All Fan-Fronted Auctions Are (Finally) Live NOW, too – #RA50Auctions

Right, now that we have Guy out of the way the eBay issue has been sorted (I’ll tell you more about it, but right now I just want to get this post out…), here is the bulk of the RA50Auctions. Guy’s jacket, as you know, has already blown all estimations out of the water. Here is a little tidbit for you: In the customs declaration filled in by Richard, the quoted value of it was “£10” 😂. And I have to correct my earlier disclosure. RA did not label it as “old leather jacket” but “used leather jacket”. It’s the “used” part that makes it so valuable… so much so that we are currently at €4,380 – or almost CA$6,500… (equivalent to US$5,143 or £3,733). Thank you to the generous bidders!

However, if you should already be priced out of this coveted item, I have good news for you: We have 50 fantastic auction items on offer. Do you notice the numbers? This year is a bumper auction!!! Not counting Richard’s contribution, we have 50 fan-donated auctions running… to make each and every year of age a little sweeter for Richard 😉. After the last fundraiser I had actually sworn to never again allow so many listings. But well, the number was too good. However, it also means that this announcement post/link list is going to become epic in proportion. Sorry about that. If you don’t want to read the blurbs, you can hop over to my eBay site where you will find all current auctions, too. The individual descriptions below all contain a link that should take you straight to the item on eBay. (I’ve been doing this as fast as I could, so hopefully all links are correct. Let me know if not.) Otherwise – enjoy by window shopping what we have on offer:

If handymen with medical degrees are your thing, your dreams will come true with Dr Scott White of Sleepwalker fame. This DVD of the film is the Nordic release, i.e. the DVD blurb is in Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Finnish. However, the film comes with the English original sound as well as subtitles in the Nordic languages. This DVD is completely unused and still in its original wrapper. Note: PAL region 2. Kindly donated by Paula.

Sleepwalker DVD

Completing your RArchive? Here is an issue of the Radio Times. The 26 June – 2 July 2021 issue contains an double-spread article about RA, entitled “I’m often asked to channel misery” and pictures of RA as Astrov and himself. The magazine is in pristine and unused condition and was donated by Pamela.

Radio Times magazine

Colouring is apparently a great way to calm the mind… Not sure if that applies to a colouring book with images of our favourite actor? This is the Armitage Celebrity Adult Colouring Book. The book is 25x13cm and has plenty of black-and-white pages to colour in. Donated by Zed Eff Eye.

Celebrity Colouring Book

This mini mag is a speciality item for your RArchive: Produced by Big Finish audio (for whom RA had previously recorded “The Martian Invasion on Earth”), the Vortex mag features RA on the cover and in an article on the occasion of RA voicing Rassilon for the audio spin-off of “Doctor Who”. The magazine is in pristine condition and was donated by LoLo who is also including a sneaky sticker in this mini fan pack.

Vortex Magazine

Drink your tea in style with a lovely mug, featuring Richard’s pretty mug! This coffee/tea mug is white ceramics with a b/w photo of Richard Armitage on the outside. The inside is black. The mug is unused and in pristine condition. 10cm high, 8cm diameter Kindly donated by Ellen.

RA Fan Mug

How can you hold not one, not two, but five characters in your hand? It’s a puzzle. Literally! This is a custom-made Rubik’s cube. Instead of 6 different colours that you have to sort onto one side of the cube, the Rubik’s cube is decorated with 9 different images of 6 different chaRActers from Richard Armitage’s oeuvre. Dimensions: 5.5 x 5.5 x 5.5. A true one-of-a-kind item, donated to the fundraiser by Young.

ChaRActer Rubik’s Cube

Escape to audio heaven with this audio CD of HG Wells’ Martian Invasion of Earth, performed by Richard Armitage et al. This 2-CD set is preloved but in great condition and comes with insert etc. intact. Big Finish, 2018, 146 minutes running time. The CD will be shipped from Finland. Donated by Susanna.

