2021 Armitage Weekly Round-up #32

Weekend. How are we all? Things are going nicely here. My new printer was delivered on Thursday, and oh, I love my new machine. It has *two* paper trays. Hooray 😂. With the new machinery in place, I was able to tidy up everything, and now the office and desk are shiny and nice again. That means I will feel happy to spend time in there again, which also means I will be crafting again, which in turn means I can finally launch into the latest audio book releases. I have made a start with Jackman, and as usual, I am hooked. Sorry, I just like that series.

But now: Rrrrrready for the rrrrround-up? Here goes!

  1. Perfect mood gifs – Guy, of course. Thanks to riepu10
  2. Hardcore hair porn courtesy of thewarriorandtheking
  3. Don‘t worry, i-did-not-mean-to, I have no clue who you are, but I love the photo you posted!
  4. Mood gifs of a totally different ilk than the ones at 1.! I mean, smiley RA is always a joy to behold, right? Thanks to mezzmerizedbyrichard
  5. LOL – The Hobbit combined with The Onion headlines. Touché! Posted by thranduilofsmirkwood
  6. This idea of astrovian‘s sounds compelling
  7. Nice NS edit here with tie-less Thornton by sanscravat
  8. The NY gallery scene from O8 giffed by riepu10 and included here by me because I still could laugh out loud about that shot of the GQ magazines. The use of that Leslie Hassler still was just ingenious!
  9. What do you think? A Bagginshield musical. Does it have legs? Question posed by i-did-not-mean-to
  10. Rhetorical question, asked by womankIng
  11. Young Prince Thorin in a pic set by thewarriorandtheking. When I see those pictures, I am reminded of RA saying that that was such a special filming day. They choppered him up to the mountain ridge, and he walked up there alone while they took a few shots. It must have been an amazing experience for him…
  12. I delved into one of i-did-not-mean-to’s stories, and was actually hooked. This is a really interesting one shot with a premise that is worthy of discussion!
  13. I always love gifs that have graphic text. A nice set with Thorin by lordoftherazzles

Lucky number 13…

Back to the work bench. I am planning a little wood-working session with the hubs today. No, that is not a metaphor for something else!!! The creative urge is strong – and I need a few plant stands.

Have a creative, happy weekend, all!

Sonja ❤️

ETA: When preparing the post yesterday, it escaped me that today is the 20th anniversary of 9/11. Like many others, I remember so clearly what I did when I heard the news. This day 20 years ago, I was already living in Ireland. Early afternoon I received a phone call from my mother, telling me to switch on the news. We did not have a telly at the time, so I made my way over into my bro-and-sis-in-law’s house at the end of our garden, to watch there. The Irish news reader was clearly overwhelmed by what he was having to broadcast. I remember sitting cross-legged on the floor in front of the TV, my 6-month-old daughter on my lap, stunned, aggrieved, and wondering what kind of world I had born her into. Peace to all!


11 thoughts on “2021 Armitage Weekly Round-up #32

  1. Haha, a big difference between 1 and 4. I like this. Nice photo, i-did-not-mean-to. I know who you are😉… definitely a RA fan.
    PS. Schon seltsam, aber ich kann mich auch genau daran erinnern, was ich gemacht habe, als ich über die Anschläge erfuhr. Wir haben mit Mr. Graza an dem Tag in der Stadt zu Mittag gegessen und auf dem Weg nach Hause wollten wir noch Geld in einer Wechselstube wechseln. Wir sind da reingegangen, die Frau bediente uns, sah aber immer wieder auf den Bildschirm des Fernsehers, der dort an der Wand hing. Da sie es so oft tat, habe ich auch draufgeschaut und die WTC Türme und das Flugzeug gesehen, aber mir vorerst nichts dabei gedacht und dann wieder auf die Frau gekuckt. Erst dann kam der Gedanke, wieso sieht sich die Frau einen Katastrophenfilm mit solcher Intensität an, als ob sie den Atem einhalten wollte. Und ich habe noch einmal auf den Fernsehbildschirm geschaut. Das Gefühl als ich endlich verstanden habe, dass das was ich sehe, kein Film ist, sondern die Nachrichten, werde ich nicht vergessen. Ich kann mich nur noch dran erinnern, dass ich Mr. Graza gefragt habe, ob er auch das sieht, was ich gerade sehe und ob es real ist und an sein kurzes ja. Als wir vor ein paar Jahren wieder in dieser Stadt waren, wir leben dort nicht mehr, und an dieser Wechselstube vorbeikamen und ich mich daran erinnert habe, hatte ich immer noch ein beklemmendes Gefühl.


    • Ja, das ist so einer von den Tagen, der einem immer im Gedächtnis geblieben ist, obwohl es ein Ereignis war, das nicht einmal im eigenen Land stattfand. So ähnlich wie “was hast du gemacht, als John F. Kennedy starb” für die Generation vor uns.


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