Update with good news. I’ve checked my eBay account and…

Those are the remaining €5,000+ from the fan auctions. And you can see below the amount that the hold on the funds has been released and the payout is scheduled for tomorrow. Fingers crossed that it will happen early in the day, and will show up quickly in my account. For reference: The also above mentioned earlier payout was sent on 20 August – and arrived in my account on the same day. If that is the case tomorrow, then the donation transfer could happen immediately!

Meanwhile, a couple more donations have come in, from lovely people who insisted to reimburse postage costs. So we will have the added pleasure of a bigger, better, new final amount tomorrow 😉.

No other news here right now. My craftroom/office is almost back to its normal state, except for a few big and empty cardboard boxes. I had kept “The Jacket”™️ hanging on the back of my door, and I now notice the absence of the leather smell when I go in and out of my room…

Funny how quickly you can get used to something 😉.


12 thoughts on “Released!

    • It’s all good. I am in many ways the best – and the worst – to be the long-term custodian of the jacket. I loved hosting it for a little while, but otherwise memorabilia like that does not really mean that much to me, so I have no problem with letting it go.

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  1. Fingers crossed for tomorrow! To bad you couldn’t bottle the smell. For future sensory pleasures 🤣. Thanks for all the hard work you put in. You are a rock star! 🌟


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