Martian Invasion on Earth CD

5 hours of Richard’s velvety baritone in your ear – via a 4 CD set of The Convenient Marriage, recorded for Naxos. This audio book set is used. The jewel case slightly cracked in one corner, 5hrs running time, Naxos 2010. Donated by Anne

Convenient Marriage Audiobook CD

For the German-speaking fans, or anyone who wants to complete their RArchive this is an issue of German women’s magazine Brigitte. It contained a one-page article about Richard in its June 2020 issue. Donated by Linda60.

Brigitte Magazine

Due to the shortened run of Uncle Vanya in the Harold Pinter Theater last year, this genuine theatre programme of the play may actually become a true collectible. Featuring cast photos and notes on Anton Chekhov. This is an unsigned programme but in perfect condition. No tears or creases. We’re throwing in a flyer for Uncle Vanya and the London Theatre Show Guide (20 Jan to 2 Feb 2020) with the Uncle Vanya promo on the cover.

Authentic Uncle Vanya (2020) Theatre Programme

The ideal fan pack for stationary lovers and Thorin Oakenshield fans: This is a fan pack consisting of a memo cube and custom washi tape. The memo cube has note paper printed with an image of Thorin. The sides of the cube are also printed with scenes from The Hobbit. The note cube comes with a roll of custom-made washi tape, printed with images of Thorin. Both items are custom-printed one-offs, unused and in their original wrapping. Dimensions: 8 x 8 x 4 cm. This fan pack was donated by Young.

Thorin Fan Stationary Pack

Relive Lucas North’s first appearance with this DVD box set of Spooks, season 7. This is box set contains the episodes on 4 DVDs. The set is unused and in spotless condition. Kudos, 2008- Note: The DVDs are PAL region 2. Donated by Louisa.

Spooks Season 7 – DVD

Lucas North’s adventures as an MI5 spy continue in this DVD box set of Spooks, season 8. This is box set contains the episodes on 4 DVDs. The set is unused and in spotless condition. Kudos, 2009. Note: The DVDs are PAL region 2. Donated by Louisa.

Spooks Season 8 – DVD

Brave the storm with the Into the Storm fan pack! Cuddle up to a Sinnamin-made plushie of the hottest high school teacher East of Attu Island and put on a DVD of Richard’s 2014 disaster movie Into the Storm. The DVD is PAL region 1, unused and still in its original wrapper. Warner Bros, 2014. Donated by Anne and Kate.

Into the Storm – Fan Pack

Gloves are a bit of a recurring theme in RA’s oeuvre. Particularly when taken of with the teeth. And Guy started it all. Reason enough to combine the leather lust with a bit of glove love in this RAPS. This is a 3D mixed media collage, contained in a shallow metal tin that is lined with black faux leather. The tin has been sprayed black and decorated on the outside. Comes with two candles to light the pocket shrine. Size: 9.5 x 8.5 x 1.5cm.

Glove Love Pocket Shrine

Going back to RA’s earliest film work, we have a gem for super fans on offer here: The 2005 psycho thriller Frozen features Richard Armitage in a supporting role. This DVD is used but in good condition. English language soundtrack and PAL 0 (= suitable for all regions). Guerilla Films, 2005. Donated by Paula.

Frozen – DVD

John Thornton captured in a glass bell jar. Shake gently and see the snow or cotton fall. And relive the iconic scene from North & South. Size 12.5 x 9 cm. Made and donated by Jane.

Mr Thornton Bell Jar

A costume drama of a different kind: Pilgrimage is a medieval road movie… sort of… featuring Richard as a Norman knight. You can watch him on this Dutch release (=Dutch blurb on cover) with English language sound track. Note: This DVD is region 2. It is used but in good condition. Universal, 2017. Donated by Jacqueline.

Pilgrimage – DVD

Cuddle up to John Standring with this super cute set of crochet figures. Dressed in his iconic overalls and a beanie, Crochet Standring comes with his own woolly sheep. Size of the Standring figure – about 11cm. Hand-made and donated by Certifiedmoody

Crochet Doll Standring

A recent interview of Richard Armitage appeared in this issue of Total Film mag, sourced for your pleasure. This is Issue 313, which comes with a one-page interview with RA. Unused and in pristine condition.

