Yesterday’s Qs and As in Context

ICYMI, this happened yesterday:

And he did, indeed. Richard answered the questions posed by the mystery custodian 😉 of “Gizzy’s Jacket”. Looks as if my trademark name did not stick… For better context (because RA only tweeted his answers but did not include the questions) and in case some of you hadn’t actually seen his tweets, here is the Q&A:

  • While he was filming Hannibal as Francis/Red Dragon, did he recall that in one of the first few Spooks episodes he was unpacking a box of personal items to decorate his new flat and one of the items was a photo of the Red Dragon and that Lucas was a fan of Blake’s? Question: Do you believe it to be simply a bizarre coincidence you were asked to play Francis or perhaps, could it have been kismet? Have there been any other similar kismet-like occurrences in any of your other works?

  • I’ve often thought that performing any Shakespearean play on stage would be quite a challenge in part due to the length of the monologues and soliloquys. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if Shakespeare had a hatred of actors, despite having done some acting of his own, and that writing these lengthy passages was an intentionally devious act to make life difficult for actors. RA has commented that he would like to play Richard III. Question: If you were put on the spot, say in an interview or a dinner party (presuming you weren’t too far into your cups) could you recite the opening soliloquy of Richard III by heart?

  • In almost every movie/TV show I’ve seen RA in, at some point, he picks up and carries a woman somewhere. Most of the time he’s carrying them to a bedroom. (How truly gallant of him to carry these women that are apparently so drowsy they cannot walk on their own to the bedroom to go to sleep?) Must keep this G-Rated. Question: So, Mr. Half-Century man, how is your back holding up?

  • As we know, RA likes to write bios for his characters to help him realize the characters’ persona. The director of The Stranger, Danny Brocklehurst, took some of those ideas and added them to the series. While promoting it, RA stated that one of the story lines in the show was something that Richard had experienced himself. Question: Would you be willing to share what experience you and Adam had in common?

  • RA has been filmed extensively on horseback. Actors often comment on how hard it is to get a nag to hit its mark while filming. According to the “Equine Actors Guild, **” (EAG) these beautiful stallions are well trained in their craft and their hooves do NOT miss their mark. The EAG suggests it is perhaps the fault of the actor on the back of the steed and not the mount itself. Question: Have you ever had trouble getting your hirsute, four-legged thespians to hit their mark? What about the two beautiful Borzoi in Oceans 8?

Screenshot 2021-09-14 at 16.48.27

  • WikiFeet, which I didn’t know was a thing until a minute ago, ranks RA’s feet 4.77 out of 5.0 compared to other famous people from Leicestershire. I am not a foot person and do my absolute best to not draw attention to my own feet and quite frankly I don’t notice other people’s feet, including RA’s. Question: How do inane “news” stories and rankings on such stupid things sit with you? As a shy(ish) woman, it would make me uncomfortable, and quite frankly, would chap-my-ass be I in your shoes – pun intended. At this point in your career, are you numb to the idiocy of this and can ignore it and move on with your day, or does it chap-your-ass as well, or do you adhere to the adage that all publicity is good publicity?

Can we just say one thing: Fan questions are always the best, right? Here we have a newer fan, and yet no circus chestnut! I am certain it helped that the questions were posed with humour and insight. But how nice of RA to answer. I call that a true “added value” to the buyer’s purchase. Because RA doesn’t often answer questions tweeted at him. Once again, we are the beneficiaries, too. Thank you to our fellow fan!

But from answers come new questions. For instance, on the basis of reply #1 – this answer to me sounds as if Lucas North’s interest in William Blake was not original to the script but part of the backstory invented by RA himself? Definitely kismet, though, that RA was later offered the role of Dolarhyde (in which the Blake references quite clearly are *not* RA’s own backstory.)

With regard to #4, I am completely lost. I have only vague recollections of Adam and Corinne’s love story. Something about Corinne being an idealist teacher type and Adam a bit of a drifter before he met her, and then falling instantly in love with her? Not sure now – fan sleuths to the fore!

#6 – I’m glad to hear RA doesn’t read stuff written about himself. Probably a healthy attitude to take. And yes, that includes fan blogs, too, despite the adulation. Or maybe *because* of the adulation? He must have made an exception this time, otherwise he wouldn’t have come across the questions. Well, thank you to the “very kind friends”!

ETA: Second part of the “horse question”. Thanks for pointing that out, Jali!

17 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Qs and As in Context

  1. Re:#4. Adam and Corinne did volunteer work in Africa. that’s where they fell in love, they went back to the same village on their honeymoon and had planned to take the boys back some day. I’ve watched this show way to many times 🤣🤣

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    • Oh! also you left out the second part of RA’s answer to Q #5. Quote “He tore the bit, and sped off with Gisborne on his back riding with only one rein. So the jacket might have some ‘sweat’ stains , but also I agree with the horse. Racing V Showbiz? No contest!!!” Sorry, I Couldn’t figure out how to add the screen shot of the 2nd part hence the quote.


      • Crossed wires with your comment while I was actually updating the post with the screenshot 😉
        (And no, you can’t add a screenshot here, anyway, unless you upload it to a picture hosting site and then link to that. But that would have been unnecessary work.)


  2. Re. The Stanger, I think Adam and Corinne met on a charity mission to South Africa and went back there at some point, but the finer details escape me. Sid he say they did/wanted to take the boys there at some point?

    Thanks for conserving this for posterity. Really nice of him to reach out like that.

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  3. Thanks Guylty for preserving this wonderful interchange. Such good questions – it’s never occurred to me how often he’s carried women to bed – and I’ve long been intrigued by The Stranger RL experience. [He must have read your blog!)


    • Well, don’t worry, Besotted. I myself initially missed half of his responses (because he hadn’t threaded them), and even when I found them all, I omitted one of them here in my post 😂


    • Honestly? More 😱 than 🥳. Simply because the blog is not really written with him as a reader in mind 😁… apart from those little „asides“ and occasional messages on significant days (birthday, Xmas, new year). I totally trust that he meant what he said about reading up about himself 😆

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