Mark Your Calendar for the #RA50Auctions

Here’s something to shake up the stupor of silly season (more fittingly called „pickles season“ in German, Saure-Gurken-Zeit): Behind the scenes the first preparations have been set in motion. In a month’s time, the (annual) fundraiser in honour of Richard’s birthday will be coming up again. So it is high time that I give you the customary notice, as well as a little shpiel for those who may be new in this fandom. First things first: As the combined auctions-and-fixed-price-sale strategy has proven successful last December, the fundraiser will once again take shape as a week of auctions on eBay and item sales on Etsy. I have designated the week from 15th to the 22nd of August 2021 as the fundraiser week. This year marks Richard’s 50th birthday, so let’s make this one epic!


Since the last fundraiser, I have received many more wonderful donations of fan items that will be put up for auction. On offer will be fan collectibles such as magazines that featured Richard and/or his projects, posters, as well as other related material such as DVDs, books or CDs. We will have one-off fan items as well, some new, some pre-loved, but all connected to Richard or his various chaRActers. Thanks to the creative prowess of the fans, there will also be some unique hand-made items available in the auctions. If you would like to get an idea what to expect, feel free to check the fundraiser posts from 2020 or 2019. This year, btw. marks the 6th annual birthday fundraiser.

These eBay auctions will be flanked by a fundraiser sale on Etsy which comprises a large number of smaller and affordably priced fan items, uniquely created by fans for fans. To keep the suspense, I am not giving away yet what will be on offer, but I can assure you that there will be something for everyone, and enough to give everyone a chance at winning or buying a 2021 fundraiser item. To see what we had in the fixed-price sale in the December Fundraiser, click HERE.


Rather than organise it all myself, the sale is going to take place through my Etsy store which makes managing, buying and accounting the sale of (potentially) hundreds of items easiest. Etsy provides various payment options and does not require registration in order to buy, so should be accessible to all. – The auctions are conducted via eBay, which has proven easiest in terms of transparent bidding, as well as transfer of money since it is all organised for us by the system. – As in previous years, I will also facilitate individual donations of money to the proceeds of the sale and auctions.


  • To raise funds for charity.

With Richard’s Just Giving pages still defunct, I suggest that we continue supporting LOROS Hospice Care through the memorial page that was set up for Richard’s mother. In case you don’t know, LOROS Hospice is a local charity which cares for thousands of patients and their families in the Leicester area. They provide respite and end-of-life care in their own Hospice, and also care for terminally-ill patients in their own home. To continue providing this much-needed service, the charity has to raise in excess of £6 million per year! Our fundraiser proceeds would be going to a great cause. More information about LOROS on their website.

  • To give Richard a meaningful birthday present.

Though grateful for any gift, Richard has also said that he does also appreciate donations to charity as a way of marking his birthday. The fundraiser is neither endorsed nor expected by him at all, but imo a fundraiser in which we pool our individual budgets set aside for a gift, would result in a meaningful present, too. (As, to make it clear, would any donation made individually, of course.) Together, however, we can generate a big sum – and make a real difference. Especially when donating to a smaller organisation that is not bogged down by administration costs as much as one of the large, international charities.

  • To put the fun in the funfandom

On a “selfish” level, the fundraiser is simply a whole lot of fan-made fun. Over the course of fundraiser week, I will be writing regular updates, commenting on the progress of the auctions, “advertising” the fixed-price sales, and highlighting the cause and the supporters, and usually culminating in some very hot last minutes of live tweeting once the auctions are nearing their end. In the past, that has proven very exciting and entertaining, even for watchers who neither have donated items nor bid on an auction – just because of the anticipation of the final proceeds. Watching the bidding “battles”, promoting the fundraiser on social media, adding up and speculating about the final proceeds are all part of the fun. I want to stress that your participation doesn’t have to be monetary. The fundraiser is a community event for *anyone* in the fandom, if they so wish. We can do this together, meet new fans, highlight the charity, and treat Richard to a hefty donation for his birthday. In return we have the gratification of having done some good – and some will also have the fun of receiving an item they have bought or won in an auction. Fun-fun, win-win.