Total Film Magazine

More Thornton love in the shape of this altered tin. Shaped like a book, the tin has been decorated on cover and back with pictures of Mr Thornton as played by Richard Armitage. The inside cover also reveals a smouldering Mr Thornton. Dimensions: approx. 18 x 18 x 4cm. Tin with cardstock/photo paper. Made and donated by Kate.

Mr Thornton – Altered Tin

Before North & South once again vanishes from one of favourite streaming services, why not make it your own in shape of a DVD! This is an unused copy of the 2004 classic, starring Richard as Mr Thornton. It is still in its original wrapper. BBC, 2005. Note: PAL region 2! Donated by Jen

North and South – DVD

Your chance to get your hands on a copy of Metro UK from June 22, 2021. It features an article about RA. As Metro UK is a free daily newspaper, it is hard to come by. All pages are intact, middle crease from shipping. Metro UK, 22 June 2021. Thank you to Pamela for picking this copy up and donating it.

Issue of Metro UK Newspaper

A beautiful Bone China trio by Colclough. Made in England. Featuring the distinct yellow rose motif as seen in North and South. Each piece has been written on with permanent porcelain marker with some of Mr Thornton lines from the famous last scene in the mini series. “You’re coming home with me?” on the cup; “Where are you going?” on the saucer; “I found it in the hedgerow” on the side plate

No other set like this exists! Perfect for sipping tea and thinking of Mr Thornton! A box of Chinese rose green tea will also be included in the auction if allowed through customs (country permitting). Item is vintage, no chips cracks or crazing but slight loss of the gold edging is visible. Not suitable for dishwasher use. This item ships from the UK! Made and donated by Rachel.

Custom Thornton Tea Set

Your fridge could be prettier than ever with this silver colour cabochon magnet. Decorated with dangling charms of playing cards and hand-cuffs, the magnet features a picture of scoundrel Claude Becker from Ocean’s 8. Made and donated by Ani. This item will ship from Germany.

Claude Becker Magnet

A souvenir from Richard’s turn as Kenneth in Love Love Love at the Laura Pels Theater, New York in 2016, this is a Playbill of the play with an original signature by Richard Armitage on the cover. The signature was obtained at the stage door. The programme contains the cast list and is in mint condition. As a little extra we are enclosing a colour flyer for Love Love Love.

Signed “Love Love Love” Playbill

Not necessarily to everyone’s taste, but a must for every RA film library, this is a DVD of horror film The Lodge. The DVD is a German release and has German on the blurbs, but includes the English language sound track. Unused and in pristine condition, it is still unopened in its original wrapper. Film Nation, 2019. Donated by Jacqueline.

The Lodge – DVD

One of Richard’s lesser known chaRActers, Dr Track is nonetheless swoon-worthy. Celebrate him with a charm hand made by Ani. The charm contains cabochon images of Dr Track and is decorated with a miniature dangling stethoscope and an orange bead. The dangle is 5.5cm length. Donated by Anne.

Dr Track Charm

What’s romantic and got Armitage in it? Right, this fan pack! We are offering a used North & South DVD together with a unique “Got Armitage?” water bottle. The DVD is English OV and in good condition. The water bottle is aluminium, with “got armitage” printed on white background. It holds 500ml and is 23cm high with a built in plastic drinking straw. (Note: Could not find any region specifics on DVD.) Donated by Jacqueline

The RA Fan Pack

Inspired by a behind-the-scene photograph of Richard Armitage behind the theatre curtain, this pocket shrine depicts Richard Armitage as Dr Astrov on and off stage. To make it a fan pack, this RAPS comes with a new and unused 5ml spray vial of the scent Hinoki by Comme des Garcons. A fan pack for all the senses! RAPS dimensions: 5.5 x. 9.5 x 2cm. 3D mixed media collage from paper, fabric and mint tin.

