#RA50Auctions Over, Guylty Out – And Some First Numbers

Do you want to hear the good news first or the bad?

Nah, I’ll start with the good. And I’ll make it short. Let me just say that this evening’s home stretch of the fan auctions was just… manic. I tried to tweet, but I couldn’t keep up. Some amazing last minute bidding pushed us well past the big milestone I had hinted at. I have to laugh now that I had thought we mightn’t reach it. Many bidders who were pipped at the post, actually diverted their budget to the monetary donations via Paypal instead. So that sum rose quickly, too. Add to that the Etsy sale, which was still coming in (but which I have now ended), and we did something incredible.

Our total, generated from the fan-fronted auctions, fan donations and fixed-price purchases have exceeded the proceeds of Guy’s jacket!

Reminder: Guy’s jacket made €6,333 (of which a hefty sum actually is deducted for eBay fees, but that’s something for the final accounts). So you can work it out… The upshot is: Together with Richard, we have generated a definite five-figure donation. I can’t give you the final number yet – there will be deductions due to eBay and Etsy fees, and a big chunk will go towards postage. The full accounts will be posted next week. But I think I can safely say that the final donation will be five figures! Incredible!

Please pat yourselves on the back: Everyone who donated an item to our auctions, who crafted and who designed. Everyone who placed a bid on eBay and lost, or bid and won. Everyone who bought an item in the fixed-price sale. Everyone who sent a donation via Paypal. Everyone who tweeted, commented, signal-boosted, liked and shared. Everyone who carefully packed a “used leather jacket” in a sturdy box and secured it with tape. You all made this happen! Thank you! Celebrate! 

And now for the bad news. The delay of the fan auctions unfortunately has set us back by a few days. What that means is: I am really sorry, but the funds will not be available in my bank account for making our donation on Richard’s birthday as planned. eBay needs several working days to process the payments and transfer them to my account. And essentially you have been too generous 😉 – I simply do not have enough money myself to transfer the sum from my own stash *before* I receive the eBay proceeds in my account. I am really disappointed myself – my planning was shot to pieces – but the donation will only be transferred some time mid-week, next week. Please accept my apologies, but payment processing times are out of my hands. My only hope is that our birthday present will still be gratefully received by Richard even if a few days late. Sorry!

But still – let’s celebrate the achievement. I think we really did something great…


And just a litte admin note at the end: Over the weekend I will get all your items from sale and auctions packed and ready for dispatch. You will receive notifications on eBay and Etsy once your purchases have been sent. And as soon as I have all the funds in my account, I will transfer the donation to LOROS, and I will notify you as soon as that is done.

Lots of love to you all,

an exhausted but happy Sonja ❤️




36 thoughts on “#RA50Auctions Over, Guylty Out – And Some First Numbers

  1. We did it! I’m proud of you and of everyone else. With all the chaos going on around the world, it’s a boost of faith and positivity to see such a wonderful result to this special birthday auction. This is a fantastic day! xo


    • You are so right! It’s a tough time for the world in general, and a little initiative like this not only puts some fun into our dreary present, but also reassures us that there is good in the world. Fantastic day indeed.

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  2. Amazing! I, too, am running out of superlatives to describe this year’s auction & sale. What a year of firsts and mega milestones. Everyone did great, but special thanks to you for making it all possible. I’m buying you several drinks post-pecadillo. 😘😘

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  3. Incredible!!! Put your feet up now, get a snack and light the room with just your smile, you did something amazing! And stop apologisapologising, I am sure everybody is more than happy to wait!
    PS And you know what else you did? You made me teach myself how to use Paypal and Ebay- learning has never been more fun and I will be eternally grateful for the incentive to finally do that! 🙂


    • Thank you for the reassurance, Noa. I’m probably my own greatest critic in this 😂. When my expectations are not met, I feel bad. But well, I am also a positive thinker, so I am simply looking forward to the donation transfer in a few days.
      Ha, and fantastic by-product of the fundraiser! Glad you conquered the challenges of eBay and Paypal! That’s commitment. Thank you 😘


  4. Sonja, thank you for excellent organizing!!! Thanks to everyone for making it so special!!! I hope that one day we can see RA on the stage all together 💗.


  5. Really astounding in terms of everything you have done, the items donated, Richards response this year and the amazing, generous bidders and winners. LOROS won’t know what has hit them! Sleep well x


  6. Many, many congratulations to all involved. As Violet said, it’s so cheering to see something like this put together amidst all the sad and worrying news. Extra kudos too for the Putterer-together-in-Chief who has worked so hard to bring it all about.


  7. This has been an astonishing auction with what sounds like an astounding result. Thank you so much for all your efforts and hard work to make it all happen!
    I’m drinking a glass on Pommeau this evening (a kind of apple port) and I am raising it to you and also all the RA fans (and RA himself) who made this possible. 🙂

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    • Cheers to the pommeau – sounds delicious. And yes, this year’s fundraiser and its results really is a new record. Amazing response. No doubt, Richard’s involvement has helped. But nevertheless, the numbers suggest that the fans were not going to be outshone by Guy 😉. Amazing!


  8. A wonderful tribute to you and all who participated. What an impressive auction. Hope RA finds another little item when cleaning out his closet. I would love to know if the jacket will be worn, framed or maybe cuddled.

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    • Thank you Kathy – hehe, we’ll happily take any other discarded items of clothing (or otherwise), but it might get a bit too pricy for Mr A…
      I’m sure the jacket will go to a good home. Who knows, maybe the winner will let us know.

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  9. What a final! Breathe deeply, let M. Guylty bring you a tea or something stronger. I am sure everybody understand the delay. R A and LOROS will be happy to hear and to receive a remarkable sum whenever. This fandom knows to celebrate a big birthday. Cheers to all and in particular to you!


    • LOL, Mr G was full of snark, really, so no cups of tea from him.
      Fund processing is moving slowly but surely. Now it’s on me to get all the items packed and dispatched to get the final deductions calculated. Hopefull all done soon.


    • It’s a really cute video, I have to say. And very nicely executed. He definitely had his producer hat on, too. That bit with the skewed perspective at the beginning *chefs kiss*. And all in all a really nice way of acknowledging the milestone birthday – as well as his family and even us as fans. Nicely done.


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