#RA50Auctions Presents: Gisborne’s Jacket – The Deets

I promised you a Gisborne Jacket update for today, and here it comes. The lowdown on the iconic jacket – quick and easy in a video again.


Yeah, I thought it would be quicker to just *tell* you rather than photograph and write. Well, that wasn’t the case because despite best efforts, there was no way I could film this without getting my ugly mug in the frame. So I had to edit myself out. Frame by frame. Hmph.

But to recap:

The jacket feels like leather, looks like leather and smells like leather. Not pleather or faux leather. The inside is lined with black fabric. All closures are intact and well stitched into the jacket, as are the hook at the collar and the two snap buttons at the waist.

The jacket shows some sign of wearing at the collar inside and out, where the leather is slightly scuffed. The lining also has signs of wearing. It is in remarkably good nick, however, considering that it was in vigorous use for filming. All the piping is intact, as is the inside lining. The jacket does not have any pockets, but a few air holes near the Armpitage, eh… armpit. There are a few creases, presumably caused by keeping the jacket tightly wrapped for storage.

The measurements are:

shoulder – 50cm

sleeve – 70cm

waist – 95cm

ETA: I haven’t weighed the jacket, but on RA’s customs form the weight was given as 3kg (probably including Porter box and outer packaging). It’s probably a bit less than that.


I forgot to address authentication in the video. Besides the tweets posted by Richard himself and referring to his wish to donate an item, I am going to include one of the customs forms that were attached to the parcel I received as means of authentication. (For privacy’s sake I am not posting a picture of it here as it contains both mine and the agency’s address.)The form records “one old leather jacket” (Richard’s words 😂 *tuttuttut*) as the content of the parcel, and it is signed by Richard himself.

The jacket will be carefully packaged and sent to the auction winner in the Mr Porter box that Richard originally dispatched the item in. He evidently wanted to make sure the jacket did not get damaged en route, so I am taking that on board.

If there are any other questions, feel free to leave a comment!


The auction for the Guy of Gisborne jacket will kick off our fundraiser on the afternoon (GMT) of Sunday, 15th August 2021. I will notify you via blog and tweet once the auction is live! Please also watch out for our other fan item auctions from the evening (GMT) of Sunday, 15th August 2021. All auctions will run for 3 days until Wednesday, 18th August 2021, followed by the fixed price sale from Wednesday, 18th August 2021.

For the fundraiser process and the small print, please check yesterday’s post.


52 thoughts on “#RA50Auctions Presents: Gisborne’s Jacket – The Deets

    • You’re welcome 😁. (Another excuse for me to handle it 😊). And yes, definitely worn in – but really in remarkably good shape. It doesn’t have a battered feel at all.


  1. Thank you so much for the in-depth look at what our beautiful man wore for two years! And thank you to Master Guylty for modeling. I was wondering about the lining and if there is any ventilation. Have you already said how much the jacket weighs and I missed it?

    What a brilliant idea to include the customs form as authentication, and thank you for letting us know how RA described the contents! 😅😅

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  2. One touch only!
    I am curious about the auction battle for this jacket. It is really well preserved. Thanks for the video and the possibility of gazing at with admiration

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you so much for the video! In addition I’d recommend to measure the length, too, from top to bottom. I like the idea of the little ventilation holes ;-))) it must have felt quite sweaty wearing it. *sigh* too bad I most likely can’t afford it. But I’ll try.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Good point about length from top to bottom. I am going to update that in the text later on.
      Those ventilation holes definitely were needed, judging by what he himself said about the heat in Hungary at the time… Poor guy/Guy, always dressed in leather, head to toe…


  4. So exciting. I’m loving all the details.

    Also looking forward to the info about the other auction items since I’m only gonna follow the jacket for fun. Are you gonna tease us for those soon? (I don’t mean to nag, I’m just so excited. 💃🏻)

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  5. Thanks so much for the video, this will be the closest I´ll ever get to it and I admit I had a big warm smile on my face while watching, this is so good 💗 and I´m so looking forward to the auction.

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    • It’s quite special having the opportunity to scrutinise a genuine piece of film costuming in RL. I mean, I am not really into the worshipping of relics myself, but I admit to being fascinated with a garment that is basically characteristic of one of RA’s film roles.


  6. Thanks Guylty, it is lovely to see the details. who knew there were little air holes in the armpit? And it was a little worn. Yes. worn by Richard Armitage!!! It still looks surreal to see it hanging there. (And yes, thanks to Master Guylty, he wore it well.)


  7. Thank you so much for the video, G. It really gives a sense of texture, movement and condition that photos alone might miss. Plus you give us all the pleasure of (the virtual) handling a beloved character’s iconic costume. I’m amazed the jacket has held up so well considering all the action Guy was involved in. (Do you suppose more than one jacket exists?) Also, well done to Master Guylty for his assistance.
    Well, beyond the fantasy of winning it, I’m looking forward to seeing the additional auction items from the other generous and talented donors. I can’t wait 😍


    • You know, Donna, I have been wondering about that myself, especially since I saw a picture of the Guy costume as exhibited in 2005 (?). Quite possible that another one exists. (Frankly, they would’ve been risking it, without a back-up.) Whatever the case, I can definitely say from handling *this one*, that it has been worn and used. And its provenance is beyond doubt 😉. Phew 😁
      A few more teasers of the other auction items are in today’s blog post. So glad to have you on board again, Donna 😘


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    • It really easy – and not just this cool donation by the man himself, but also all the other goodies donated by everyone… It’ll be a bumper fundraiser this year.


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  10. Thanks for posting the video! While it’s nice to know the dimensions, if I could afford such an item, I would not be trying to wear it myself. Maybe just cuddle up to it a wee bit. 🙂


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  13. *grins* Wie lange musstest du meditieren, um so ruhig zu sprechen?

    Ich denke übrigens, dass die Jacke kein Unikat ist.
    Mindestens zwei Exemplare, für den Fall, dass eines während der Dreharbeiten beschädigt wird oder so.

    Aber du hast jetzt das eine, das Guy – Pardon, Richard – für den guten Zweck gespendet hat! 🙂


    • Och, ich bin da total immun *hust*
      Nö, kann gut sein, dass die zwei von der Sorte hatten. Aber diese hier ist definitiv authentisch – hat kleine Macken. Ist gebraucht.


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