The Astrov Fan Pack

We owe him awe. And no comments on his size! This Red Dragon fan pack consists of a Red Dragon plushie and a set of three postcards. The plushie was made by maker Sinnamin. Full of detail, you can actually disrobe the Red Dragon to reveal his fancy tattoo. The accompanying postcards are of Dolarhyde and the Dragon drawing by William Blake. This fan pack has been donated by Anne.

Red Dragon Fan Pack

If you like writing and notekeeping, this North & South fan pack is for you: It features a 18x12cm, soft-bound notebook and a custom-printed roll of washi tape. The note book has lined paper. The cover is faux leather with a picture of Mr Thornton on the front, and Margaret Hale on back. The sides of the paper pages are printed with lines from the book: “I believe I have seen hell and it’s white, it’s snow white”; “Look back, look back at me”; and “John Thornton & Margaret Hale”. The note book is accompanied by custom-made washi tape with images from N&S. Both items are unused, custom-made and still in their original wrapping. Brought to you by Young.

North & South Stationary Fan Pack

More plushie love love love coming your way! Young Kenneth from Love Love Love has been immortalised in plushie form by Sinnamin. Here he is in his morning gown – which is actually removable. This plushie is preloved and has been donated by Ellen.

Kenneth Plushie

Need a hero? Here comes the Porter Care Package! Porter’s camouflage wash bag has been filled to the brim. The handy zippered bag has multiple pockets inside. It contains a decorated cardboard box to suit your Porter needs, as well as the one and only custom-labelled Porter shower gel – yes, there is such a thing, and it will make your shower hot, even if the water is cold. Made and donated by Kate.

The Portah Care Pack

A unique piece of fan memorabilia, this is a full deck of playing cards. Each of the cards in this standard deck of 52 cards, has a different photo of Richard Armitage in one of his various roles, featuring Guy of Gisborne, John Porter, Dr Astrov and many more. The cherry on top: The Joker cards are decorated with a picture of the actor himself! The back of the deck is a multi-coloured print of the various chaRActers’ names. Donated by Esther.

RA Playing Cards

Let’s give Daniel some love with this unofficial Berlin Station puzzle. It’s extra special because it was not commercially available but made by a fan for a fan. And it’s extra hard, too, because there is no reference picture that would tell you what the puzzle looks like. However, it is not huge, so doable in an afternoon. All pieces included, of course.

Berlin Station Jigsaw Puzzle

For your archive of RA in print, we bring you a bumper issue of the Radio Times, dated 19 Dec – 1 Jan 2021. The double spread article about RA entitled “The Man from Uncle” features a picture of RA as Astrov. The magazine is in pristine condition and unused. Donated by Pamela.

Radio Times Magazine – Christmas 2020

Francis Dolarhyde has never been softer! Make your head canon come true with this cute hand-made set of Crochet Dolarhyde and his gorgeous love Reba. Size about 11 cm. This item was made and donated by Certifiedmoody.

Crochet Doll Dolarhyde 

Thornton love times two: This Thornton love pack comes with a hand-decorated altered box, as well as a hand-made picture holder. The box is decorated with lace, book pages, yellow roses and images of Mr Thornton as played by RA. It also comes with little book mark and a card. The box is complemented with a hand-made, foldable picture holder that contains two photos of Mr Thornton. It has a velcro fastener to keep it shut and is made from cardstock with a vintage pattern. The cover features the initials JT. This fan pack is a crafty collaboration by Ani and Anne who have donated the items.

The Thornton Handmade Pack

A piece of fan art for fans of Mr Thornton, forever in our hearts thanks to his pleading. This sign consists of painted wood, with hand-applied rose and letters reading “Look back at me”. The dimensions are 13 x 21.5cm. Made and donated by Kate.

