In Memoriam Fedoralady Angie

Life is full of joy and sadness, and sometimes those two extremes come close together. It is with great sadness that I have heard of fellow fan Angie’s unexpected passing, and I would like to take a moment to remember “one of us” who shaped the fandom early on and has left her mark.

I can’t claim to be a particularly close friend of Angie, but I met her early on in my fan journey and therefore she is one of the legacy fans to whom I looked up to. In fact, it was one of Angie’s colourful and imaginative stories that made me de-lurk for the very first time in this fandom and on any platform. I just could not *not* comment, it was that good. Angie replied to my comment – and set the tone and the bar for my personal interactions within the fandom forever: She was warm and open, graciously accepting my gushing, yet treating newbie me as an equal to her much more familiar fandom friends. In short, she was welcoming and made me feel that this fandom could be a place to feel at home in.

Angie had a wicked sense of humour, and she was a gifted writer. Her stories on Livejournal introduced me to the concept of slash fiction (and boy, was that a revelation!). Her imagination was without boundaries, and her stories always came with a hilarious twist. It taught me that everything is possible in the world of fan fiction – and *she* did it with flair, pizzazz and a twinkle in her eye.

On the right there you see a picture edit that Angie made in 2014 for our “Secret Valentine” blog. It came complete with a custom story that is typical of Angie’s generosity in spreading fandom love. Read it, it is great fun! Her Livejournal page is a treasure trove of quality fan fiction, and lucky you, of you haven’t dipped your toe in it yet – you have *so* much to look forward to. Also check Angie’s blog, The Armitage Effect, which contains many gems of pictures. Never mind, Santa, but how fitting does THIS ONE feel for the week that is in it?

The ups and downs of being a fan – Angie took us on the journey. From what I know, she was bright, bubbly and beautiful, warm, welcoming, an original – sometimes naughty 😉 – writer and a generous contributor to fandom entertainment by sharing her stories, blog posts, gifs and edits freely.

Angie – you are a star who will shine forever!

PS: I linked to some of my favourite stories by Angie in this post about the best fan fics I ever read. Servetus has also linked to some of her best-loved fiction in her farewell post to Fedoralady. And Jazzbaby has composed the most beautiful acknowledgment that perfectly wraps up how Angie wrote about her menagerie of chaRActers.

Finally: This little video, quickly and spontaneously recorded this morning, is dedicated to Angie, who loved Guy the most…

33 thoughts on “In Memoriam Fedoralady Angie

    • When I heard the news yesterday and Serv said you were making enquiries to confirm, I was so much hoping it was a false alarm. It’s just devastating to think that Angie is gone… I am truly truly sad. Thank *you* for the perfect farewell post. It made me smile through the tears…

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  1. Such sadness for one who brought so many of us such joy! How i wish she would have seen this, i think she would have gotten a real kick out of this items being auction off by himself. It’s hard when the loveliest of us are so prematurely and suddenly taken away. She gave us so much joy, so thankful to have read her and shared in a bit of this joy…
    Lovely video, ❤ x :'''-(

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    • Guy was her favourite, and she would’ve been on this with a quip and a post and her trademark humour. I hope she is watching it from above. (And oh, how I wish I had revealed sooner 🥲!)

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  2. I still can’t get my head around that she’s gone, she was part of the fandom for so long…….such a sweet and oh so fitting video tribute for Guy-loving Angie, thank you S. xxx

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  3. I wasn’t a fan long before her blog stopped, and I wasn’t spending time on FB to keep up there either- but Angie really made an impression on me, so fun & creative ♥️ and I missed her blog even after just a short time. It’s a sad season in many ways & I hope we all do what it takes to care for one another 💔 I’ll have to check all your links later too ♥️

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    • I am not active on FB either, so lost touch with Angie. But I never *forgot* her or her stories. Her passing really makes me very sad. I could not think of anything bad to say about her. She was lovely. 💔

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  4. I am still trying to wrap my head around the fact that she has left us. She was my first real friend in the Fandom, we corresponded on many things and she supplied me with so much knowledge I might not have had but for her. We also had animal causes in common, among many other things, and she was gifted and giving in so many ways. The world is darker today without one of its brightest lights. RIP, my dear friend. You are and will forever be so missed.