The auctions and sale are open to all, anywhere in the world, as is any non-monetary participation. There is no obligation to spend money that you many not have – your support can also be expressed by highlighting and advertising the auctions, cheering on the bidders, sharing information with others. The more the merrier! Tweets, SM posts and blogs are appreciated. Whatever you feel up to!

More Info

Over the coming weeks I will release more information on the technicalities of the fundraiser, as well as the procedure. Or you can read through previous years’ auction posts to see the drill. There will be teasers with more insights on what will be on offer, on the crafty supporters, as well as communication on the auction timeline. So stay tuned!

But for now – mark the date in your calendar, put a few pennies aside, and get ready for the suspense! Richard is reaching the milestone birthday. We’ll make it a good one 😉


55 thoughts on “Mark Your Calendar for the #RA50Auctions

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  2. Yay, auction time is nearing! This year I’ll (hopefully) be away on holiday when the auction comes around so won’t be as actively participating in the excitement but I’ll make sure I’ll check in once in a while when I can. 🙂


    • Even though I‘d love to have you follow the whole shebang live, I am crossing my fingers for you that the holiday plans will not be scuppered!!! You will be „present“ anyway, in your fab donations! X

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  3. Woohoo!! It is on. My package is on the way, hopefully to be delivered by end of next week. 🤞🏻 The mail always makes me anxious.

    I cannot wait to see what we have this year. Unlike Esther, my usual MO of dissing from the beach will be on hold this year, as we’ve decided not to tempt fate with booking a holiday this year. I’m gonna miss the seaside so much, but at least I’ll have stable wifi. 😆

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      • I knew you flopped it to make his name right-reading, but I didn’t even notice the change of the number, ha ha ha. Maybe you should have left it “10.” He would probably prefer to be back to that age, and sometimes he acts like it, right? I love him at any age, and I hope he isn’t too traumatized by the five-oh.


        • I was close to resorting to „anticipatory considerateness“ and avoid all mention of the number, because I am aware of his attitude to the growing numbers… (Which also mirrors my own. I hated turning 50.) And then I thought – heck, no, there‘s nothing wrong with 50. It‘s just a number. The shirt number lent itself for manipulation 😉


  4. Hi,

    I think someone might have an item for you:


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  6. Not waiting for your permission, I will post the first guess. I think it will be a prop from a show. Say…the inflatable llama from The Stranger??? First I thought of the straw donkey from the tourist stand in Spain in Berlin Station. But…not the kind of item I see him wanting. The llamo, though? Yeah, that was twisted enough for him to take home and giggle about later.

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    • My money is on a set-prop, too. But no idea what. Here‘s hoping it will be something that I can mail on easily… I mean, Orcrist would be a hell of a difficult item to wrap 😂

      Liked by 3 people

      • Lol, I thought of Orcrist too, but rather as one of his least possible give-aways. He wouldn’t abandon Thorin, would he? Thst old Guy costume might be a difficult shipping item too… To sum it up: he has me exited.


  7. Firstly, thanks once again Guylty for organising the RA auction, it is a highlight of my summer. Secondly, OMG ‘Someone’, how incredibly exciting that Richard Armitage is contributing to the auction. As I wrote on Esther’s blog, it is wonderful that RA contacted you after all your dedicated years of organising RA happenings. How are you feeling? Did you do a Dibley and run round your neighbourhood screaming and ringing bells?
    Thirdly, I am making a few items for the auction and I am happy to send them off. When would you like the photos sent?

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    • Oh, always a pleasure, and not even a guilty one 😉 It really will be the highlight of my summer, too, what without travel…
      Hehehe, re. Dibley scream. Nope, it was completely unspectacular, but in hindsight I was my daughter, who was sitting opposite me as I unsuspectingly opened my Twitter DMs, had recorded me… I suspect there was some hyperventilating.
      Fantastic news re. auction items – yes please, and please send the pictures whenever you are ready 😉

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  8. Awwww, is it that time of the year again??? Motto: Let’s prepare for everything possible and achieve the impossible or… our bonny lad is turning 50 ! See you all…..


  9. Your hard work is impressive and am pleased the 800lb 🦍 or is it 🐘(?) has deigned to notice.
    Makes me not so miffed at previous diss.
    You are amazing girl! 🌼🌹🌻🌺
    I look forward to the fun!


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