Dispatched, Update – and Final Numbers #RA50Auctions

This is one of two moments you have been waiting for! Today, after several days of packing, printing and dispatching, I have finally shipped the last of the parcels with your purchases. You should’ve all received notification by now from eBay and/or Etsy regarding dispatch of your purchases. Not all items have been sent tracked/registered (that depended on the purchase price) but tracking numbers have been passed on via the relevant platform to those who are expecting a valuable shipment. For now, I keep my fingers crossed that your items will arrive with you safe and soon!

So, with the postage costs finalised, monetary donations added up, and net proceeds of the Etsy sale and eBay auctions identified, I can now give you the final tally.

Wait, I thought it would be fun to do it in a video. I suggest you sit comfortably, set down any beverages, and breathe carefully.

Everything ok? No drinks spilled? In case that all passed by you too fast: The final proceeds of the 2021 #RA50Auctions fundraiser is € 14,454.20. For our fan sisters in the US that is US$ 17,011.22. And the donation generated for LOROS will be £12,368.89 (or most likely a sum a little smoother than that because I like to round it up a little). In any case, this is a record result, bigger than anything we have generated before! By multiples, in fact. Our highest amount so far was last year’s birthday fundraiser in excess of €3,450. This time we have quadrupled that result!

Granted, round-about half of our proceeds – or €5,888.94 to be exact – were generated by the fantastic contribution by Richard, in the shape of Guy’s jacket. However, our *own* fan auctions generated a total of €5,031.77. Add to that our Etsy proceeds of €1,536.34, and we have already trumped our very generous favourite actor! And *then* add another €2,730.15 from monetary donations, and we have blown Richard out of the water (see right). 😉

No, it’s not a contest, I know that. But it is nice to know that our “birthday gift” is such an amazing amount.

So, remember Richard’s added thank you on his birthday video?

Well, somehow Richard was prescient when he wrote 18,000 there. Because that was *not* the ballpark figure I had passed on to him… In fact, he had mixed up currencies… If you count *our* proceeds and add Richard’s own contribution of a matching final bid for Guy’s jacket (€6,333) together, you get almost €21,000 – or £18,000.

What an amazing result for LOROS!!! We are going to make a huge difference for them. Richard has already matched the bid and donated yesterday. He added a lovely little nod to our fundraiser in his message on muchloved.

Which brings me to the all-important second moment you are waiting for. Our donation. I am so sorry that our birthday present has been delayed so much. I’ll refrain from more “Sonja in apology mode”, but I want to at least explain what is holding me up now that all shipments have been dispatched. While proceeds from Guy’s jacket and Etsy, as well as all monetary donations have already been received in my account, I am still waiting for eBay to transfer the remaining proceeds of the fan auctions. It is a sizeable sum in excess of €5,000, hence I need to wait for its arrival in my bank account before I can transfer the donation in full to LOROS. The hold-up is apparently a routine review “of some details”. I have been in touch with eBay already (hooray for eBay Ireland again) who have assured me that the funds will be released tomorrow (26 August).

Fingers crossed that my bank processes the dosh quickly. I really want to move on with that donation – you have all been waiting much longer than planned, and Richard’s birthday is long past…

But for now – savour that sum again.

€14,454.20  / £12,368.89  /  $17,011.22


Thank you to all of you. All – of – you. I will add proper and personal thanks, as well as some more detailed accounts once I can finally notify you of the transferred donation.


59 thoughts on “Dispatched, Update – and Final Numbers #RA50Auctions

  1. LOL! Thank you for the beautifully matched music to the stripping of the wee RA – though I’m not sure he nor any man would ever want to be referred to as wee!

    I’ve said it before, you have a wonderful sense of humor!

    You deserve so much credit, gratitude and hugs from all of us for the outstanding job you did on this! You’re a rock star!

    I hope your wine glass is topped up and you are in full-on do nothing mode for quite a while!

    Cheers- Liz Lewis

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  2. Sonja, now, you have me all dazed and confused with all that numbers….Dear me…(What a relief you have all that so perfectly good in hand!!!!!) As it happens, it’s me feeling more than quadrubled, and after all there is this unpostponable EMERGENCY to head off rescuing that sobby guy from those muddy waters…. you know…!!


  3. G: You are amazing. This is the best on so many levels. So funny. So ridiculous. And you timed those snap openings to the music perfectly. The jacket performs for us! Thank you for pawing that jacket so thoroughly. You are the proxy pawer for all of us. I took several deep breaths during the portion of your pawing that I decided (in my head, mind) represented me. Now, my guess at the mumbling at the end, tell me how I did: “I almost had something, didn’t I?” What’s it frommmmm???

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  4. I am always amazed at the sheer love and generosity shown by his fans for our guy and I think this is the most meaningful gift he could receive. Thanks, G, for all your hard work to make this result a reality.


    • It’s stunning. And apart from the amount raised and what it means to both LOROS and RA, I also feel that it reinforces my belief that there is much good in the world. A true mood-lifter. Thank you to all who have lifted *my* mood!


  5. You make me laugh, because that video is hilarious with, perfect timing, perfect pacing, perfect fun! Had to watch it a few times. (good thing the hubs isn’t around right now)
    Congratulations on the impressive 💲💷💶💰💵💴💶💲moola raising.
    Your hard work, ie, Blood, Sweat and I’m sure a few Tears of frustration at other people’s ineptitude, (hubs says I shouldn’t call people inept, but if the shoe fits) you made this a huge success. (Shakes head) Even tho the bay of e put such a huge road block in place. You are impressive girl!
    You truly are a Wonder Woman in so many ways!