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    • I’m so sorry, S. Glad to hear, though, that she became your cornerstone friend in the fandom. There couldn’t have been a better one, I’m sure! She will be missed, and the world indeed feels a little darker today 😔

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  5. So sad. I echo what everyone else has said. Hers was the first fan-fiction I came across in this fandom, and I grew wider and wider-eyed with delight as I read. She was incomparable indeed – warm, witty, deliciously naughty, with a true love and understanding of the chaRActers she brought back to life with such skill and verve.

    She was the kind of person you felt you knew, without ever exchanging a personal word with them; her personality projected such a wide circle of kindness and warmth. Rest in peace, Angie. You’ve left a big hole in the fandom down here.

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    • What a beautiful description of Angie, Jenny. And I think you are absolutely right – kindness and warmth. When I think of her, I see a picture of a brightly smiling, blond and gorgeous lady wearing a hat, and that smile was contagious, as was the joy she brought to all of her posts, stories, fan arts and videos. A gorgeous woman, through and through.

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  6. This is a lovely salute to a beautiful soul. Thank you.

    While I lurked for a few months when I first learned about Richard, and the many blogs devoted to him, Angie’s was the one where I first commented publicly. She was so sweet and welcoming and full of encouragement. She always had a kind word for aspiring writers and newbie fans. Her LiveJournal posts helped me get through some rough hospital waiting room hours, and were an inspiration for some of my own writing.

    Rest In Peace, Angie. Thank you … 😢💔

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    • It is really lovely to read that so many of us found Angie so early on in our own fandom journey. That is a wonderful legacy for her. Her stories – so many of them… – will live on.

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  7. Es ist sehr traurig, dass ihr eure Freundin verloren habt und dass ich Angie, einen warmherzigen und interessanen Menschen wie ich lese, nicht mehr werde kennenlernen können. Ich glaube daran, dass Angie gestern, wenn auf einem anderen Wege, zusammen mit uns gewesen ist.


    • Das ist schön gesagt, und ich glaube auch daran, dass Seelen bleiben und irgendwie auch Anteil nehmen. Angie lacht sich gerade einen Ast, dass die Jacke ihres geliebten Guy jetzt versteigert werden wird. ☺️


  8. Thank you for this lovely Memorial to Angie. I met her to her blog in 2010 when I first became part of the fandom. I have followed most of you bloggers and especially Angie and you, Sonja as we all love Guy. We, her friends on Facebook have a Memorial Group setup to honor her life and if any one of your readers is on Facebook and would like to join here is the link

    Angie is already missed so much for all of us that it’s hard to say “was” when speaking of her.

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    • Thank you for the link to the group, Jeannie. What a nice idea to honour Angie and acknowledge the mark she left!
      Using the past tense is really grating on me, too. It doesn’t feel right – and it isn’t.


  9. I am pretty sure I first become aware of Angie’s work from one of her many Guy YouTube videos which lead me to check out more about the RA fandom. I was watching other fan videos of another British actor when hers came in the feed. I had all ready been watching Robin Hood and Spooks with the other actor at the time. I lost track of her on being on FB but every once and awhile wondered how she was doing with her health. She was such a warm and open person. She will be missed.

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    • I find it a real consolation to read that so many of us had Angie as (one of) our first contact(s) with the fandom. It shows how big a presence she had – and what a legacy she has left. She will be missed, indeed.

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  10. Dear Guylty, Angie’s passing is a shock and sadness to all of us. Personally, I was stunned and heart broken to learn of Angie’s passing on Monday. She was such a lovely person, inside and out. And Angie’s most recent fun Facebook posts before her death were not even 24 hours old, giving us a chuckle and brightening our day, when we learned of Angie’s passing.
    My thoughts are with her husband, family and friends. May their memories of happy times shared together help sustain them in their grief and sorrow.
    And for us, her online friends across the miles, we are already missing her sweet smiles–she took the best selfies, next to RA! So in our remembering Angie with the joy that she gave us and everyone, may our broken hearts mend a little bit everyday, for her legacy of love and kindness. Hugs & Love, Grati

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    • It just really makes me so sad to hear that Angie was literally ripped out of life, having posted and actively participated in her various friend groups right until a day before she passed. It’s just so unthinkable. She was such a happy, friendly, warm and positive presence – her gorgeous, open smile is unforgettable. I am so very sorry for all who called her friend and family.

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