Morning Update Day 3 #RA50Auctions

Good morning, all. As promised, here comes a morning update. I have to be very quick this morning because I am heading to a volunteer induction event at 9.30am. (Unfortunately it was scheduled during the birthday week. But I am very excited about this volunteering opportunity and will talk about it more another time, as it is right up my street, figuratively and literally.) I will be back in time for the last couple of hours of the Guy jacket auction, though, and hope that many of you will tune in and see how the bidding for it will pan out.

But now to the promised update. I’ll start by saying, once again, how glad I am that Claudine bumped up the selling limit. Because our current total of *all* 51 auctions is…

Amazing numbers!!! Thank you so much to all supporters so far. You rock!

The stats:

  • The Guy jacket is currently at €4,470 after some movement over night. This could still heat up once the end of the auction comes nearer…
  • In our fan-fronted auctions, the top seller right now is the deck of RA playing cards, at €162.50, followed by the hand-painted tea set at €113. Fantastic bids – many thanks to all who have bid so far, and to our two donors Esther and Rachel.
  • In terms of bids, the altered Thornton tin by Kate is most popular (not counting the Guy jacket, of course); it has received 35 bids. Second most popular is the Glove Love RAPS with 26 bids. Thank you for bidding!
  • All items have received a bid now. Hooray!
  • The lowest price items are all the magazines on offer. So there is your chance to get a something back for a moderate donation 😉.

Bidding will continue while I am off-site. A big thank you to all who have tweeted over on Twitter – some of the donors have also posted extra info and pictures about their items. (Sorry, I’d link but am in a bit of a hurry right now. Will do later!)

Donations have also come in via Paypal – many thanks to the generous donors of money. The donations will generate a healthy sum, I can already tell.

Also: I have received questions re. the start of the fixed-price sale. In light of the delayed fan auctions, the crisis management team has decided that we will move the start of the fixed-price sale to Thursday. It will go live early evening GMT, but I will notify you clearly here and on Twitter once it goes live.

Apologies for not yet having replied to all your comments. I will do so later! Off I go for now 🥳


10 thoughts on “Morning Update Day 3 #RA50Auctions

  1. Have fun at your event. Take a moment to breathe and we’ll see you back here for communal hyperventilating when the jacket hits the home stretch! 😘


  2. Awesome result so far! I was going to bid on Rachel’s tea set but it was quickly out of my range. 🙂 So glad it and other items are doing so well.
    And ooh, I’ll be curious to read about your volunteering as well, once this is all over.


  3. i’ve not had much time to stop today so couldn’t watch the jacket as it happened, but it’s such wonderful news and the rest of the auctions are doing amazing. You should be proud of yourself for pulling this all off xx


    • The final minutes were a nail-biter. And they were a mood-lifter, too. I think a lot of people watched – or then checked the results, and good news are always a motivation. Thank you for all your support!!

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