Donating to #RA50Auctions

Hello – a late update today as there is not that much to report on the current Guy jacket auction. That’s to be expected – we are basically at the half-way point with the auction, and that usually means a lull. After the update from last night, there has only been a little movement, from €4,320 to the current highest bid of €4,380. Thank you to the bidders for continuing to push the price! Every little helps 😉. You can follow the bidding HERE.

Random picture of Guy…

However, to make this a post with value content, here is something else. As previously announced, it will be possible to add a monetary donation to our proceeds. I have received a number of questions in that regard, and some generous fans have already sent donations. So, in case anyone would like to add to the fundraiser by way of a monetary donation, you can do so via Paypal. Click on the image below to be transferred to the relevant Paypal page, where you can “send” money. (In case link doesn’t work – this is the URL:

Please label your donation “#RA50Auctions” and send as gift/to friend

Donations received via Paypal will be added to the proceeds from eBay auctions and fixed-price sale, to be donated to LOROS in one transaction, as our birthday present. In the final tally I will also account for the amount raised through monetary donations. – Disclaimer as always – there is no pressure on you to donate money, or to donate via this channel, and to this charity. *Any* donation to *any* worthy cause you might want to support as a way of celebrating RA’s birthday, would be wonderful. And of course you are part of this fundraiser, no matter whether you donate items or money or not. Donating your time is equally valid!

12.58 pm as I am writing this post – eBay has not been back yet. I am hoping for some feedback soon!


5 thoughts on “Donating to #RA50Auctions

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  2. You’re an angel to put up with this.i keep checking for the other auction items every day. Alas, the jacket is way beyond my limit now but hurray for all that will go to LOROS.


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