2021 Armitage Weekly Round-up #26

Before I get into today‘s round-up, I suspect you might be curious about the events of yesterday when Richard made contact re. upcoming the fundraiser. Esther has already summarised it on her blog. First of all, a big thank you to all you attentive readers on Twitter who pointed RA in the right direction while I was MIA. (No, I had not expired on the spot, I was merely enjoying a gorgeous summer afternoon without wifi and my mobile on silent, thus only receiving the news upon my return home in the evening. I will say, however, that the delay somewhat exacerbated the otherwise inevitable shock 😉.) Secondly, a big thank you for all the offers of smelling salts and defibrillators – very kind 😉. No, in all seriousness, I was blown away by the kind wishes and reactions from everyone, for what could potentially lead to entirely unfounded jealousy or envy. The truth of the matter is, of course, that the congratulations are directed to and deserved by all of *you*. The fundraisers are a community effort, driven by *your* donations, *your* participation, and *your* willingness to bid and buy. I am merely the facilitator, the necessary point of contact. None of this would be possible without *you*. So please all feel included in the acknowledgment that is inherent in RA‘s reaching out. It‘s directed at *all of us* not me specifically!

I do not want to cannibalise it in its fullest – discretion is a precious currency for celebs. Just like I would never screenshoot or copy/paste a private conversation with any of you, I wouldn‘t do that to RA (not that I was asked to). But since I know you are curious, I‘ll say this: He made contact directly and was strictly professional in a very polite way, no chit chat but straight to the point. When I say „contact“, don’t imagine a massive conversation, but 2,3 short DMs. It was about exchanging information. He needed my address, obviously, so that’s what our conversation was about. I did, however, take the opportunity to add that his acknowledgment of the fundraiser means a lot to *us*. And the ball is now rolling, in that he is sending us an item for the auctions, as already announced in his initial tweet. I do not know what he has in store for us, as he wants it to be a surprise. Like everyone else, I am super curious, and I actually love that he has kept it a surprise for me, too, at least until his shipment arrives here. If I hear anything else from him or his office, I will pass on any message!

So, that‘s it. I am more than thrilled that Richard reached out. It is a massive boost for our fundraiser, likely to expand our reach – and to potentially blow our proceeds out of the water. As an added bonus, it is also very nice for us to know our efforts have been noted and appreciated. He‘s a good ‘un 🥚

And now for the round-up. (Needed a new header, with a discreet, shady figure 😉)

  1. Thoughtful chaRActers, posted by astrovian… what might they be contemplating right now???
  2. Also from astrovian: I’ll sign this!!!
  3. Knight in the forest by riepu10. I’d also take Knight at night, even if not in forest
  4. OMgoodness, a happy end for Marian and Guy at last… Check mininottingham
  5. Upon meeting Guy… touché. A What a Guy Wants post by nfcomics
  6. Sweet idea by thorinswaggerson
  7. Gotcha! Posted by guyofgisbourne
  8. Modern Thorin indeed… Posted by tangy-after-tones
  9. And just for laughs… this set by dimdiamond. There’s something to it…
  10. Is it fair to link to bad hair styles? Hello Wellah… (I always think Porter looks like Paul Weller in that look…) Gifs by riepu10

Not so much else to link to this week – we’re in the midst of summer… However, lots of nice pictures to look at there. Hope you have enjoyed them.

Happy weekend, all,

Sonja ❤️

48 thoughts on “2021 Armitage Weekly Round-up #26

  1. I admit I also thought about the impending envy this will bring about but it also occurred to me how incredibly fortunate the fandom and RA are to have you managing the big surprise. I can’t think of a more considerate, objective, patient and judicious person to lead an effort like this. Not to mention the time and hard work that it involves. We should all thank the fandom gods for you.

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    • Aw, thank you, C. Lovely words. I can return the compliment. I wouldn‘t put my energy into it, if it weren‘t for the fabulous people who are supporting the initiative every year. Doing something like this for the fun – and for a good cause – is very gratifying, because I know you all got my back. It‘s a concerted effort, and that‘s what makes it special.


  2. I am so happy for you, Sonja! I’m happy that your efforts are appreciated. I’m happy he knows. I’m happy to be his well-wisher! I love our RA corner! No envy from my part! Thank you! Hugs! ❤️🤗

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    • Thank you, Olga – *all our* efforts are acknowledged and appreciated, everyone who takes an interest in generating a donation for LOROS. I can‘t do it without any of you, so it‘s for all of us.


  3. It´s just so lovely that he reached out and will contribute said surprise item, it will really be a boost to our fundraiser and I´m so looking forward to finding out what it is. He´s the best 💕 and you put so much work into organizing everything, thank you 💕👍😊.


