2021 Armitage Weekly Round-up #31

And we are back to normal scheduling. After missing a couple of these, we now have some stuff to catch up with, I hope 😉.

New header time!!!

  1. There may be a new fan fic writer on the block… I haven’t read any of these stories, but in case you are so inclined, this is i-did-not-mean-to’s masterlist
  2. Riepu10 goes back to Miss Marie Lloyd for some Percy Courtenay
  3. Lathalea received her #RA50Auctions parcel
  4. On the subject of boxes… here’s riepu10 again with a bit of Adam
  5. Grey is such a greyt colour… says astrovian
  6. This post by i-did-not-mean-to is almost like a little love letter 😍
  7. Mininottingham is in the gym. But wait, what the… what is Guy doing there upside down???
  8. Oh, and here is astrovian’s parcel of love 😘
  9. Bitter-sweet-fangirl comes out with a “study in sexy”. Don’t worry, it’s SFW!
  10. Gorgeous b/w study of Daniel Miller by mezzmerizedbyrichard
  11. Thewarriorandtheking takes a look at Thorin’s jewelry – and gratuitous finger porn?
  12. A series of Adam gifs – almost painful to watch – by acecroft
  13. A little scene from life by justpaul. Do you ever catch yourself doing the same? With what kind of image?
  14. Gorgeous gifs of a fabulous fifty yo. Thank you to riepu10
  15. Happy birthday artwork by norloth for Richard
  16. And this is riepu10’s birthday edit for Richard
  17. LOL – a little scene with Uncle Thorin and nephews Fili and Kili, by ghiva-shel
  18. A sketch of Mr Thornton by norloth – is that the pre-op nose? 😋
  19. Beautiful drawing of Thorin by ezkezpez – amazing effect with the monochrome pencils on blue paper
  20. I had to laugh out loud at sunnibits’ Thorin sketch – and the inspiration photo
  21. Background Guy is actually always more interesting than foreground guys. Gifs by riepu10
  22. Yep, that sounds about right for What a Guy Wants… posted by nfcomics

Hey, where were all those birthday wishes??? I expected more 😉. But otherwise a jam packed round-up this week. Hope you enjoyed it.

And now that I have dealt with that, I wanted to also update you. Remember that mysterious “volunteering opportunity” that took me away from the auctions week before last? Some of you were asking what that was all about. Well, yesterday was my first (half) day as a volunteer. My full title is “Visitor Experience Volunteer” *fancy shmancy*, and I have committed to volunteering 3.5 hours every week in “MoLI”, the Museum of Literature Ireland. It’s a brand new museum in the centre of Dublin, and it is right up my street – literally and figuratively. I live around the corner from it, just 5 minutes away. Way back in the pleistocene I wrote my university thesis about James Joyce, so Irish lit was my special interest. And now I get to share my love for Irish literature with the visitors of the museum 🥳. Yes I will yes.

Praying on the altar of Joyce…

In Germany, volunteering is actually a very common thing, although it was never something that people really talked much about. Maybe things have changed since I left Germany, but no one back then put their volunteer positions on their CV. It was just a matter of course that you’d be part of a club or association somewhere. Germany has a very extensive system of clubs and associations that are kept alive by a multitude of honorary and voluntary positions – from sports clubs to the Red Cross to local civic movements. Both my parents were active volunteers in various areas (the local fire brigade, the association of housewives (*muhahaha*), the swimming club, the local archive…) And recently it occurred to me that I haven’t given my time and (minimal) expertise to any such cause myself. When I came across a call for volunteers for MoLI, I immediately applied – and am thrilled that they chose me. It’s an opportunity for me to give something back to this city and this country, which have both welcomed me and made me feel at home. It’s time for me to repay. And yesterday’s first day was really nice. It was quiet in the museum, and I had time to wander around and familiarise myself with the exhibits. I’ll have to do a little bit of studying on the history of the buildings and some writers, but generally I am fairly well-versed in Irish lit (and James Joyce, who is the main focus in the exhibition). But my main responsibility is making visitors feel welcome – by answering questions and by taking the first step in engaging them in chats, if they so wish. I really enjoyed the conversations I started yesterday, and I hope I enhanced the visitors’ experience by being a friendly face (although half-obscured by a face mask…).

Right, enough about me. Have a lovely weekend, all!

Sonja ❤️


28 thoughts on “2021 Armitage Weekly Round-up #31

  1. Reading your thoughts from my home state of Washington. Haven’t been here for many years, but it’s my nephew’s wedding. I’m thrilled he’s happy, but I’m not a good person to wonder if I’ll get to see him as often now. (Can’t help my selfish thoughts.) 🙁

    Wow a new museum. If I ever get my life organized enough to visit Ireland again, it sounds like great fun. Exactly what the hubs and I look for when traveling. Although if you’re there, I might be more interested in talking with you than paying attention to the museum exhibits. 🤔 Either way, could be more fun than I’m allowed. 😁

    In case I never said: Excellent work last month!
    Hope you and your fam are all well.