Thornton Fan Sign

On the occasion of the Hobbit trilogy, Lego released mini figurines of the various characters. Did you know that Thorin is the only dwarf to receive three different iterations of a mini figure? This is Thorin with sword and axe in the Unexpected Journey outfit. Size: approx. 4.5cm. Donated by Ellen.

Thorin Lego Mini Figure

Kate Claude frame - 1This altered picture frame would fit a photo of scoundrel Claude Becker perfectly. Decorated with mini playing cards and some hand-cuffs, this table top mini frame is 8 x 8cm in size. Made and donated by Kate.

Claude Becker Picture Frame

Priced out of other leathers? Don’t fret, here is your chance at getting your hands on Guy leather love in a different shape: This is an interactive pocket shrine of Guy of Gisborne. You can decide which outfit looks best on him. 3D mixed media collage contained in a faux leather lined mint tin. Outside sprayed gold and decorated. Comes with two candles to light the pocket shrine. Dimensions: 5.5 x 9.5 x 2cm.

Leather Pocket Shrine

“Found it in the hedgerow!” No, not this adorable crochet Thornton, but the yellow dog rose. Here he is, soft and woolly, complete with top hat and holding a tiny yellow rose. Size approx. 11cm. Crocheted and donated by Certifiedmoody.

Crochet Thornton Doll

Reimagining of a sign that may have adorned Marlborough Mills in Milton – the factory run by Mr John Thornton. This is a representation of one of the real types of plate which did adorn many of the machines in mills of that era. Featuring the iconic yellow rose Laser cut and engraved from MDF and hand painted and lacquered. Has 2 screw holes or could be attached to the wall with a foam sticker. Measures 17.5cm x 11cm by 7mm thick. Not suitable for outdoor use. Made and donated by Rachel.

Marlborough Mills Sign

For fans of Adam Price or the Netflix show The Stranger, we have a stationary fan pack with custom made items. It consists of a memo cube with images of Adam Price on the paper, as well as a roll of custom washi-tape. The note cube is 10 x 10cm and about 5cm high. The sides of the memo cube feature images from “The Stranger” on three sides. The washi tape has plenty of images of Adam Price. Both items were designed and donated by Young.

The Stranger Stationary Set

Patio, Lawn or Shrubbery? You can have all three with this toy! Use the wand to move the iron filings to style Richard’s hair! This item comes with the [infamous!!!] two coasters showing Richard gorgeous with beard and without. Magnetic toy: 22.3 x 17.8 cm. Coasters: 9 x 9 cm. This item will be shipped from the UK! Made and donated by Jane.

The Facial Hair Fan Pack

A unique piece of felted sculpture, this is a felt doll of Dr Astrov from Uncle Vanya. The good doctor in has his vial of medicine at hand, to soothe your pain. The felt doll comes with two hand-made magnets in the signature style of Ani – one a painting of RA, the other a cabochon magnet with a picture of Astrov and a dangling charm. This items will be shipped from Germany. All items made and donated by Ani.

Felted Astrov Doll

The Hobbit never gets old, so we have dug deep in our archive and put together a memorabilia pack of items that are no longer available anywhere. Start your kids early with the Hobbit BOTFA Annual 2015, an activity book for children. Also included is the specialist collector’s edition of Event for “The Hobbit”, which is evidently more of a collector’s item than the children’s book. The Thorin bookmark is an extra. All items are used. The Hobbit Annual is in pristine condition (none of the puzzles written in). Event magazine has slight creasing on folded edge.

Hobbit Memorabilia Pack

vpCa3NTXTfa8JW1OgWgjFQYour chance to get your hands on a beautiful poster – way back from 2014: This is a poster of the Old Vic’s production of The Crucible, starring Richard Armitage as lead. The poster is new, has never been hung on a wall, and was bought at the theatre during the play’s run in 2014. This poster was donated by SahRA.