    • I think it is very clever of him to label it a surprise 😉. Because who *doesn‘t* like a surprise? (I will have to eventually disclose it, of course…)


  4. It’s really cool that he has reached out to offer an item for the auction. 🙂 I think he appreciates a lot that the donation is for the hospice that helped his mother and that his fans still remember her.


  5. It’s so lovely he reached out like that and that he’s donating something. Thank you for telling us all that you could about it too, it was fun to read. 🙂
    You’re always so thoughtful to in include everyone but his reaching out is really a testament to your dedication and enthusiasm. This auction is your brainchild, after all, and you bear the brunt of the work and effort, so give yourself a pat on the back, you did good! 🙂

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  6. **Ditto what Mooseturds said** Oh, this all made for such wonderful, heart warming reading! Your post, Esther’s, seeing his tweet on Tumblr, they’ve all given me a needed feel-good boost. Results for past auction fundraisers have been amazing, but this one is shaping up to be particularly so, and that makes me very happy for you, Richard, LOROS and all involved xx


    • It really is such a feel-good boost, as you put it, Mezz. Both in terms of specifically recognising the auctions, but also that he’s happy to contribute something himself. It’s so nice to see him take an interest, and it will be priceless in terms of its effects on the fundraiser, I am sure.


  7. Thank you Guylty for sharing with us RA’s DMs as fully as possible and discreetly – and for being so generous in mentioning fellow contributors. But I can only echo what others have said. This is the pay-off for all your hard work and dedication. It is all so pleasurable and exciting. Thanks also for managing to fit in a round-up in this momentous week. I certainly did enjoy the nice pics A return of Porter in Strike Back? Yes! (But not with his long straggly hair, please.)

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    • Happy and exciting indeed. And I feel blessed that I am able to share the “glory” with all of you. It’s much more fun, too. If I didn’t know that the work was appreciated by all of you, I wouldn’t do it.
      Definitely on for a Porter comeback, but also definitely only if it does not come with a questionable hair do 😂

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  8. Wow! This is great news, it brought a smile to my face! Can’t wait to find out what Richard has donated to the auction. It’s great that he takes an interest. Well done Guylty for organising, and nice one Richard (if you’re reading)! 😃


  9. sorry for being a bit slow to respond (did on Esthers already)It’s a really sweet gesture oh his behalf but i think he finally took notice of how much money the fandom generates for charitys in his name (aswell as the fact it honours his request that we don’t buy him stuff). You know me, i’ve only been in this fandom for just under 3 years and before lats years reaction from him I’d previously found his disconnect from the work you and the fandom put into the auctions in his name. As much as you say we contribute though, i know how blooming hard ebay listings are, aswell as all the packing and posting and praying stuff arrives unscathed! So kudos again for being such a magnificent ringleader and i genuinely can’t wait to see what he has up his sleeve!

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    • No apologies necessary, Rachel ☺️.
      It’s a tricky thing with fandom initiatives like this. I never wanted it to be something that we do specifically “for him”, but rather for a good cause. But I will admit that I found it very gratifying when he gave us an indication that he had taken notice. Not that I expect a declaration of admiration from him at all, but it’s just nice to know that our gifts-in-lieu have been received. That he reached out with a contribution of his own, is the icing on the cake, and was absolutely never expected by me. Good man, top bloke ☺️!
      Yep, the listing stuff is time-consuming, especially as our auctions seem to grow year by year. I think I initially started with something like 12 listings. Last year it was 40 😱. But I make the workload easier to manage by spreading the prep over the month prior to the auction dates, so it’s bite-sized. The posting remains a nail-biter… as you said, hoping that everything gets to their destinations 😬… Here’s to the next one!

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  10. Wow it really is fantastic that RA reached out to find you with the generous offer to donate an item- and a mystery item no less! (Cheeky fella 😊) Makes me wonder if he took notice of the posts from last year and was impressed by how well organized, well promoted and enjoyed by all his birthday auctions are.Not to mention the fab donation tally for a worthy cause.He seems to be giving his stamp of approval with his participation this year.The variety of combined efforts, the generosity and talents of his fans make the birthday auctions a success, however I do have to give you extra kudos for the amazing skills you have for organizing this auction so wonderfully.You are truly the captain of this RA appreciation ship 🥰 I can’t wait for the big 5-oh celebration to commence.


    • Cheeky indeed, and also very clever to keep the buzz going. And yes, he definitely noticed the last two auctions. There was a “like” on a tweet (I think by Kate) in the summer, and iirc he then replied to one of the results tweets of the December fundraiser after LOROS had RTed it. It’s nice to have that acknowledgment – and now even an active response. With so many people involved, it is nice to know that our “gift” has been received. Yay for this year’s fundraiser!!!


  11. I am late to the party but: 😳🤩😁
    that’s just great!
    also the mr. Porter box 👍

    and as for roundup #2: YES! bring it on! 😉 (I have the storyline in my head already!)


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