RA Pocket Shrine 237/? – Glove Love

The last few weeks were packed. So much so that I never got ’round to posting my usual RAPS reveals. And once the fundraiser was in full swing, I didn’t want to add even more posts spam to the TL. You may have seen the shrines already (if you looked through the respective eBay listing during the fundraiser, but for my own archive pleasure, I want to present the latest shrines via individual posts. There are three of them, and all have found new homes already. I am easing us out of our pangs of good-bye with a little glove love…

Yes, I had the perfect background prop for this shrine. And the shrine outside turned out black-on-black with a little gold bling – just as it befits the g/Guy.

The leather theme continues inside the shrine. I backed the upper with black leather – of course – and gave the shrine some glove love. *cue Beatles “all you need is glove 🎶*

No further explanation necessary, right? Guy lives in our hearts, forever. (I had to conjure up a birthdate, though. I suspect I made him a little too young, though…) I can never quite say whether I find Guy’s gaze in this photo suggestive or not.

There we have him in all his glory. *Piping* hot, if you get my meaning 😉

I hope that the new owner will have fun with the RAPS. Added bonus: This RAPS touched The Jacket™️ 😂… maybe that means something? In any case, thank you for the generous purchase bid on this pocket shrine. It really was a chunk 😘.


24 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 237/? – Glove Love

  1. It’s beautiful! I’m glad for some lucky person!!! Reminds me, I need to clean my dresser and arrange all of my RAPS and do some repair work to my Pirate Guy RAPS. His booty is coming loose. *snerk*



  2. Black with a little gold bling is something what Guy would like 😉 Congratulations on your shrines on the auction. I found also London Spy Guy #187… 😊


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