    • Nice, so you have returned ‘home’? Hope you get enjoy it for a bit – in the old haunts, with friends and family. Very precious.
      If and when you get to Ireland again, the MoLI ist definitely worth visiting. And you can time it in such a way that you see it on a day when I am *not* there – so that we have another day where you have my undivided attention 😘

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      • Hubs wanted to see if he could find where some of my misspent youth traveled. I was touching up my nails instead of visiting old haunts. (Maybe later I’ll do a drive by.) He was gone for hours and saw a few spots that sounded familiar. But unlike more well known landmarks, we (Cruz kids) grew up very poor so no ‘official’ signs marking my having been there. Haha
        If I can get myself organized to go back to Ireland, my Irish hubs (whose fam originated from Armagh) would be forever grateful. We would most definitely spend more than a few days in Dublin. I should really find pics from the last time we were there because I know the city has changed. 😀


        • Oh, Armagh?? We have a friend from Armagh and we have frequently stayed on the farm he has been converting for the last 15 years. It’s a lovely part of the country.
          And yes, if you are coming all this way, you might as well make it a proper holiday. Lots to see and do. But choose a good time of year. May or September, when the weather is best.

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    • It was quite mixed yesterday – I spoke to a couple of people in the early/mid twenties, there were a few people of pensioner age, a grandmother with daughter and granddaughter, a family with teenage daughter. One third of the people I spoke with were non-Irish (presumably tourists). So it is really mixed – which I love.
      And oh yes, Ireland is very very proud of its literary heritage. And in fairness, for a country this small (5m inhabitants), it has a disproportionate number of writers (and writers with serious literary awards. Like, 4 Nobel prize winners for instance.)


  2. There were quite many bday posts on that day. But knowing Tumblr’s eagerness to hide posts.. I posted 4 edits that day. Three were new edits and one from last year I posted again (the one you listed here).


    • Oh, oops. I confess, I didn’t drill deeply into tumblr but only checked the #richardarmitage tag. Dang, and I chose the one that was a repost 😂. Well, maybe I will do a catch-up next week then 😉. Thanks for explaining, Paula!


  3. What an interesting volunteer work, Sonja! I love museums, all kind of them! I think it’s an honour to be even a small part of a museum, to be of any help. Good luck! ❤️


  4. What a lovely place to volunteer, Guylty! I bet you’ll meet some interesting people there. I’d love to do something similar – preferably with a Jane Austen corner. I’ll never forget seeing her writing desk at the British Library. Such a humble insignificant-looking thing, but it sent shivers down my spine.

    Thanks for the roundup – lots of goodies here.

    #6 I-did-not-mean-to sounds such a lovely thoughtful person.

    And #10 reminds me – did you know seasons 2 and 3 of Berlin Station are out on DVD at last? Only as American imports at present, but still… Good news for Luddites like moi.


    • Re. interesting people – I forgot to mention: On the day that I volunteered, the museum had had a “royal visit” in the morning (before my shift, though), and Prince Albert of Monaco visited the museum…
      Oh, next time I am in London, I must visit the British Library. I didn’t know Austen’s desk is there.
      Yep, heard about the BS DVDs. Good news for our ongoing collections. BS is still on our national broadcaster’s iPlayer, but who knows how long that will stay up… The other day, Mr Guylty and I wanted to watch NS, only to find that it was gone from all our streaming services. Meh.


  5. Welcome back Weekly Round-up! Thanks Guylty.
    21) Background Guy always steals the show. RA’s rapid eye-glides are so expressive and compelling.
    Congratulations on your volunteering role, it sounds perfect and I hope you enjoy it. Volunteers are the often un-championed backbone of institutions. Hooray for all who give their time.


    • He really is so good. I mean, even in the background he gives it his all. A real team player.
      Without volunteers, so many institutions could not survive. It feels really nice to give something back – and have fun in the process of doing so…

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  6. Thanks for the round up. Did I miss your birthday recently, or you just meant for Richard?
    Congrats on the MoLI volunteerism! Fabulous – and am sure will be useful for them to have a bilinguist there for any RAndom German-speaking visitors there when you are! 👏👍


    • Oh no no no. Not MY birthday. (I don’t expect any wishes… 😂) No, Richard’s birthday.
      Yep, in my application I did also point out that I was bilingual, which might come in handy. Although chances are that those who visit a museum of literature, are already fluent in the language of the writers. But you never know…

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  7. #20 is very funny
    i really like Norloths Thornton, not often people draw in his eye wrinkles!
    background Guy is also in the shadows, which is always very effective with Richards bone structure]
    your volunteering sounds good, i volunteer for my hygienist society as secretary for the regional group

    Liked by 1 person

    • Absolutely here for all the eye wrinkles! 😆
      Nice re. volunteering. It really makes sense to combine volunteering with the skills and interests we have. And I really find that ít makes me feel good giving some of my time for free to something.

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  8. That sounds like a wonderful and quite perfect volunteering opportunity, Guylty! I admit to knowing next to nothing about James Joyce (ashamed to say I never read Ulysses or any other works of his). Anyway, congrats on landing the gig and I hope you’ll have a lot of fun with it. 🙂


  9. I always think it’s interesting to see what goes in a museum about literature. It’s the ultimate test for the problem of “show, don’t tell.”


    • Absolutely. By default, it is kind of difficult to create a museum – with displayed artefacts – for literature. I mean, we all know what a book looks like 😂. In this particular case, they have made the museum very multimedia. Lots of spoken word, lots of film. And plenty of “call for action” by offering the visitors opportunity to write themselves, or to tear off a print out of a poem that they have just heard from a little pad. However, the main problem remains – it is all very much focused on the written word. Maybe that is why the museum very deliberately wants volunteers who provide opportunity to *talk* with the visitors.

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