2021 Armitage Weekly Round-up #25

Happy weekend, everyone. Let’s jump straight in…

Sorry, I had to doctor the header image because I had mistakenly created #24 twice, instead of #25…
  1. Mezzmerizedbyrichard gives us some micro-expression courtesy of Tom Cahalan in Brain on Fire
  2. Mh. I’m not sure whether I agree with let-djaqsayfuck on this one. I think there was evidence that proves the opposite
  3. From the Price’s family album, put together by mezzmerizedbyrichard again. Very sweet
  4. Digital artwork of RA. Interesting. By drachedraws
  5. Astrovian has also done some digital artwork again. This time it’s a very cute Harry Kennedy
  6. *snorts* a fun little photo cartoon by thranduilofsmirkwood
  7. Lordoftherazzles has put another gif set with text together again. Very fitting for Thorin and Bilbo
  8. A petition that many of us would get behind… And if it also included LotR, that would be better. Just think of how many hours that would take. Posted by gwen-ever
  9. Sullivan giffed by riepu10. He almost looks like a good guy there
  10. A top(less) Portah digi by Astrovian. Where’s the shower?
  11. The words/phrases added to these edits seem somewhat random to me, but well, I like the look of the photos chosen by kiddressources
  12. LOL, this sounds remarkably like something Thorin might say… Posted by ghiva-shel
  13. On what makes a person look “villainous” – this is a topic worth discussing, especially in relation to Richard’s typecasting. What do you think? Post by fruitspunchh
  14. Every fangirl ever to Guy… What a Guy Wants by nfcomics

That out of the way – how is your week/end going? We had a bit of a scare during the week when my brother-in-law came down with Covid despite having been vaccinated. He’s out of the woods by now, and the symptoms were not as bad as when unvaxxed, but it served as a reminder that we need to continue adhering to all pandemic rules. With a high-risk patient in my house, I’ll probably go back to a slightly stricter approach. Over the last few weeks post-vaccination I had enjoyed a few coffees outside in cafés and also visited some (non-essential) shops. Maybe I’ll put that off again.

In other news I have now the first week of my Newcastle Diet behind me. It was not a walk in the park, but it also wasn’t hellish. I’ve adhered pretty strictly to the rules – no carbs whatsoever, lots of water, a lot of vegetables. The results are there – managed to lose 3.3 kilo. A great motivation to continue on, but I am fully aware that the first week always comes with great results (when diligently following the diet) and I cannot expect such numbers in the following weeks. But well, it is nice to see the fruits of my labour.

BTW – kale chips/crisps are *delicious*! Listen.

That is the sound of eating a kale crisp. Unfiltered and unenhanced recording. And they don’t taste half-bad either. I made them myself because the diet booklet recommended them as an alternative to savoury snacks. The one time I had tried them before – from a shop-bought pack – I thought they were horrible, but since I am so desperate for tasty snacks, I tried these. The result has really amazed me. In case you are interested, I tore the kale leaves in pieces and placed them on the oven tray, then baked them in my oven at 150-180°C for about 12 minutes. To get them as crispy as these, make sure the kale is dry when you put them into the oven. I sprayed each leaf with one pump of 1 calorie sunflower oil and sprinkled some salt on them. (Next time I’ll try some other spices with the salt – curry, paprika – to give them more flavour.) They still have a distinct kale taste, of course, but they are really delicate and almost melt away in your mouth. Cheat food.

Other than that – football final tonight. Forza Italia. I’ll be rooting for the Azzurri.

Have a nice weekend, all!

Sonja ❤️


10 thoughts on “2021 Armitage Weekly Round-up #25

  1. Glad to hear that your BIL is better. Vaccines should avoid to get ill with serious symptoms, I hope it’s true. I’ll have my second shot on thursday, my mum had hers today.
    I don’t watch soccer, but I surely hope Italy can win. I just hope that people will be careful while watching the game and cheering for the team (if they win, I’m afraid they won’t :/ )


    • We were all so enthusiastic about the vaccines that we kind of forgot about the small print. My b-i-l’s illness served as a reminder… Hooray for your mum’s full vaccination – and yours soon!
      I think I will watch – and I hope the best team wins, without any nasty scenes, although I am hoping it will be Italy.


  2. Yikes on your BIL, glad he didn’t get so very sick. Here infection numbers are rising so fast that some restrictions that had just been let go are now back again.We need to indeed remain vigilant.

    Congrats on the diet and enjoy the kale chips!

    Football final is tomorrow and, yes, am supporting Italy as well. 🙂


    • I saw the news about NL. Very concerning! It looks as if it is still too early to return to pre-Covid life, as much as I would like that. Hope NL gets it back under control quickly.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. What a great kickstart to the diet! That must give you a real boost. And are you already feeling physically better too?
    I’m now sitting in the garden enjoying weather, flora and fauna and the fact that the scale this third Sunday morning said: 96,5! That’s 3,5 kilos down and 11,5 to go and that should be halved at RA’s 50th (and yes, such deadlines help me).
    Benefits so far:
    – having more energy and therefore a bit more action on my part, although that daily walk is still not back as a routine.
    – legs/ankles feeling less heavy, they are less swollen. Very pleased about that, cause they honestly worry me.
    – clothes (especially bra’s) fitting more comfortable.
    I’m sure we will reach our goals and be healthier for it.
    Keep it going and I hope the preparations for the coming RA-auction will keep you distRActed.


    • Fantastic results, Jacqueline. Way to go!!! Every gram is a step in the right direction, and having smaller goals along the way make the final goal more tangible and easier to reach. I basically have the same amount as you still ahead of me. I haven’t quite felt the benefits physically just yet, and I know it will be some time before I will feel my trousers sitting less tight. That can be a bit frustrating. Do you know where you lose weight first? For me it tends to be the face and boobs, so I hope in a couple of weeks the double chin will be a little less wobbly 😂
      Distraction is definitely also something that helps. The auctions will keep me busy, as well as crafty stuff, or even going for a little drive with the family like this morning. A couple of hours in the car, with no food around 😁 – takes my mind off the diet 👍🏻


  4. Well done Guylty! What a fab start. Kale crisps are delicious. Wow, really want some now after hearing that crunch!
    Thanks for the round up.
    Fruit Punch makes an interesting point about villains, although I’m not sure that I agree that their features are supposed to be seen as unattractive/ ugly generally.
    The villain role is often to seduce and captivate (and RA goes beyond the call of duty here!). It is certainly is an enduring and unfair dramatic cliche that dark = bad and fair = good. ( Boris Johnson, stand up.)


  5. Good news on your bro in law and your diet ! Mine is mostly successful so far too. I know what you mean about hunkering sown a bit again due to covid numbers increasing..I left the gym early on Friday and there were 7 people in there..which is too many for me.

    Re your list..what is number 2 going on about? How could his bum be any bigger without him getting stuck in doorways! 🤣


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