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    • LOL, maybe I should’ve included a NSFW warning… It apparently turned out more erotic than I had envisioned, judging by some of the comments. I thought it was cute-funny, but *ooops* I underestimated the power of the Jacket (from now on spelled with a capital J 😂)
      Never mind the roadblocks, Mimi. We’ve made a thing, and I’ll see the whole thing through to the end. Hopefully tonight/tomorrow.

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      • I didn’t mean to focus on the negative roadblocks. But your achievement came at a price, in addition to the intense amount of work, (organizing alone) you put into this effort. And it isn’t lost on me that it must have been frustrating as hell dealing with others not helping but hindering.
        I suppose I don’t think it fair to not remember it wasn’t all rainbows and puppies getting it done.

        It’s a worthy achievement of note. Not a participation trophy for showing up.

        You “saw it through” despite all the hard work and obstacles. It’s why I’m so proud of you.
        Back to work for me or my customers will think I can’t follow through. Demanding men that they are. 😁


  6. lol, i has assumed you must have caressed the jacket at some point! lmfao (who wouldn’t!) and you even have a tiny sexy dude in there too! top off, as usual…man can’t resist taking off his shirt
    fantabulous amount, great video, you genuinely are a rockstar for doing all that ebay (i have so much to sell on ebay but it makes my head explode)

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  7. Fantastic sum, Sonja! 💥💥💥 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Btw the video revealing it with your hands tenderly touching Guy’s jacket and Richard’s deep velvet voice at the end is quite erotic 💓😉😁.
    Thank you for your hard work, Sonja! I know I sound like a parrot but I am not tired of repeating it. Being Richard’s fan is more fun with your auctions and fans’ crafting skills, and donating to Richard’s charities is more substantial with our collective efforts.
    I hope you can relax now. Much love ❤️❤️❤️

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    • Haha, I completely misjudged my video… I thought it was cutely funny and ironic, but boy, the soundtrack really put it on another level, I think 😂
      I totally agree with you on fandom and fun. Personally, I enjoy community stuff. It’s not for everyone, and I respect that. But I really like fangirling in a flock. If that makes me a sheep, so be it. 😍

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  8. I’m not sure that I can add to the superlatives! So, amazing just amazing amounts raised. Wonderful Richard for donating the jacket, Wonderful contributors but above all wonderful you for organising it all, Guylty. thank you. I loved the video too, who would have thought that the undoing of an empty jacket could be so erotic. (And I recognised Daniel’s mumble at the end, “We almost had something, didn’t we.” as it is one of my favourite mumbles – brings shivers down the spine.)

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    • Amazing is the word, J – not in my wildest dreams had I envisioned this result, even *with* Guy’s Jacket. We have a lot to thank Richard for, but a large chunk of this is also our own achievement.
      I am glad my little video fun has had such an enthusiastic reception. Well, and I am glad I actually quickly filmed it before I had to wrap Guy up and send him off to his new home. I reckoned that we’d all like to see as much of it as possible before it would go back into privacy mode…
      That little soundbite at the end… yes, correctly spotted. I saved a few bits from BS back then and never knew what for… Well, it came in very handy, I have to say 😉

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  9. I’m fresh out of eloquent things to say. What a year. What a fabulous group of people. What a guy. What a Guy garment. What a wonderful Guylty. And what a bloody brilliant way to announce the number.

    You’re fabulous. Never change!!


  10. Thank you again, Sonja, for organising this fundraiser and making the whole thing so entertaining, keeping us guessing on the contents of that package and especially the ‘reveal’ on this final video! ♥


    • It’s an absolute pleasure, Marguerita – I have had so much fun with the whole fundraiser, and the little cheeky bits in between. I am learning how to video edit, thanks to this fundraiser. Who would’ve thought? Next thing I’ll be on TikTok 😂


  11. Don’t usually get tingles down my spine at the thought of piles of cash, but THIS is something different 😉 And i snorted the tea all over my peanut butter toast 😀 Brilliant!! Thanks so much for this very very special birthday event! x


  12. Just want to add my thanks for all that you have done organising another successful fundraiser. You’re a treasure Guylty, hopefully you can kick back and relax now. What an awesome result ($23,445.89 Australian dollars!) ……and what a great little video. Now I can’t get a vision of Guy doing a striptease out of my head lol.


    • Thank you Mezz – and that sounds really good in AU$!!
      Guy doing the striptease. We just need a fan to edit all the well-known gifs of Guy taking of his jacket together, finishing up on the scene with Marian 😉


  13. Wow, that a amazing event with wonderful people!!! And that a lovely thank you note from Richard, that his Mum would have loved the event… 💗
    P.S. The video is superb!


    • It’s been great fun, hasn’t it? One more highlight to come, the actual transfer of donation.
      Yes, I also thought it was lovely that RA said his mum would’ve enjoyed the idea of this. It is a well-known fact that she used to deal with his fan mail for many years, and many fans felt that she was on our side, so to speak. Hence also the great outpouring of love when she passed away three years ago.


  14. Taking a minute from frantic packaging up mail orders at work to sneak over here and get a big iced coffee.
    ☕️ Anyway . . .
    It occurs to me, the only way to top this fundraising event might be to auction off Sir Guy’s leather pants.
    Or maybe I’m just overthinking about Sir Guy?


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