Size: 32 x 50cm

The Crucible (2014) Poster

All auctions are set to run for three days, hopefully making it possible for everyone, no matter what time-zone, to take a look and bid.ETA: NOTE: In case you experience problems accessing the auctions by navigating to eBay directly, there is a work-around. Instead of going to eBay and searching for my name, access my page on eBay via the link above ( Once there, change the country ending “.ie” to “” (or your local eBay) and press enter, and you will hopefully see my page with all the auctions on offer. Thank you to Rachel for this tip!

For the general rules and regulation, check my earlier post, but highlighting the following:

  • The beneficiary of our donation is LOROS hospice care – as a birthday present for Richard.
  • I have taken the liberty of setting a starting bid – only to guarantee a minimum bid. I needn’t have – the Guy jacket has already blown everything out of the water. They reflect regular item prices, although the hand-crafted items are *priceless*.
  • Please bear in mind that the items you are bidding on are pre-loved (unless described otherwise). That means there may be signs of use on the items, as per item descriptions.
  • Hand made items are unique – and sometimes imperfect.
  • This is a fundraiser for charity, so no returns possible as all proceeds will be donated!
  • Please bid responsibly and within your means.
  • Most items are shipped from EU/Ireland (unless described otherwise) – please note that customs fees and taxes could be due, depending on where you live, which have to be paid by you!
  • All fan-fronted auctions will finish on Friday, 20 August. You can see the exact end time within the listings on eBay.
  • Please cut me some slack if I am not quick in replying to messages over the next few days – I’ll be busy monitoring/commenting the auctions.
  • Lastly – if you receive the automatically generated notification from eBay that you have won the auction, the item will be yours. No need to send messages to me to request invoice – I will send them as soon as I can. The item is yours regardless of when I send the invoice!
  • Final tallies hopefully on Sunday 22 August 2021, when I am also planning to transfer the proceeds to LOROS.

Finally – I have already received monetary donations for the postage fund/to go into the final donation. Thank you! If you would like to contribute, you can do so by clicking on the link below.

Please label “RA50Auctions” and send as gift/to friend.

Have I mentioned everything??? I am – understandably? – a bit beside myself. Please join the conversation here, on Twitter and on blogs or platforms! It’s *our* party!!!

Edit: Corrected the end date of the auctions.


27 thoughts on “All Fan-Fronted Auctions Are (Finally) Live NOW, too – #RA50Auctions

  1. YAY!!!! I’m so happy you managed to persuade Ebay to let you make the rest of the auctions. I’ll now be off to check the items I find interesting (and count my money….. sigh.).
    Tiny point of criticism: You wrote in dot no 8 that the auctions end on Wednesday 18th, that’s not correct anymore since they still run 3 days, but started late.
    Thank you so much for all your efforts!!!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • I never ever wanted to facilitate more than 40 auctions again – but then, with the big 5-O happening and also so many donations coming in, it had to be done. (Jeeps, I hope RA doesn’t live to 100 😂. Mind you, I’d be 101 at that point, and probably not whizzing around the internet, anyway…)

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  2. Just came back from our day trip and I see this! Woohooo, finally! We’re having dinner in a few and then this evening will be spent browsing away and (probably) bidding. What a relief that this part of the party can now also finally start. 🙂


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  4. I am scrolling through this odd assortment of, let’s face it, ODD items, laughing out loud that I know what every single one of them is, and thinking what has happened to my life? This is what I do now? Answer: YESSSSS, and I’m not apologizing for it! Splendid work, G, just splendid.


  5. All of the #RA50Auctions items described above look awesome! Unfortunately, I don’t seem to be able to find your auction site on ebay. I tried both methods of connecting that you mentioned, but nothing turns up. I don’t have an ebay account, so I wonder if that is the problem. Oh well. Saved my money–but I really wanted to bid on those Esther playing cards. Ha! So, I’ll try to make a donation, instead.

    Kudos to you again for creating and organizing all of this. You’re going to need a relaxing vacation when its all done. Hugs & Cheers!


  6. Swamped at work this week but so thrilled this finally worked out! And such wonderful items, even without drilling down to details yet! ♥️ You and all the donors are complete stars, S 👏👏👏


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