Extending the Pleasure (or Flogging a Dead Horse???)

Good morning. New week, new luck. Irish summer has been given a little extension. This week we are having temperatures of 20+°C every day. Yes, in Ireland that means it is “hot”, and I am dressed for the occasion because I do not get the opportunity for sleeveless summer dresses very often. Here you see the evidence →. I’ve brought my macbook down into the kitchen because my office on the other side of the house is too warm. Guess I never thought I’d write *that* sentence. Not least at 9.30am on a September morning 😂. In Ireland. 🤣 Anyway, before I throw myself into today’s work (translating a fashion article on Yeezy slides…), I thought I’d check in here.

The recent slew of (almost) daily posts has been really fun for me. It always cheers me up to post on my blog. That’s thanks to you! I still have to post the last of the three RAPSes that were sold in the fundraiser, and I have another fun little post up my sleeve, but today I thought I’d react to something that was mentioned to me via e-mail and on Twitter. Besotted called it “the gift that keeps on giving”, i.e. she said “I love how the auctions are continuing on by the winners posting photos of their loot when they receive it. It’s fabulous.” And Kate tweeted “I want to thank everyone who’s been sharing their #RA50Auctions happy mail. I get such vicarious joy from seeing the goodies.”

I’ve been enjoying those tweets, too, and in the spirit of extending the pleasure (and hopefully *not* flogging a dead horse), here are some of the “hauls” as seen on Twitter. (Apologies if I have left anyone out – I am going through my Twitter TL to find those tweets again, and sometimes they hide away…) This is going to be a bit of a scroll fest… You are in for the long haul 😂

Thanks to all for sharing their packages, and for the sweet sentiments. So much gorgeous stuff! You would think we had hundreds of auctions running 😂.

That’s what I call window shopping.

Despite my entirely false reputation as an efficient organiser, I have not ticked off received shipments on the list of buyers. Maybe I should have 😬… But since I didn’t, I don’t know whether *everything* has already arrived with the new owners. I do hope so, and I know that some parcels are still on the road or being picked up as we speak. So hopefully some more shared loots coming!

Have a bright and happy start into the week!

28 thoughts on “Extending the Pleasure (or Flogging a Dead Horse???)

  1. Oh what a nice idea to collect all the “hauls” in one place! It’s so wonderful to see how happy everybody is with the result of the auctions/sale. Also, I can now see where all the items went I wasn’t fast enough to buy :-)))))


  2. Well, since you quoted my Twitter thanks, it comes as no surprise that I love this post and I saw some I hadn’t seen before. More please. ❤️


  3. Ah, this is great! What a lot of items there were! (Any news on the new jacket-owner?) My little Stay Close book pin arrived this week… your craft work on such a small item is amazing! I may just have to visit your shop and buy some more!


    • I reckoned that it would be easier to see it all in one place – even though they are all available on Twitter… But chances are, not all of them get seen by anyone who is interested…


  4. It is wonderful to see this treasure trove and the delight from the new owners. It reminds me that I must flog that poor horse further and post a pic of my lovely tag. (That washi tape is amazing. Did it come from Young?


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