liquids (that are not milky tea)… I’m keeping my eye on the prize – feeling (and being) healthier in a couple of month’s time.


  2. if you want something to help you keep on track with healthy eating habits and a better attitude towards food the i can highly recommend a book by Paul McKenna that is full of NLP techniques and also has an audio CD . The title is a bit naff “I can make you thin” but it’s really fantastic (easily bought 2nd hand too) and deals with issues such as feelings of guilt.

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  3. Les contraintes et obligations augmentent avec l’âge. L’essentiel est de commencer avant que cela ne vous soit imposé. Devoir changer sous la contrainte, du jour au lendemain, c’est à dire en une nuit, les mauvaises habitudes est une autre paire de manches = “that is a different kettle of fish “, croyez-moi! Non préparé, la sensation que tout vous est interdit est perturbante.
    Très sage décision, je vous félicite.


  4. Thanks for the round-up, Guylty . Best of luck with the diet . It’s a great idea to start with a limited time so that it doesn’t seem endless. So much of it is about re-tuning our thinking. I have started dieting with a friend so that we can encourage one another and also have a sense of obligation for them.


    • Yes, I think a lot of it is in our heads. There really is no excuse (in my case) for claiming that the temptation to eat is too strong. The health benefits outweigh (no pun intended) the temptation of chocolate and snacks. I just came to the realisation that 2 months are such a short period of time in my life, so why could I not commit to that? Because I was lazy and set in my ways. Doing it together with someone else is also a nice strategy – with an element of healthy, mild competition thrown in, as well as mutual support. I tend to be better on my own. I even don’t mind my family indulging in cooked breakfast and pastries in front of me, like they did this morning. I see it as a competition of myself against myself, and I secretly feel superior when I do succeed in resisting the temptation 😂. Getting through the first week is the hardest. I just hope that there will be a proper result by the end of this week. That will motivate me to continue.
      Best of luck to you and your friend, too!!!

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